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How very interesting. She sounds like an author well worth reading, and taking the time to understand. It's books like these that I don't read very often (since I tend to read mostly for sheer entertainment), but when I do, I find myself frequently thinking about them later.


I had not even heard of her before picking up the book for the readalong, but she does indeed seem someone important and worthy of reading. It is a place in the world (and time period) I know so little about, so I'm glad to have read it even if I didn't quite catch all the nuances of the story. To be honest--most of what I read is for pure pleasure, too, but I do like to give new authors (well, new to me anyway) a try now and again.


Thanks for participating and for the thoughtful review.
I find that I still think of the book after having finished it over a week ago what isn't always the case. I even think it would be better on a second reading.
I'm pretty sure I'll return to her soon.
So far I'm quite pleased with choosing so many different countries for the read along.

Liz F

It's not a place or period that I have a great deal of knowledge about either so I will definitely keep an eye out for it although I might have to restrict myself to the library.


I am a big fan of Assia Djebar. She was one of the first Francophone writers I ever read (writing in French outside of France itself) and got me pretty hooked on them for a while. I haven't read this one, though, so I was very intrigued to read your excellent review, and Caroline's. I do hope to read more of her work soon - you know how it is! If only there were more hours in the day...


This sounds like a good book even though you may not have gotten from it everything you could. I've never heard of the author before but you have made me curious so I will have to try and look her up in the library one of these days.


This is one that sticks in my mind for sure. I am reading a mystery set in Marseille right now (rather have finally gotten back to the Izzo book) and some of the characters are from Algeria, so it brought this book to mind as a matter of fact. I wish I had at least read the afterword first, but as I never do that, how would I have known. I could easily reread this and I am sure it only gets better with multiple reads. You did do an excellent job of varying the reading this year. I can't wait to read the Claudel--and I do still want to finish those two books that I set aside earlier....


This is what I love about reading--learning something new. And it is amazing then where some tidbit of one book will then pop up in another one. I should really see what my library has by her as I think she is someone likely to be on our shelves.


Yes, Francophone--I knew there was a proper term for French language writers who are not technically French. At my university we have an active French department and I get a number of orders every semester for French books by Francophone writers--I always am interested in them-- so am happy to have gotten around to reading one. I would love to read more of her work. And if you ever decide to write about her...that would be really cool! I Often think about having more hours in a day for reading! :)


It was definitely good--it was only after when I was reading the afterword that I began realizing how much there was to the story. It all gets absorbed though--so all is good--even if my reading was probably pretty superficial.

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