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This sounds like such a wonderful collection! How fun that you were also able to discover a new author - you'll have to let us know if you track down her mystery novel.


I did request the mystery, so we'll see if I luck out and get it. My last few ILL requests have not been filled, but I'll try and be optimistic! This is a great collection by the way.


Another good one.
I've downloaded The Lottery and Other Stories recently. I'd really like to read Shirley Jackson. I've never reda her before.


The Lottery is a great story--I am looking forward to rereading it. You will like her, I think. You will have to read her novels--The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle! I might reread one for RIP in September--I am already making a mental list it would seem.


Poor Miss Maurer, if only she cold see past her insecurities, but isn't that something we all have difficulty doing? Sounds like a lovely story.


Ii wondered if she was sad or contented on her own--though in class she was a bundle of nerves. It was a good story and now I have another book by the author on my reading pile so will be curious to see how a whole novel reads. It sounds like another good story anyway.


This sounds like another intriguing story - what a fabulous collection this has been. The next time I'm in London I will visit the Persephone shop and I don't doubt I'll leave with this one in my hands!

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