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Mary McCarthy, yes, reading her is very long ago for me too. Not The Group (I think), but I have 'Memories of a Catholic Girlhood' and see on the first page now that I've read it. That was long before I began making notes so I don't remember much about it now.

Travellin' Penguin Pam

I don't think I could bear rereading Valley of the Dolls or Mr Goodbar. I think they would date very badly. Marjorie Morningstar might be fun to revisit. I have put The Group on my book list at library and might get to it one day. I never read it but do remember when it was out and about.


Hi Cath! I also read Mary McCarthy before I started taking notes or writing about the books I read, so it's all very vague in my mind. I'd love to reread it, though, as I think it would be more meaningful to me now. I also have a few of her other books as well as Memories of a Catholic Girlhood. It doesn't sound as though she had a very happy childhood!


I only read Valley of the Dolls a few years back and it does have the feel of the era it was written in to it, but I still wouldn't mind rereading it. It's probably a little strange, but I sort of (sometimes) like reading books like that--even with their dated feel. It's a matter of escapism with me. I did order Marjorie Morningstar, though, so it is definitely on my reading list along with The Group.


I love The Group and - yes - it would be fun to read through that list. IAlthough I've read two of them already , Fear of Flying and The Valley of the Dolls. I've got Jaffe's book here. I've got another scandalous book here which is now almost forgotten - Peyton Place.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

The Jaffe book is as good as The Group (sort of similarish though: I can't remember who was in which one now). Fear of Flying... it felt vaguely illicit reading that as a young person! I might have added The Bell Jar to that list?

Liz F

I suspect it was more than thirty years ago that I read The Group, Looking for Mr Goodbar and Fear of Flying and while I don't have any desire to read the last two, I recently bought copies of The Group and The Best of Everything.
I read (and loved) Peyton Place a couple of years back (which felt strangely daring!)and I have a copy (as yet unread) of Valley of the Dolls too which I bought around the same time because it was one of those books I heard about when I was growing up!
I read Herman Wouk's Winds of War and War and Remembrance years ago but not Marjorie Morningstar so I will definitely have a look out for a copy of it and A Summer Place as they sound like perfect summer reading!


I've had McCarthy on my list of authors to read for ages, especially The Group, but just haven't gotten around to it. Oy, story of my life!


I've always meant to read Marjorie dad has told me more than once how a copy of the book showed up in a fellow Marine's care package during Vietnam and they all took turns reading it...beyond that, Wouk's Winds of War and War and Remembrance were reading experiences that changed my life.


I read Valle of the Dolls maybe six or seven years ago and then watched the movie. I wold love to read the rest of the books on that list--I've owned the Erica Jong book for a really long time as well as Looking for Mr Goodbar (saw the movie quite a long time ago). Oh yes, Peyton Place--it seems like a book that should be on this list as well--I've long owned that book, too, and never gotten around to readin git either. I'd love to pick up one of these books sometime soon....though I feel like my 'reading plans' are sort of set for the rest of the summer. Maybe later this year.


You're right--The Bell Jar is another book that fits in nicely with the list--am mentally adding these titles. I read it in college and think a reread is in order. I think I bought Fear of Flying for the illicit parts, too, so I wonder why I didn't crack it open and read it right away! I don't recall ever reading it, but I wold love to read through all the titles on this list--the Jaffe book appeals enormously--I think when it was reissued last year (?) quite a few people were reading it/talkin about it. Ever straggling behind I didn't manage it at the time, but will get to it eventually.


When I read Valley of the Dolls a number of years back one of my coworkers at the time, who was young when the book was first published laughed when she saw me reading it. 'Now you know they the dolls in the book aren't the kind you play with' she joked with me. I know most of those books are just 'popular fiction' sorts of reads, but they certainly give an interesting view of women and that particular era, which I find so interesting. I did order the Wouk book, and I think I miight have Winds of War as an audio book on my MP3 player--I am in the market for a good audio book so I might have to investigate it now--I can't seem to settle on a good audio book and with the weather nice again it would make my daily walk home so much nicer.


Mine, too. Though I did read it once a very long time ago--a reread would likely feel as though I was reading it for the first time so little do I remember about it! Also the story of my life!


How interesting--not a book you would imagine in a war zone, but maybe so if it had lots of popular appeal plus a layer of illicitness about it--just entertaining enough to read in a situation where you needed a little escapism! I had always thought his other books were the ones I should read, but now I've gone and ordered Marjorie Morningstar! I will definitely read his others, too, though after seeing your reaction here!


I loved The Group when I read it - thought it was a gorgeous and fascinating novel. Interestingly enough, I own or have read most of that list. Marjorie Morningstar is one of those books I've been meaning to read for ages. Perhaps I'll get to it this autumn (it's quite a chunky book).


I remember when you wrote about it--it went on my must reread list even then. I own several of these myself though I have not read them--only The Group and Valley of the Dolls. I broke down and ordered Marjorie Morningstar--maybe I can read along with you if you do decide to pick it up later this year!

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