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Fabulous review, Danielle! I'm definitely putting this one on my list to read. Love those crime novels with international settings.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

This was such a twisty one - I loved it. So pleased I was able to get hold of it when you first mentioned it. It was strikingly brutal in places, but the violence never came across as gratuitous, I thought.


Lucky me, I will not have to wait as long as I can order it in French. This sounds like an extremely exciting read. I'm sure I would like it very much.
I just checked - he's written tons and always with the same inspector.


Started reading this last night and I see what you mean. Had to force myself to put it down or it would have been a very late night indeed so I am glad that I have Saturday and Sunday to read (particularly as they look like being rather damp!)

Thanks for the initial mention or I might have missed this.


Oh my. I think this might be something Bookman would like. I will have to tell him about it!


I think you would like this one Iliana--it was very cleverly done! And I, too, love international crime fiction--a good way, too, to read books in translation. I hope more of his books get translated into English.


I'm glad you were able to get it, too! There were some very cringe-worthy scenes I must admit. I wasn't quite sure in some places, but I didn't think it was gratuitous either. It's amazing how my sympathies ebbed and flowed with Alex! I have read that this is one of (so far?) four books by the author. How do you think he follows up on a story like that?!


This was well done. There are some interesting things going on in the story and I would love to hear your take on it all! And yes, you are lucky to be able to read it in the original language. I am curious what the other books with this character are like. From what I understand there are three others with Camille Verhoeven. Perhaps the others are standalones? Or maybe there are more than I think with his character?


Do let me know what you think! He managed to pull the rug out from under me not just once but twice! It is hard to put down once you get going--it wasn't at all what I expected but I mean that in a good way! I lucked out and a review copy was sent to me by chance. I did see it on the CWA shortlist though--but it does not actually come out in the US until Septempber!


If he likes a good crime novel that is also filled with the unexpected he might like it very much! Is he still working in a bookstore? Maybe he can get his hands on a review copy, too!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I wonder if he'll get tired of having a detective with so many quirks (rather like Agatha Christie made Ariadne Oliver say about her Norwegian detective hero in a lovely meta moment in one of her mysteries!)?


Nope, he doesn't work in a bookstore anymore he works at Lenscrafters now which means we both have several pairs of stylish glasses with which to read our books :) He will have to wait for the book to be published.


Good question. I think this is the second book of four that he has written--I am curious how the others compare. It always seems to be the best of the batch publishers will translate into English. I am not even familiar with Ariadne Oliver? Must go find that reference now! Quirky can make for interesting reading, but it would also have to be a challenge for writers to keep it up.


Too bad about not working in a bookstore (why does a bookstore sound a little more interesting than an Optician's office? But glasses are really expensive, so somehow that seems a better deal! :)


Oho I was looking forward to your review of this and I am not disappointed! I'm not quite sure when I'll get to it, but I'll definitely get to it. Thank you for the warning about the violent bits. If I know they're coming, I can always skip a couple of paragraphs! Most of the time, I'm fine and I can certainly read a great deal more than I can bear to watch.


I'm with you--I can definitely take books better than movies when it comes to stories like this! You'll be fine--there were just a few 'ick' moments, so nothing too unbearable. I'll be really curious to know what you think when you get to it--I was intrigued by how the author worked the story...

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