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Hi Danielle, Already looking forward to reading your review tomorrow:).
I have three very slim books about the same place lined up. The place is called Rottumerplaat and it is an uninhabited island on the coast in the north of my country. Three Dutch authors - two of them in 1971 and one in 2009 each spent a week there in solitude and kept a diary. I want to compare their impressions and have just started the first one. For my In Europe project I am reading an essay by Thomas Mann (Meine Zeit - My Time) taking me through his lifetime.

Travellin' Penguin Pam

I have had the book Gifts from the Sea on my shelves for years and have never read it though have always thought it sounds lovely. It was a gift from someone. Will look forward to hearing what you thought of it. No, my reading is not taking me anywhere too exciting just now but my fingers are crossed.


That traveler's guide to Elizabethan England is so up my alley. Love the cover, too. Sold!


These last two posts of yours have me wanting to drop everything, flop on a chaise lounge, and read until my eyes are raw! I look forward to your reviews, Danielle, whenever they come. Right now, I'm amid a pile of papers for a garden walk, with Barbara Kingsolver's "Flight Behavior" waiting for me, as well as "Reading Jackie". Don't even remember what's in the book bag I brought home from the library. Sigh.


Gift from the Sea is gorgeous isn't it? The genre it supposedly fits in really isn't my usual sort of thing, but Gift made sense to me and is a book I am sure I will revisit.
Pretty sure it was you who first brought it to my attention last year so thank you!

I have The Time Traveller's Guide to the Middle Ages somewhere although it won't surprise you to know that I have yet to read it. The Elizabethan one is very appealing but I think that I had better resist it for the moment anyway!

Junior daughter is working in the Veneto for the summer and as yesterday was her afternoon off, she spent it reading on the beach - lucky girl!

Peggy Ann

What a wonderful list of books! Thanks for the great suggestions.


That time traveller book does look very, very good. A great idea.
I should get to Anne Morrow Lindbergh. It was never the right time but I think it is now.
I actually have another book by Joan Silber - Ideas of Heaven. I think she should be very interesting.

Joan Kyler

I read Who Killed the Curate? a few months ago. I liked the book enough to want to read more of Joan Coggins (and I like that we share a first name!).

You might like The Grand Tour, a book of letters from Agatha Christie to family while she and her first husband were on an official tour of parts of the British Empire in 1922. It has a lot of photos (Agatha Christie surfboarding!) and, because of the letter format, it goes quickly.


I've not heard of Joan Silber either but the book sounds really good! You've made all sorts of good finds lately. And the time traveler book sounds like it will be fun too. Wouldn't it be nice to have summers off like when we were kids? I would never complain about being bored like I did then!


Joan Coggin is delightful, and just in case you aren't aware I thought I'd mention that she also wrote some wonderful British schoolgirl books under the name Joanna Lloyd. They are absolutely wonderful though they can be a bit hard to track down. Hilarious characters and the lead, Catherine, bears more than a bit of a resemblance to the lead of her mystery series.

Very worth a read if you can track them down.


I want to read every one of the books you mentioned! I need more summer reading hours in the day!

My reading has taken me to England (Georgette Heyer's The Quiet Gentleman) and France (I'm still trying to finish The Three Musketeers!! Entirely a reflection of my not liking to read on my tablet and not on the story, which I'm enjoying.) I plan for it to take me to Greece later in the summer. Since I can go to none of these places in the foreseeable future, I'll just have to do it through books.


Ooh the Joan Coggin book looks so interesting! And, I love the cover too. I can't wait to hear more about the mysteries you are reading. I've got pen & paper ready to take note of titles :)


Hi Cath--I'm not entirely pleased with it, but my post is up. For such a slim little book there was a lot to share about it. I am now enjoying the first of her diaries. I like the sound of the books you have about that Dutch island. You'll have to tell me more about them as I love anything about island life! I wonder if any have been translated into English? I like the idea of comparing their experiences--it sounds like fun. I have been wondering, too, about your In Europe project--I have yet to read Thomas Mann. I was thinking just today that I need to read some German lit later this year. Hope all is well with you! :)


I have an older copy, too, with a different cover and like you it has sat there for years and years. It has always looked good, but I never seem to get around to reading some of these books.... A friend and I decided to read it together and chat about it along the way and it turned out to be the perfect book for both of us. I think part of the reason I pick up so many books to read is to find just the 'right destination'! Hope you find something good soon, too.


It's really good. I read a bit every morning on the bus and before work--pencil in hand. It is chock full of information and as you read you can imagine yourself there and seeing everything an Elizabethan would--very fun so far.


I know that feeling only too well. I would happily join you--maybe a nice comfy chair on the porch on a sunny afternoon--a lemonade in hand? I am going to try and get caught up on writing about those books I have finished reading--I never feel quite 'finished' with them until I have written something about them. A garden walk? That sounds like fun--I am in the mood for a nature book or gardening sort of book myself. I really like Babara Kingsolver--she is always good, and I've not read her for some time, so must check out her new one. I haven't heard of Reading Jackie--so will check that out too--I have a full sack of library books as well--and several more at the librar on the hold shelf....sigh. So many good books to read and not enough time to do so! :)


I don't read self-helpy sorts of books either, but Gift from the Sea is sort of unique really. I would happily read other books by her like that and am now working on her first diary. I saw that the author of The Time Traveller's Guide to Elizabethan England has a book on the Medieval period as well--might have to get that one when I finish this as I like his style. I love those sorts of books where you can learn what it was like to live in another time period. Lucky daughter--the Veneto, eh? Will you be able to go and visit her there? I should have studied a language when I was in school.... (seriously studied it that is--I learned German but have forgotten it all now).


