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This one is definitely a game changer. I don't want to comment any spoilers but those last scenes were exciting and sad too. I am definitely looking forward to Maisie's next adventure. Glad you enjoyed this one so much. I just finished last night so I'll have to post my thoughts soon.


This one was hard to write about as I didn't want to give anything away--but so many changes! She tied things up so neatly I was wondering whether Maisie was going to return for a new book, but it sounds like she will from those last lines. It was a sad story in its way, though exciting, too, I guess to think what new paths Maisie will find herself on! I'm glad you liked it as well.


I am so pleased that this is a game changer because, though I still haven't read the book before this one, I think the series needs it. Clearly it's time for me to catch up!


You've made me curious about this series. I think I'll start with the first book, though, and read them in order.


I have only read the first and enkoyed it quite a bit despite the fact that I'm not so keen on historical crime. It's Maisie, she's a great character. And the time it's set in is appealing too.
I'm glad to know that the series is still good. A change sounds like a good thing too. I suppose when you write a series you have to be very careful not to become a routine writer. It would lead to a lack of passion which your readers would detect.
Thanks for the list of titles. It's sometimes difficult to find the right order and I might want to read book 2 some day.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I'm so behind here: I think I'm only up to no.5. It is a series I've really enjoyed, so perhaps I should see it in terms of having all these pleasures ahead of me, rather than feeling that I've been neglectful! ;-)

Peggy Ann

Have not read these but have one on the shelf. Now I have to start with the first! Very nice review!


Love the series, and this is on the TBR list!


How fun that the series has allowed Maisie to grow and change. I think it must make for more interesting stories instead of the character always being the same.


I have only read Birds of a Feather, Danielle, and enjoyed it immensely. I keep meaning to move on with the other books - now, I must do so. It was so nice that you included the list, in order.

I love the covers.


Thank you for that useful list at the end! I wondered how far behind we were in the UK, but it's not as bad as I feared. Elegy for Eddie is the last book I bought. I'm behind on reading them, though, and you remind me how good she is.

jenn aka the picky girl

I could tell from the book before this that this one would definitely be different. I still haven't read it because I know Maisie will be different in this book.

But this is a great review, and I'm thinking I need to pick this up sooner rather than later.


You introduced me to Maisie, but I think I've read only two or three of the books. I was toying with the idea of picking one up again soon, and I think I'd better start getting caught up. I especially like series in which the characters grow and change instead of remaining stagnant. This seems to fit the bill nicely.


I think Winspear was wise to shake things up a little bit. I love Maisie and all the secondary characters, too, but kept in their current course I think it might have started to feel stagnant. This will open up all sorts of interesting avenues. I haven't a clue where she'll take the characters now, but I am very curious. Both this book and the last are relatively quick and easy reads, so you won't have any problem catching up!


It is one of my very favorite mystery series, and one that you would be wise to read from the beginning since there is so much development to the characters and their relationships with each other. Hope you enjoy them if you happen to pick them up! :)


Maisie does make the books--she is very interesting and not at all typical, and I love this era, too, as you know. I think Winspear does really well and has a pretty devoted following so I think she'll continue the story on, and now I wonder where she'll take things! I tried to do a little searching to see if she had been interviewed, but I didn't find anything about any new books (guess I am jumping the gun a bit...). It's good she's not kept the mysteries all cookie cutter same as it does liven the storyline up. And I am glad, too, that she has not let Maisie do things as you would necessarily expect. I had to make the list to see what the order was--my own handy little reference for myself, too.


Yes, it's a treat to know you have lots of good books to look forward to reading. I rarely keep up with an author that I like--only Winspear and Elizabeth George I think... I wish I was better at staying caught up but there are just too many mysteries out there to choose from.


I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I both read the first and listened to it on audio! If you like this era I think she will hook you!


It is one of my favorites, too. I was lucky and got in line for it early at the library! Now, though, I have a long wait for a new instalment...


I think so, too. I almost like character's personal stories more than the actual mystery!


I was wondering if I had written about all the other books since I have been following along as they have been published and was happy to see I mostly had. :) I wouldn't even mind someday going back and starting from the beginning again. And I agree--those covers are perfect for the stories--I like them as well.


It's so hard to keep up, isn't it? I still have the last Elizabeth George to read and now she has a new one out in the Fall. I think the UK editions of the Maisie books get published fairly soon after the US editions--I hate that lag time as well--I am always eager to be reading the books others are talking about.


It has been coming for the last few books--subtle little changes in the characters and their families and more importantly with Maisie's work. She is less conflicted about what she went through in the war, but now her work is taking her in very different directions, too. This one is a perfect summer read by the way.


I always enjoy a new Maisie Dobbs mystery. Things are certainly changing--I always wonder whether an author directs those changes or the characters sort of come to life and do the changing on their own! :) It's nice to know you have some good books ahead of you, even if you don't get to them right away!


Thanks for the reminder that it is time for me to revisit Maisie's world! I am not as far into the series as you are but I will eventually catch up!


I am not at all good at keeping up on most series, but I do enjoy reading the Maisie Dobbs mysteries as soon as they come out. Too many choices and not enough time is always the case with me!


Danielle: I read the first book in the series when it came out and have picked up a few on the 'reduced' table since. I've bought them, but have not gone out of my way to read them for some reason. I now have all the books, including the one you've read, because I was given a number of the Maisie books at Christmas time. After reading your review, I'm now thinking that maybe this summer, I should make a concerted effort and read the darn books.


I do that too. I'll read a first in the series mystery, like it and then decide I am going to read all of them and so end up collecting them without actually getting them read in a timely manner! We seem to have similar tastes and reading habits! :) I really clicked with Maisie though, and I love reading about this era so I was easily hooked. But you have lots to look forward to so good thing, too!


Danielle: I can't remember why I didn't continue to read the Dobbs books but am planning to do so come this Fall. It's great that you like vintage mysteries as much as I do and I make it a point of reading at least one a month.


I normally always have a mystery or two on the go all the time, but this year I've not read so many (maybe because I have two different book subscriptions going and am trying to keep up with those), so I felt like I was going into withdrawal and had to have a binge now. I think I am going to have to continue on into July, though, since I have so many started... Do you read other crime novels, too, or stick mostly with vintage mysteries. My reading is all over the place--but I do love reading about the 30s-40s-50s as well as the interwar years particularly.

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