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Oh you need to pick up the New Yorker so you can tell us all about it. I was so tempted but then I got distracted by something else when I saw at the bookstore. Every once in a while I've read some of the Ellery Queen magazines but it's been a long time. You've reminded me that I should check out some mystery short stories!


The New Yorker is going to work with me this week that's for sure. Now I have the short story/mystery bug. It's been sitting waiting for me for too long! I hadn't thought of the Ellery Queen magazine--I will have to look for it--I don't think I have ever had a really good look at it before--thanks for the reminder! I really enjoyed my short story reading this weekend I must say!


That's a great idea, to read all the listed short stories. I think it's manageable, especially when they are very good.
Sounds as if you made a great start.
June is already over! Wasn't it yesterday that you annouced your project?
I want to read some crime as well. Not sure what I will pick.


Danielle: I picked up a few more mysteries, because I can't seem to help myself, while on holiday. I bought the following books:

1. Ihappened to spot a George Baxt mystery, The Dorothy Parker Murder Case, and promptly bought it. I always wanted to read this author but never got around to it, I've now started reading the book and find that I like it, you might too.
2. A Coffin for Demitrios by Eric Ambler. I looked at the book because I'm somewhat familiar with Ambler but also because I have seen the movie that is based on this book and really liked it. The movie's title is The Mask of Dimitrios and it stars Peter Lorre as the protagonist. Charles Latimer, mystery writer. I love the movie and was thrilled to find the book on which it was based. The book was written in 1939 and I'll quote a blurb found on my copy (a first-edition no less, which I bought for $10.00): "Dimitrios was a master of international intrique--a professional double-crosser who had committed every foul crime in the book. The more the mystery writer probed into the dead criminal's sordid past, the more obsessed he became with learning all there was to know about the slippery scoundrel."
3. The Case of the Sleepwalker's Niece by Erle Stanley Gardner. I'm a huge fan of the Perry Mason books/tv and hadn't read any of Gardner's books in a very long time, but the book was sitting there calling out my name.
4. The Face on the Cutting-Room Floor by Cameron McCabe, published in 1937. To be honest, I'd never heard of this author, but a mystery book that involves movies(my other love)and murder? I'm in! The blurb on the back cover reads: "The camera reel starts rolling when a young, aspiring actress is found dead on the film studio's cutting-room floor." I can't wait to find out 'whodunnit'

In addition to the above books, I have discovered the Vish Puri mysteries and have just finished the 3rd book. The author, Tarquin Hall has written 3, so far, books about an Indian detective, Vish Puri, who runs the Most Private Investigator agency. I bought one of the books, hard cover at $5.99 and then immediately took out the other 2 books from the library. I found the books fascinating as the author, who lives part of the year in Delhi, provides really interesting information on what it's like to live/work in India. I've become a Vish fan and can't wait for the next book in the series.

I picked up a few more books, including some Patricia Wentworth, but I think that I'll stop here for now. I brought the New Yorker 'mystery' issue with me on holiday, but never got around to reading it. It's in my pile of TBR magazines and books which I'm planning to tackle this coming summer.


Some good stories by the sound of it and more to come! Since you have some time off because of the 4th. I am sure you will be able to read all of the Hammett stories :)


I'm just waiting for that last collection to come in at the library! I love short stories and shouldn't have a problem reading the last three. last month flew by and I think this one will, too. And I have so many books going--can't start anymore mysteries now I think--just need to finish what I have going. Have fun choosing something good!


Oh, lots of good books. I plan on sharing my most recent purchases over the weekend! I need to look up the books you mention. Only recently I bought a couple of Erle Stanley Gardner books--never before thought of reading him, but now I am very keen on it. I have heard good things about the Vish Puri books--you'll have to tell me what you think of them. And Eric Ambler is on my wishlist--I think he is a classic spy novelist! So many classics--writers I want to read! I'm listening to a Perry Mason radio drama at the moment--it's great fun! And I have yet to read those New Yorker stories--I hope to over the Fourth holiday!


I am reading the Hammett every day but the stories are long, so I am not managing a story a day--that was being pretty optimistic, but I think I can make a dent on it this weekend! I have been reading loads of short stories--some better than others but all enjoyable!

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