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The one thing I do know about Lillian Hellman (well, besides that she wrote THE LITTLE FOXES) was that she was the inspiration for Nora Charles in THE THIN MAN.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Significant Others sounds like an excellent book. Have you read Katie Roiphe's Uncommon Arrangements? It's seven chapters on the lives of married writers in pre-WW2 London. So, HG Wells, Vera Brittain, Katherine Mansfield, Elizabeth von Arnim, etc. It was interesting to see a more 'domestic' take on the background to the writers' lives.

Jenny @ Reading the End

All I know about Lillian Hellman was that she was furious when Dorothy Parker left all her money to Martin Luther King. I think she sued to try and get that changed, but she wasn't successful, and all of the proceeds from Dorothy Parker's books still go to the NAACP.


Fascinating. That book about creative couples sounds very good. I've read Hellman's Unfinished Woman but quite a long time ago. When I read all of Chandler. I wanted to move on to Hammett next but then I never did. I have to. I've read and reviwed The Glass Key when I first started my blog and also watched the movie. But I didn't like it that much. Not like Chandler.

Clive John Edwards

I hope you read the significant others part about Virginia Woolf & Vita Sackville-West soon. That sounds interesting.


Every young woman with any intellect at all was reading An Unfinished Woman during the mid-to-late 1970s. And of course there was the movie with Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave about Hellman's friendship with a woman linked in some way with the Resistance in World War II. I might have a detail or two wrong. But the movie was something that my women friends and I lived and breathed and watched repetitively. How time goes by and makes us forget the details. I must look up the film. Very busy Sunday, but will reconnect.

Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)


Before reading about Dashiell Hammett I didn't know a thing about Lillian Hellman (other than the feud she had with Mary McCarthy--which I had read about). I read somewhere about her being the inspiration for Nora, though. It sounds like he drew on both their lives for those characters!


I am hoping to read more of the essays in Significant Others--there are a number of interesting pairings I would like to know more about. And I really should pick up Uncommon Arrangements--as a matter of fact I am in need of a good NF read at the moment--maybe that's the one I will choose! Must go see if I can find my copy on the shelves--and I am always most intrigued to read about the more personal side to authors's lives! Thanks for the reminder. :)


I hadn't heard that about her and Dorothy Parker. Have you read Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin--about Dorothy Parker, Zelda Fitzgerald, Edna Ferber and Edna St. Vincent Millay? Your mentioning Dorothy Parker just reminded me how much I liked that book. Lots of interesting anecdotes. That's such an interesting era to read about. Dorothy Parker is another interesting person to read about.


I hadn't really thought of reading about Lillian Hellman before, but now am interested since reading about Dashiell Hammett--they had such an interesting relationship. And I'm looking forward to reading Raymond Chandler--I have an essay he wrote about Hammett but I am not sure if I'll get around to reading it this weekend.


It does sound good! I hope to read that essay eventually--will have to write about it here when I do. There are a number of famous couples in that book that I want to read about.


Interesting about the Hellman book--somehow it had completely escaped my radar. I have ordered it, though, and so hope to read it sooner than later. Is the Fonda/Redgrave movie you mentioned called Julia? I have never seen it but now I think I must rectify that! Will see if my library has the movie.


What an interesting pair, I can see why you find them so fascinating. The Significant Others books sounds really interesting. Isn't it fun when books lead you on trail from one to another?


That one book leading to another thing happens all the time to me! Very dangerous. I do find the pair fascinating and will read more about them eventually. I did take the Significant Others book back to the library (had a big library book sweep/return), but I wouldn't mind someday reading more of those pairings.

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