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"Gifts from the Sea" is a favorite of mine, Danielle. It sits, favorably on a shelf and I have often given it as a gift to friends of mine on special birthdays. Morrow's book stands the test of time and I always find words of wisdom in among the pages. Enjoy!


I suspect this is a book you could almost open up and randomly read from and will find some bit of very practical wisdom. I like it very much and wonder why I ever waited so long to read it. I think it really must be a classic--it certainly doesn't feel like it was written fifty-plus years ago.


I'm pretty sure I will like it very much.
You can lead a quiet life and there is still turmoil but I suppose that, after all, if you can't fully retire from the world it's hard to stay balanced. As quite as we may life in our private lives we go out, face stress at work and on our way and brind it back home.
One of the reasons why I quit my job is that my life outside of work is used up to be able to cope while at work. That can't be right, can it?


I love Gift From the Sea and periodically reread it (I think it's time to read it again, as a matter of fact). It reminds me of times when I'm on vacation and I vow to come home and simplify my life to only what is essential--and sometimes, for a time, I am able to simplify somewhat. It's a constant battle, and I don't think anyone is immune, whether you live alone or with others. It's the nature of our current society.

Joan Kyler

This was one of my late mother's favorite books. Like the Lindberghs, my parents lost their first child, but to a sudden medical situation just before her second birthday. Joyce died in 1943, before either my other sister or I were born. The older I've gotten, the more I've wondered what she would have been like and how our lives would have been different had she lived. My mother spent the rest of her life looking for answers, but, of course, there aren't any. This book gave her some sort of comfort.


Like you I am going slow and thoughtfully, I want to be fully present to the gift of this book.


Off to a good start! I suspected you would like the book.


Definitely one of my favorites to read and re-read. I finally found a clean, used hardcover copy ($4)a couple of years ago and was thrilled.


I love this book as well. So much that I can't stop snapping up any clean copies I see at sales. I have 3 at the moment, having given away many copies as gifts.

Margaret Powling

One of the books that live on my shelf and yet I've not read it ... about time I did and my edition is a very pretty one, too.


I think you will like it, too! It is hard to find a balance--work is so often out of our hands when it comes to being happy in what we do--since you don't know what sort of situation you will end up in or what sorts of people you will work with. I can understand why you quit your job--is life much happier and less stressful now? Are you studying again? Sometimes no amount of money is worth it when the stresses of work carry over into your private/home life!


It is going to be one I reread as well, I think. Such a slender book and the chapters are short, but everything she writes has meaning. It's hard to bring back that contentedness from happier/vacation times. Life is slower and less stressful--but those breaks do really help. Even being solitary and trying to keep life simple doesn't mean there are no other stresses unfortunately. I guess I just need to work on a balance and a way of shrugging off some of the stuff that simply cannot be changed!


How sad. It really does help to be able to know someone or read something by someone who has gone through the same sorts of experiences. It makes you feel less alone knowing that others can relate and understand. I would be so curious to know too, if I were in your situation. I think this is the sort of book many people can find comfort in--certainly a way to think about calm and peacefulness.


I've just been reading a chapter every two days or so. I will be emailing you soon and maybe we can start chatting more about it?


Yes, it's kind of nice taking a book like this, which could be swallowed whole really, so slowly. Definitely my sort of book. I need to look up each shell she talks about!


Mine is just a plain paperback--a sturdy hardcover would be nice to have. This is one I will certain want to revisit.


I can't imagine anyone not liking getting this as a gift! I will have to keep it in mind.... I can see it is much admired by all who have read it!


I have owned my copy for years and years, too. You should pull your copy off the shelf and read along as well! :)


I'm so glad you are liking it so far! I was very moved by it, as I've often felt my need for solitude to be 'wrong' or misguided somehow, and it was wonderful to read someone writing so well about how necessary being alone and quiet is! Do you have her diaries, too? They are supposed to be some of her best work, and she published a lot of them, four or five, I think.


It's such a lovely book and I am enjoying reading a few pages every day and just thinking about what she has to say. Somehow this seems like a book that should be read carefully and thoughtfully. It's nice to think that quiet solitude is appreciated by others--I do wonder sometimes myself if I am seen as some oddity. I have a few of her diaries and this makes me want to pull them from the shelf, of course, and maybe I will do just that. I think the last one was just recently published-I recall seeing it come in at the library. This is a perfect timing sort of book for me I think.

Liz F

I think that it was a combination of you and Cornflower who made me want to try this book. At first sight, the genre it is classed in is really not my cup of tea (I'm not into navel gazing or massive self-analysis) but I trust your judgement snd a couple of pages in to the library edition I had, made me realise that this was a very different proposition, definitely 'spoke' to me and that I needed my own copy so I could read as and when I needed it. The setting of the book on an Atlantic beach really calls to me too as a lot of my happiest memories are by the sea, beach combing and rock pooling with the children.
If needing quiet and solitude at times is odd, then fine, I'm odd, but I need my space. Time to re-group, centre myself and just be - necessary but not easy to find especially since my other half has the capacity to have the TV on in one room and two different cd's playing in adjoining rooms - all at the same time!
The more I think about this , the more I want to find my copy as soon as I get home from work.

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