I love book lists and am always happy to share my own finds with others! I love getting suggestions from others as well... :)


It is a fun way to learn about another period--it would have been cool to read a little Shakespeare or some other book written in that era alongside this but maybe later I'll be inspired to look for something. I can see it creating yet another reading path. I know how it goes when you own a book for a long time, want to read it, but never seem to pick it up. Such a wealth of books out there and impossible to read them all. I had never heard of Joan Silber, but I do like the sound of this one. I'll have to look her up and see what her other books are like, too. She must be good to have won awards, but I wonder why I have never heard of her before!


Always a good sign when you want to read more by an author. It was a sell for me when I saw the comparison to EM Delafield, and a mystery, too. I am going to add The Grand Tour to my reading wishlist--I'd like to read a bio of Agatha--she had such an interesting (though in some ways sad, too) life. I like the era she wrote about and would love he travel aspect (ha--hard to imagine her surfboarding though! :) ). And a book of correspondence--even better.


Doesn't it sound good? The only bad thing is I think the book also deals with illness, which can be a little hard going, but it sounds like it is good enough that it might not matter. I can't believe now that I was ever bored--I never have enough time to be bored now! I woldn't mind having a nice summer vacation with no cares or worries...if only!


Hi Oolookitty--so nice to hear from you! I had never heard of Joan Coggin before the recommendation and haven't had a chance really to read more about her. She sounds right up my alley as do her other books you mention. I will have to see now if my library has any of her Joanna Lloyd books--I am always on the lookout for light books that make use of humor. Thanks for the suggestion!


I need more reading hours, too! And you should see the bedside pile of books that are 'reading possibilities' that I have going at the moment--must go through and do a serious weed this weekend and decide which I am going to concentrate on. I have the bad habit of wanting to start everything at once and then taking forever to finish anything at all. I love Georgette Heyer--that is one I've not read before. I usually read one or two of her books every year, though I think last year I didn't read a single one--must rectify that this year. Something nice to look forward to and always fun deciding just which one to read. I love The Three Musketeers--it is a fun read but a long book--not sure how I would do reading on a tablet--I should pick up my Nook more as I have some really good books on it, but I am a slow ebook reader! I was just thinking that I should read another Dumas this summer--he is one of my favorite adventure reads and screams to be read in summertime. I read for setting, too. Books are the one easy (and free) way to transport yourself somewhere exotic!


Don't they sound like fun. I am reading furiously now to finish something so I can pick that up next! I need to do a little update post on all my mystery reading--think I will do that next week!


These all look really good - particularly A Hundred Summers and Who Killed The Curate. What a title that is! I'd have fallen for it for that alone, but I love the cover, too. (Me? Shallow? ;-) )


Danielle: I'm glad that you decided to look for and read the Lady Lupin books. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on her books. It's too bad that Ms. Coggin only wrote 4 of the books with Loops as the lead. As OolooKitty has written, Coggin did write other books and yes her children's books are hard to find. I've been on the hunt since last summer, when I first discovered the Lupin books, and haven't found any yet. But I'm not discouraged, I'm on my way to Santa Monica next Wednesday and am planning a trip to Angel City bookstore and will scour the shelves in the hopes that I will find a Joanna Lloyd book(s). The store has an extensive children's book and mysteries section, which should give you a clue as to why I love visiting it. If anyone is planning a visit to Los Angeles or Santa Monica, I highly recommend this bookstore. It doesn't hurt that right next door to it is a great coffee shop which also has books on its shelves waiting for you to read them!


I love Gift From the Sea. And the other four books you've shared on going straight on the wishlist. They all sound wonderful!


I wonder what a "hundred summers' refers to--I need to sit and do a little examining of my bookish pile, I think. Have you noticed that more often than not a cozy mystery (certainly a vintage one) often contains a vicar--they are a mystery staple it would seem. My timing is off, though, as the Coggins has a subtitle of A Christmas Mystery! Nothing like Christmas in summer--though it is turning hot, so maybe there will be some snowy scenes to help me take my mind off the humidity!


That sounds like so much fun! I will be visiting City Lights when I go to San Francisco and Dog Eared Books and maybe will see what other stores are on offer! I will have to see if any of her books are at my local used bookstore, but I have a feeling I won't find her locally. I am looking forward to picking it up--I guess I should go now and read so I can finish something in order to move on to the next! :) In case I don't get a chance to chat with you before--hope you have a great time and you'll have to let me know about your bookish finds!


I am very spoiled for choice! I do have a really great pile of in progress books at the moment (well, I almost always have more good books than I can choose from on the go).


Danielle: I'll let you know what I find at Angel City bookstore, if you tell us what you find at the bookstores you're planning to visit while in San Francisco. I had a hard time finding the Lady Loops books, which is why I went to the Rue Morgue Press website and ordered the remaining three.

Your site is a terrific resource for feeding my book reading and book buying habits and I will be writing down book titles right up until the time I leave.


You've got a deal! I used to share my new book purchases here all the time, but I have gotten out of the habit of late--I'll have to see which new mysteries I've bought lately and share them soon. I recently binged at my favorite used bookstore as he was having a sale on mysteries. I am so looking forward to visiting bookstores in San Francisco! I'm glad small presses like Rue Morgue are publishing vintage crime--I also love Felony and Mayhem--have you ever looked at their website? They have a great selection.


I think your sharing your book purchases is a great idea. If you like, I can let you know about any books that I buy while on holiday.

I was just over at the Felony and Mayhem site because I see that they are selling the Elizabeth Daly books. I may just have to break down and buy one or two! And like you, I think that Rue Morgue are doing a great job re-issuing vintage mysteries and enjoy visiting their site just to read up on different authors and their books.


Will have to share my most recent mystery finds soon, then! :) I love browsing the F&M site. I need to look around Rue Morgue, too...but usually it's dangerous for me to do too much of that!

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