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It is certainly one of her best.

Travellin' Penguin Pam

I have come to Agatha Christie late in life also although my mother had every book she ever wrote on the home shelves. I have a friend who always reads the last chapter first b/c she enjoys seeing the layout of the clues once she begins at the beginning of the book. Everyone seems to enjoy AGatha in a different way. Enjoyed the layout of this post.

Travellin' Penguin Pam

I also came to Agatha Christie late in life although my mother had all of her books as I grew up. She never talked about what she read. I have a friend who reads the last chapter of Christie's books because she then enjoys starting at the beginning and watching how she laid out the clues. Everyone enjoys Agatha in a different way it seems. I enjoyed the layout of your post.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

She stands up to re-reading so well, doesn't she? I never mind that I know who did it - in some cases it even makes the re-read more enjoyable to see how it works from the 'other' side.


Dame Agatha is one of my all-time favorites, and I agree that she stands up well to rereading. Even when you know whodunit, it's fun to see if you can trace the clues. (I admit that I sometimes have forgotten who the culprit is, and have the enjoyment of trying to figure it all out again.) No reading year is complete without a reread of a couple of her books.


I'm not quite sure wheather I should feel ashamed of never having read a Christie or joyful as now I have still so many good reads ahead of me:). I have seen all Miss Marple's and Monsieur Poirot's on DVD though, but that doesn't count, does it?
Where would I start?


I've only read a smattering really of her work but so far it is certainly one of my favorites.


Thanks Pam. I wanted to write something different than my usual--and since this was a reread it was fun thinking about the story in this way. I don't mind reading a mystery twice and knowing the solution, but I sort of like the puzzle of it all the first time around. It really is interesting seeing how others approach books like this. I don't think my parents must have been into mysteries in general as I don't recall a single one growing up--though it is a genre I picked up all on my own as I started with Encyclopedia Brown mysteries and just went from there! :)


Sorry about that--it looks like Typepad dropped your first comment into the spam folder--I always check it in the evening to pull out legitimate comments, but for some reason regular visitors seem to end up there for a while...until it 'learns' whose safe I guess!


I think so, too. For the first go round I like the mystery of the mystery (seeing whether I can solve it--can't do that with all mystery writers but Agatha lays it all out so the reader has a fair chance), but I don't mind reading a mystery again and seeing how exactly the writer does it--seeing the clues and the red herrings. I love mysteries!


I think she is one of my all-time faves, too, even though I have only read a small portion really, of what she wrote. I think part of the reason I recall this one so well is that I have seen the movie numerous times--I own it actually since the visuals are pretty stunning. It's the version with Peter Ustinov that I own. I try and squeeze in a few of her books, too, and will definitely read another--maybe a Miss Marple but maybe a standalone next. She was so prolific--lucky us!


I don't know--I think having watched the movies counts! Some of them are so well done really! I have tried to not watch any lately as I know I am going to read the books so I don't want to spoil the stories. I think with Agatha you can read in any order you like. I would start with one of her famous ones like Who Killed Roger Ackroyd--so very clever, or Death on the Nile (another of my favorites) which is a Hercule Poirot mystery. Although I have been reading the Miss Marples in order, you really don't need to as they don't refer back and forth to each other. I say pick up whichever sounds most appealing! It's only recently really that I started reading her in earnest and I am now happy that I have so many unread books to choose from!


Two years ago two bookshelves were placed on every first floor
entrance of our apartment-building (total 8) for people to donate books to as sort of an in-building library. I've seen someone donated all his/her Agatha Christie's so in the next week or so I'm going to browse. So far I've already found a few books I long time wanted to read there, f.i. having Penmarric on the go now.


I've read this and re-read it and seen several versions on television! It's such a great story, and so cleverly worked out. As you know, I'm a big Agatha Christie fan, and I return to her books like they were old friends, too. No one comforts quite like Agatha!


I've only read a few Christie's but have so enjoyed them. My problem is that I get sidetracked by all the "new" mysteries out there. Really must go back and check out more of her books. Do you recommend reading these in order? I'm such a stickler for that but when it comes to her books the ones I've read have not been and I actually didn't seem to mind.


I love that idea. For a while my library did that, but when our renovation began the shelves went away and never came back! I hope you find something good! How are you liking Penmarric? I really liked Cashelmara and bought Penmarric in anticipation, though I know I won't get to it any time soon. Something to look forward to later!


I agree with you there--I love Agatha Christie! I think I am going to pull out the DVD and pop it in very shortly as a matter of fact to watch while folding and ironing clothes!


I tend to juggle--the nice thing about the Agatha Christie's is they are nice small mass market books usually and those new mysteries are big hardcovers, so I tend to reach more often for the more compact books to carry with me. But new books are always such a huge draw. I've noticed that at my library the virtual new books lists always have far more mystery titles than any other! Obviously mysteries and crime novels have a huge market--isn't it nice having such choice!


Oh! Oh! Colonel Mustard did it in the library with the lead pipe! ;) Loved your set up. And what fun that you can reread a mystery and still enjoy it even though you already know how it ends.


And do you know I loved the game of Clue--still do! ;) I needed something fun for this book especially since I already knew who did it and how! I'm not sure I would reread most mysteries, but I have a soft spot for Agatha Christie. And I hate to say it but my memory goes fuzzy far too quickly. I often forget details--even big ones like who the murderer was-- soon after finishing a book! Sad but true.

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