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Joan Kyler

You and I have many reading habits in common. I'm always wanting to read the next thing while I'm reading the current thing. I'm a mood reader, too, and I don't read fast enough to satisfy my thirst.

There are a lot of Lucy Maud Montgomery books available for free downloads on Manybooks for Kindle, including at least six or seven of the Anne books.

I'm trying desperately to stop buying books. I'm hoping to move back to Boston one of these days and my husband's already worried about all the boxes of books. If I can download it or borrow it, I do.

I'm excited about your trip back to San Francisco. I've never been there, although old friends live there. Someone told me that it's like a west coast Boston.


Re: Anne of Green Gables. I have read this book, but only this one of the series. I recently borrowed the Annotated Anne of Green Gables from my library. As usual, I probably will have to return it without reading it fully, but I spent about an hour reading parts of it and it was extremely interesting. I recommend it, if your library has it.


Yes, that's me all over--always ready for the next book even while enjoying whatever is in hand. It's rarely a reflection on what is on my nightstand--just a voracious desire for more! :) I had no idea that so many of the LM Montgomery books were available as freebies--must go check them out. Is it The Blue Castle...?? Someone suggested one of her books in particular as it has a WWI setting--I have a used copy somewhere but haven't gotten to it... I need to stop buying books but I can't quite keep myself from the temptation of the new (not necessarily new releases but just new to me books). I have a couple of boxes of books that I weeded from my shelves a while back that need to go to the used bookstore but I haven't had a chance. I need to do another cull at this point and add more to them. I do wish I liked ebooks more for practicality sake, but I just can't quite wean myself from paper books--too much pleasure of holding a book in hand. I will say, though, my Nook is great for the gym when I am using the elliptical as it fits perfectly on the little shelf--freeing up my hands to hold on and not having to worry about holding the book flat/open--it's very awkward really, but that never stops me! I'm so excited, too, about SF. I have to stop thinking about it nonstop (especially at work!) as it can be hard to concentrate on the task at hand. I think all the big reservations are made, however, so just leisurely planning on what to do while there at this point. If Boston and SF are comparable, then I really, really DO need to go to Boston--I am sure I would love it there, too. I was all set to plan a trip somewhere new, but I can't complain about returning to SF as I loved it there. Something to look forward to--always a nice thing!


I love those annotated books--I have contemplated reading the Annotated Alice--which my library does have. I will have to check to see if I can find a copy of the Anne book to borrow--it would be fun to read it with all the details filled in. A coworker went to Nova Scotia and PEI a couple of weeks ago, and I asked him if he went to any of the Anne of Green Gables places--but he didn't (such a missed opportunity! :)---but then Anne is probably not really his thing....). In any case I really do need to read it.

Joan Kyler

The Blue Castle doesn't seem to be available as a free download in any of the collections I see. Makes me want to look for that one!


Rilla of Ingleside is the eighth book in the Anne of Green Gables series and it focuses on Anne's daughter, Rilla, and WWI. Other than the first book, Anne of
Green Gables, Rilla is my favourite in the series. You are in for a treat, Danielle, with this series! Also, the Louise Penny books are wonderful; good characters, good atmosphere and intriguing plots.


Such fun and so many good books on the go and ready to be picked up. Are you still subscribing to the New York Review of Books too? Between it and my LRB I am perpetually behind. I have a nice tidy pile that never seems to get smaller no matter how much of them I read!


If I had known it in advance I would have joined Barbara Pym week. And I will most certainly sign up for the Canadian Challenge again.
I need to sort my reader outor rather switch to Bloglovin now as I'm so behind visiting.


Bullet points or no bullet points I love these kind of posts, full of reading ideas:) Today was our first day with temperatures around 22 C, nice and sunny.


I hope you enjoy Anne of GG--it was a formative book for me, reread many times, but I know a few people who read it first as an adult who didn't succumb to its charms.

I read the first Louise Penny myself last year and really enjoyed it, and mean to read the rest of the series. I read it before a trip to Montreal and wanted to read something set in or around that city.

SF is one of my favorite places--enjoy!!!!


That is a title that someone recommended to me as being an especially good one--though I think it might be a standalone and not a Anne title? (Need to go look it up now as titles get mixed in my mind sometimes...).


Okay--yes, that's the one. I hope that is going to be reissued, though I think the Sourcebook editions aren't coming out until next year or thereabouts. I have Anne of Green Gables sitting on the top of my reading pile. I'll be doing the next Canadian reading challenge so plan on reading it after the first Gamache mystery which I am reading now and very much enjoying. I like Gamache and Beauvoir--Nichol is something of a rough diamond but I think she is going to be an interesting character. I hope some of the books are set in Montreal as I'd like to read about the city.


I DO have lots of good books on he go right now. So much so that I can never decide which to bring with me on the bus and to work. Keep going on one particular book, ready to dip into a new know how That goes! I am still getting the New York Review of Books, too. And The New Yorker--usually the most current issue of each also finds its way into my bookbag--needless to say I am Never at a loss for good reading material. I have a big pile of them, too. I almost can't bear to recycle them but I don't want to start looking like some sort of hoarder! :) The nice thing--subscribing means having access to their online archives so I can always go back and read some article I missed.


