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I've read this book several times, beginning when I was a teenager and didn't quite "get it" yet. I have found different things resonate with me at different readings, and since I am at a crossroads of sorts right now with my only child going to college in the fall, I think a rereading will soon be in order. As I've mentioned before, I especially love AML's diaries and letters, mostly because I see in her the same home/family/career stresses I felt, though on a MUCH smaller scale, of course. The fact that she felt so torn so much of the time reassured me that my feelings were normal. I'm so glad you liked this book.


Have you read Anne Morrow Lindbergh's journals? I think I enjoyed them more and gleaned more wisdom from them than from this little book which is just a kind of distillation of all that she learned over many years. I enjoyed the unfolding story more, I suppose.


This is such a good book - and you are right, you can read it at different times and take something else from it. Isn't there also a follow up? Or maybe I'm confusing it with the journals Sherry mentioned.


I loved this! In a different way, since I don't have children, this really resonated with me, too. There is so much you can get out of it, and it is reassuring to know what I think and feel is not so very different than what others have experienced, too. I can see why you are a fan of her work! I am reading the first diary now and very much enjoying it.


I have not read them yet, but I have started reading the first journal and I can see what you mean--already as a young woman I can see the woman she will become--the one who could write a book like this! This was a good place to start and a nice book to have on hand to reread, but I think, like you, I am going to enjoy reading through her diaries, too. I think I have finally collected them all (with the exception of the last one that came out last year).


I'm not sure if there is another book--I will have to investigate! I did buy a novel by her but I think it has to do with flying, and I have also bought the other journals that I was missing. I will certainly be revisiting it again!


What a lovely post, Danielle.
I've had this book for so long, or rather the German translation was among my grandmother's books but I've never read it. I should have. I feel it would have been valuable to me when I was much younger but then again, it will just as valuable now. I've got an English copy now and really would like to take some time and read it.

Liz F

I agree with Caroline that this is a lovely post about a lovely book.
It has given me much food for thought as I am at that point where the pattern of my life which has been in place for more than half of it, has now changed utterly and I am trying to work out what now and where do I go from here.
In theory this is the time when I can think of myself and what I want as all four children are flown but it is very hard to break the habits of a lifetime.
On the other hand I am aware that there ARE things I would like to do and time is passing..
Maybe a summer by the sea would help!


I think you would like this even now--for me it had even more meaning I think than it would have had I read it when I was much younger. It's quite short, too, so you could easily read it in just a few sittings. How cool that your grandmother had a copy of it--I think it is truly a classic!


Hi Liz--so great to hear from you again--I hope things have calmed down a bit with your work! Thanks for the kind words--I don't know why I had such a hard time writing this post, but I did love the book so very much! I think you would really like reading this--it's such a thoughtful book and so meaningful for what a woman goes through in life--through all the stages of her life. It's hard to change your routine when you are used to doing things for so long--taking care of your children. Sometimes life alters all on its own and you have no choice but to change paths like I have. I am still trying to figure out just how I want to live and what I want to do, but maybe it is always an ongoing process that you just keep chipping away at. I could happily spend a cummer by the sea thinking about it all. Ah, wishful thinking! :)


Such a well balanced review, Danielle, I loved reading it twice. And yes, each cycle of the tide is valid.


When I was in high school (back in the Middle Ages) this was on the required reading list for, I think, Junior Year. I loved it then - was awed by it. I've never re-read it, but I should. It is a small book, but packs quite a punch - a quiet punch.


Lovely review Danielle! I read this book many years ago in my 20s and you are making me want to read it again. I'm pretty sure it is still on a shelf somewhere. I just might have to go looking for it!


I'm so glad this is the book that worked best to read together--it was a really perfect choice and one that will linger long in my mind--so thank you for the suggestion! I hope it works out that we can read along together again sometime!


What a wonderful book to have as required reading--I think it has such great appeal. And I think it is a great book to revisit--I bet you would look at it quite differently now. Yes, it does pack quite a punch, a very quiet and subtle one. I am planning on keeping it on the little shelf that sits right below my nightstand--a book that could easily be picked up and a few pages easily read now and then.


You should--I think you would enjoy it all the more now. It is most definitely a keeper. One of those books that now I wonder why I ever waited so long to read!

Buried In Print

Ditto to Stefanie's comment!


I pull this book of my shelves and reread it every few years; like you said, you get different things from it each time you read it. Love the quotes that you chose! This is a book every woman should have in her library.


What a gorgeous review, and I can't tell you how happy I am that you loved it. It made a huge impact on me when I read it, and I'm determined to return to it regularly. I always close it feeling calmer, and clearer as to my direction - simplify! It seems such a good idea and is so surprisingly hard to do!


Insightful review, Danielle, reminding me of what I've been missing. I just pulled Gift from the Sea off of the shelf (I knew right where it was) and think I will take it out to the arbor to read. LIndbergh speaks to me especially at moments when I need to be alone; not for unhappiness or trouble, but, just to be.


I'm going to echo some of the other poster's views and say that I have had this book on my shelf for years and have only taken a cursory look, always thinking that I will read it at some future point. After reading your review of the book, I am planning to take it with me on vacation next week. Coincidentally, most of my vacation time will be spent at the beach and what better book to read while I'm enjoying the soothing sights and sounds of the ocean and beach. Thank you again for bringing this book back into mind and am just now pulling it off my bookshelf and into my suitcase.


I love this book, and I think it is time for a reread. I usually give a copy to all my friends for their wedding gift, so another way it can resonate, I guess!


It is definitely a book well worth rereading I would say. Now I am going to enjoy her diaries!


I agree--I can't believe I let it languish so long on my shelves, but I have discovered it now. I think it might be just the book I might press into other friend's hands, though she seems to have quite a following--so maybe I was an anomaly for not having read her sooner!


What she wrote does make a lot of sense, but you are right that it is easier said than done--you almost have to make an effort at it at times! I am keeping my copy next to my bed and hope to reach for it often as it is so easy to read just a chapter or even just a few pages. I remember when you wrote about it--even then I had pulled it out from my bookshelves, though it took me a while to get to it...


That sounds like just what she urges women to do! Have you read it before? And what a perfect book to read in a lovely outdoor setting. I like solitude, so no need to convince me of its benefits. :)


Isn't it funny how we do that? It is such a slender book and so easy really to read quickly, though I made myself just read a chapter every couple of days in order to savor what she wrote. It was nice to go back then and skim for when I was trying to write this post. It is the perfect book to read at the beach--so glad you are going to take it with you! Sometimes it's just a gentle little nudge that is all it takes to inspire a person to finally read a book. I happened to read this with a friend and it was the perfect choice and so lovely to be able to talk about it as we read. But a good book to read in solitude, too!


What a good idea. I would love to pass it on to friends as a gift and will keep it in mind. I can see why it is considered a classic. Have you read her diaries, too? She seems like a pretty amazing woman!

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