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I read Quartet in Autumn a few years ago, it was superb but rather a sad story so I didn't return to Pym's books. But I've been reading a few of the Pym posts, including yours of course, and realise that I should try some of her earlier books for humour. My library has Jane and Prudence so I shall grab that next time I'm in there.


I wonder how many really wonderful writers have been forgotten if someone like her and Elizabeth Taylor almost encountered that fate.
I've only read The Sweet Dove Died and liked it very much.


I hate to admit that after reading Excellent Women and snapping up loads of her books I have let them sit on my bookshelves with barely a glance and need to look through them and see which story appeals next. I think I'd like Jane and Prudence very much, too. I have only read a few of the other many Pym posts out there--so nice to see lots of people talking about her but I (as usual) can't keep up with them all!


You don wonder, don't you. If it weren't for a few people championing some of these women authors they would just fade into obscurity. Probably a little unfair to say these women authors when I am sure there are many men authors, too, but women's (domestic) fiction seems especially to get short shrift. Must look up The Sweet Dove Died--the title sounds sort of bittersweet.


I don't know how I've missed Barbara Pym, but she sounds right up my alley. Onto the list she goes, and now I'm off to see what my library has by her, and which book I can pop onto the summer reading list!


She really is funny, I will look if my library has one of her books.


I love Pym and her sense of humor. Saying reading good books makes you feel warm and fuzzy, well I understand because I get the same feeling!


Not silly at all! I've only read her book Jane and Prudence and loved it! Don't know what has kept me from finding another of her books to read. Enjoy the rest of your book - it sounds great.


This would be a good time to try her work--you can read loads of reader's reviews right now--I think Thomas has been compiling links each day. She is wonderful and I think you will like her a lot! And your library will probably have some of her books as I think she was very popular when she was writing. I'm looking forward to hearing about the one you end up choosing to read!


She is great--very witty and amusing. I think I am not really doing her justice by taking a few snippets from the story--wait to read her work in its entirety! I will certainly be reading more. :)


I think that most readers know that feeling--she certainly brings it out in me! She cracks me up--not sure if all her books are like this one, but I am looking forward to finding out.


I had meant to read Jane and Prudence last year (or maybe it was the year before)--pity I didn't manage it, though I guess that means I have it to look forward to still! It is one that really appeals to me, but I think if I read the descriptions now of her other books--they all would appeal! :)


My library has several of her books. I put Crampton Hodnet on reserve and it's on its way!


I really enjoyed Crampton Hodnet too -- very light and funny. And I've been reading up a storm this week, discovering that An Unsuitable Attachment is one of my new Pym favourites :)


I am almost finished reading it and loved it! I hope you will too, but I suspect you will--she has such great humor. This was just what I needed. :)


I have noticed that lots of people have had Pym reading binges this week. It's always so cool when these readalongs are organized and so many people take part. I want to keep reading--pick up a new one when I finish this so will have to check out An Unsuitable Attachment. Crampton Hodnet has been a pleasure to read--such great lines. It sounds like there are even better books by her around the corner, too.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I love your comment on how funny she is as a writer. I kept snorting with laughter all the way through Excellent Women, but I noted with some of the later ones how much more subtle she was getting with the humour - it more crept up on me, almost a tonal thing one got from the character, rather than what was being said. She is a brilliant crafter of words.


That's just the way Crampton Hodnet is--I think it was her first book (?) though it was the last one published and only after her death. I've not read enough of her work to know how it progresses, though I know she reworks many of the same themes. I have read reviews of this one and realize it is by far not her best (well, according to others anyway), but it is really a laugh out loud sort of story--however rough-edged it might be, it's well worth a read. She is definitely an excellent craftswoman!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I found Crampton Hodnet in a sale yesterday, happily, so I think that will be next.


Oh I adored that scene! It's right up there as one of my all-time favourites. And generally, I love Barbara Pym. I know exactly what those warm fuzzies feel like - a really good book does so lift the spirits.


Yay! You are going to love it. I want to go now and look through my little pile of Pym novels and pull one out, too. I am incorrigible when thinking about starting books... Must go look at the pile of in progress books on my nightstand!


It's such a great scene--this whole book is filled with great lines as a matter of fact. When you mentioned it I was looking forward to reading it! She's gone straight to my dependably good and comforting read list! I hope (and suspect it will be) that whichever book by her I pick up next is as good as this one was.


Seeing all the recent posts about Barbara Pym have inspired me to take a chance on her books! I just pick one up from the library tonight.

Buried In Print

I'm halfway through my BP reading week book too (yes, late, of course), so am making the same decision: gulp, or savour. (Some Tame Gazelle, BTW) Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, and I, too, am renewedly itching to read and re-read all of her works (she is one of my MRE authors too). Thanks for posting the link to the video the other day; I think I forgot to comment on it, but wouldn't have found it on my own and it was interesting to hear/see.


It's hard to resist the temptation when so many others are reading her right now, I agree. I would happily pick up another book by her but I think I had better finish a few others first...


I have that one, though I have a stack of them and all the plots are hazy. After I read (and loved Excellent Women) I started snapping up her books whenever I came across them. I think I might join the Barbara Pym Society--I ordered the book they put out--Barbara in the Bodleian, which I have yet to crack open and peruse. I could happily pick up another of her books right now to read, but I had better set my attention elsewhere (Q!) for a bit. I thought the little video clip was interesting, too.

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