I have been using Feedly and am liking it more or less, only I don't like the way it scrolls--very slowly it seems. I usually try and log in every day, but if I get really busy I can go a week without doing so and then when I do I always have loads and loads of posts to read and the scrolling through them all takes so much time--especially when there are posts with many images--that might, too, just be my slow internet connection. I wish I had planned better for the Pym week, but I am at least enjoying the one book I started. I will read more of her work, but slowly and over the course of the year (I hope anyway). And I also plan on doing the Canadian reading challenge again--I didn't get 13 books read this year--I think it will work out to 9, but that's prety good for me.


That does sound nice! It has been unseasonably cool here and rainy, but today promises to be pleasant and sunny. Next week the really warm weather returns. I am ready for warmth but not heat and humidity. It is sort of fun doing posts with lots of little bits that I come across-so much to look up online and I like coralling it all together.


I don't know how I ever missed AGG growing up! I missed so many books and want to try and read a couple of childrens classics every year. Last year it was The Secret Garden, which was a really lovely story. I am looking forward to 'meeting' Anne. How fun to go to Montreal--I would like to as well. I am very much enjoying this first Gamache mystery--such great characters. I do hope more of the books will be set in Montreal, though. And isn't SF Wonderful!! I went for a week last August and fell in love with it there. I really wanted to go somewhere new this year (so many great places I have never been), but when my sister said she was planning on going to SF I caved into temptation. Not a hardship by any means, though.


It's lovely to be spoiled for choice, really...I just have to be careful I don't overextend myself and suddenly find that reading has become a source of stress instead of a stress release. (Those library due dates! I've got a library book right now that's overdue...) I'm with you--I'm always looking ahead to the next great read. I'm about to compile a summer reading list for myself--fun.

You know I love the Anne books and I hope you like them--you and I seem to be "kindred spirts" so maybe you will! Someday I want to visit Prince Edward Island and the Anne of Green Gables House.


I love reading lists--have just decided I am in the mood for a mystery reading extravaganza--totally meant to be fun and entertaining. And good summer reading, too. I have read so few of them this year, I think I need a little mystery "boost" about now. I hope you'll share your reading list. We do have lots of overlap in our reading tastes, which is always cool. You are very right when it comes to kindred spirits--I always know, then, who I can turn to for reading suggestions. Have fun making your list! And I would love to visit PEI someday--must read some Anne books first.


I am loving Pym week. Thanks for sharing this video!

Also - Anne. Thank goodness you're finally going to read her :) The Blue Castle is a standalone, one of the only ones set outside of PEI, and it is lovely.

I'm also contemplating the 7th Canadian Challenge...what will my theme be? It's my fave challenge so I always think deeply ;)


Anne is going to be next (and likely the first book for the 7th Canadian Challenge) as soon as I finish the Louise Penny novel I am reading now. I need to order a used copy of The Blue Castle (I bet I checked it out from the library and then had to return it unread), but I checked and discovered that I do have Rilla of Ingleside. I like how you are going with a theme for the challenge--I should try and read one book by an author from each province and territory like John mentions, but most likely it will all end up being serendipitous choices.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Oh, I do envy you discovering L M Montgomery for the first time. I read most of them as a teen, but only read The Blue Castle a year or so ago - absolutely loved it. She does a beautiful set-piece death-from-TB scene in a few of her books - I find that irresistible. OK, I am a bit odd!


Not odd at all--I expect it's quite poignant and done well without too much sentimentality I can see where something like that would be quite appealing. I am looking forward now to reading Anne of Green Gables and almost feel like hurrying the Inspector Gamache mystery along just so I can start it sooner rather than later.

deborah vass

I thought you might like to know about the edition of Desert Island Discs featuring Barbara Pym (who I adore)that was broadcast in the UK last week. Here is the link which you can download:


Thanks so much! I am looking forward to listening and hope the link will work through next weekend (I know some shows are only available for a short time after they initially air), though did I see this one originally aired in 1978? Need to go back and look it over more closely. I can see how appealing Barbara Pym is...I think I am going to look through my stack and contemplate beginning a new one....

deborah vass

I hope you enjoy it! It is a available for download so you should be okay. BBC Radio 4 Extra are running several vintage programmes on women writers - this week's being Elizabeth Bowen. I so enjoy reading your blog and thank you for leading me to so many bookish discoveries!


Thanks Deborah--that's really kind of you and I am always happy to know that something I wrote/enthused about led another reader to discover it, too! Chatting about books with other readers is my favorite part of blogging. I will download the Pym broadcast as well as the Bowen--another writer I admire and have enjoyed reading.

Buried In Print

It is a standalone and would make for a lovely indulgent Sunday afternoon read: you'd love it.

Buried In Print

I second the recommendation for the annotated Anne: good stuff!


Good to know--it is one I caved in and had to buy.... I think I would love it--maybe for the next round of Canadian authors.


Hmm. Maybe I can see if my library has it--I have the Modern Library edition, so really don't need to order another one, but it sounds really nice.... I love annotated books.

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