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I've got The Alienist but in a French translation and as is typical with French editions of classics the introduction is longer than the book. I never know what to read first and in this case I couldn't decide and put it away. There was a mini-readalong of the book, if I'm not mistaken, hosted by Tom.
Anyway, it sounds like a novella I'll like.

Christine Harding

I've never heard of this author (but my knowledge of foreign language writers is woefully inadequate). But it does sound interesting, and the portayal of mental illness in Victorian novels fascinates me.


Interesting that you have these subscriptions. I do trust certain publishers, but I'm not sure I have blind faith ;)


I didn't realize there had been a readalong--I'll have to go in search for it to see what others thought of the book. I sort of like that extra critical material that comes with certain books and wouldn't mind if these editions had them, but then they are inexpensive so I can't be too choosy! I'm glad it was one of the choices--I think I might not have picked it up otherwise.


It is an interesting period and such a different perspective. Interesting too given that this is a satire, which speaks loads on what people were thinking about it all then! To be honest I hadn't really heard of Machado prior to this either--so a new author to me as well.


Well, it wasn't entirely blind faith--I have subscriptions to NYRB classics and to Meville House's novella series--and both were publishers that I had bought from and liked before contemplating doing this--so quality-wise I knew what I was getting into. Of course if it's a matter of being unsure what sorts of books you are getting? Melville House listed the books that would come with the subscription so I looked through the list before signing up. As for NYRB those books are surprises, but I pretty much am willing to try anything they publish since I like the sorts of books they come out with/reissue. You don't like to live in the edge a little bit, Tony? ;)


Sounds like a good one! Another novella success! How are you getting on in Jacob's Room? I've got a little over 100 pages to go. I hope to finish this coming holiday weekend. Lady Susan will be a fun reread I am sure.


They've all been really good, I must say--this subscription has been such a good investment! I am just a little behind you in Jacob's Room--I think I'm at about page 90. I hope, too, to either finish or make a serious dent in it over the long weekend. I think I might have to read Lady Susan next!


I love me any kind of shrink lit, so this is an extremely interesting-sounding novella! I can see I shall have to look it out. I do love these editions - so stylish and tempting.


They are such cool little books and so nicely designed. I think you'd enjoy this one, too! I must say reading these novellas has opened up another little world for me--I am not sure I would have come across this book otherwise!

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