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Actually, the book I most enjoyed of hers was Touchstone. I'm kind of into books set in the interwar years (1920 to 1936), and I really enjoyed that one. I have also read one of the Kate Martinelli books (not the one you read), but I did find it a good thriller. The Bones of Paris features the same "hero" that was featured in Touchstone. I'm sure you don't have to read Touchstone to enjoy The Bones of Paris, but if you like Harris in this book you will surely like him in Touchstone.


I have been looking for a good mystery novel..this looks like something I will like


I didn't realize there was a character from another book in her newest--thanks for the heads up. I have Touchstone but haven't yet read it--I might have to dig it out to read while I'm waiting for the other one. I like books set during the interwar period as well and go in phases where I'll read a lot of them. I wasn't quite sure at first whether the Kate Martinelli stories would be for me, but by the end of the book I was hooked!


Hi Vipula! This is a good detective story with a nice little spin all its own (I didn't want to give away too many details here), but there is a certain vagueness to the characters and she slowly reveals bits of their personal lives--I very much enjoyed it.

John Edwards

A Grave Talent sounds like another for my TBR list!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I've read this one, but so long ago I suspect I'll have to read it again (and now I want to a lot!) before reading any more of the series. I thought she had created a good twist with Kate's story (so hard to avoid the big spoiler here!).


Laurie King is pretty dependably good. Now I am keen on reading Touchstone, though I'll have to dig around to find my copy!


Yes, you don't quite know what's what with Kate's personal life--King does such a good job making it so vague that you are not quite sure until midway into the story what you suspect is true or not. I really liked that and tried not to reveal anything here about the characters. They are all so well developed--and not just Kate and Al. Hopefully I won't let too much time pass before I read the second mystery now.

Belle Read

I have only read one book by this author, The Beekeepers Apprentice. I liked it very much. I really should read more. Thank you for the great details on this book. It is a great motivator to continue with this author.


I haven't read her so far but this sounds excellent. I also like crime for various reasons but I agree when everything comes together, mystery, atmosphere, mood and charcater it's great.


I am not too keen on her Mary Russell series, don't ask me why, but I like the Kate Matinelli series very much. I have The Bones of Paris on hold at the library but didn't know it was #2 in a series so have just reserved Touchstone. I am always learning from your blog!


Hi Belle--I've read a few of the Mary Russell stories now and have liked them very much. I think she has improved with that series--the first book was good, but I think the format, which was sort of like linked stories was not as good as the next few books. I am ready to pick up another of her novels--either a Mary Russell or if I could find my copy--Touchstone (though the effort required to dig through bins is too much at the moment...and I had better finish the other mysteries I have going right now....). Let me know what you think if you pick up this Kate Martinelli book!


Sometimes I don't mind if a book is only strong in one thing--if that one thing is done so well that it makes it hard to put the book down, but when it has everything--those are of course my favorites! I think I slightly prefer the Mary Russell stories--only because I really like reading books set in the 20s, but I will read more of these Kate Martinelli books, too.


The nice thing about mysteries--there are so many out there an in every conceivable set up, you are likely to find something that will click! I like Kate--she is an interesting character and I would like to know more about her and see how she develops. Now you have me wanting to find my copy of The Touchstone. I know it is somewhere but I am not sure which bin it is in--I'm not sure I have the energy to dig around for it, but I will definitely move it up on the mental list. I didn't realize her newest was connected with Touchstone either, but of course I want to read it first now, too...


That book cover also doe much to set the mood with the delightfully foggy Golden Gate Bridge. The next one is in Golden Gate Park? I expect you've been there already and are planning to go there again. I'd save it for the plane ride to really get in the right frame of mind.


I am almost finished with the Mary Russell stories but was worried about starting this series in particular with the first book invovling murder of children plural. That is hard for me to read is it particularly graphic? I like to read series in order but I might have to skip the first of this one.


I have an old mass market copy with a really ugly (am sorry to say) cover! This one is gorgeous! I have been to Golden Gate Park--well part of the park as it is really huge. I think I could visualize it well enough--and I am indeed contemplating taking it with me. It would be fun to read something set in SF while I am there!


I have lots of Mary Russell stories ahead of me happily. This Kate Martinelli novel is really not at all graphic. The crime takes place before the story begins, so there is a little description, but nothing in the least gratuitous. This is actually much more character driven if I really think about it. But I do know how difficult it is reading about crime having to do with children--it makes for unpleasant reading. There is a lot of character set up, so if you can try and read this one, you might find it helpful--maybe you could skip anything directly dealing with the victims. It is only the last murder that is in any way 'explicit'--the rest are only referred to obliquely.


Touchstone is amazing! I can hardly put it down. I am so glad to be reading it before the next one in the series, and I already want more!! This is a long weekend for us, I think it probably is for you as well; Touchstone is made for long weekends, so I hope you can lay hands on your copy.


Oh No! :) Now I am going to Have to look for my copy. I have it somewhere--it is in one of the bins where I store my mysteries. I usually sort of know where certain authors are-which bin, but for some reason I haven't a clue where I have Touchstone. I am on the list at the library for her newest but I much prefer to read in order, too! So, perhaps I'll go dig around now....will let you know if I find it as I will have to start reading it then! :)

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