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Do let us know what you think of her writing! I'm very curious.

I especially giggled at her dislike of "long hikes." Sounds to me as if she perhaps had friends who tried to push her into taking long hikes, or perhaps her parents.

I'm so glad you went to the trouble of ordering it ILL. Wonderful for all of us to discover her writing through you.

Have a good weekend. Have you been able to enjoy your porch at all lately?




The weather has been really gorgeous here of late. I am actually really enjoying summer and usually I am mostly just moaning about the heat and humidity! I feel very spoiled and have indeed been spending time outside when I can--should take my book out there more often. Pity I don't have a porch swing--that sounds heavenly! I chuckled at her likes and dislikes, too! I guess she is not a fan of opera and ballet--I wondered if by listing those she (or her publisher) risked annoying someone who does! :) I love being able to use ILL and frequently take advantage of it. And I will indeed let you know what the book is like--I enjoyed her short story very much-and hope this is equally as good!


For some reason I searched The House Across The River in my library within the last week. Was it something you said earlier? I don't remember. But the book is not in the system. I'll press on.


I think I mentioned it when I wrote about her short story that is in the Persephone collection. I was thinking then what an interesting title it sounded and thought I might look for it. And voila--I did and it came really, really fast! I love being able to get books via interlibrary loan. Can you get to ILL at your library? I don't always get my requests, but more often than not I do--it's almost as though any and every book is literally at my fingertips.


A whole year already? I can't belove it. I think thye are great posts always a new author to discover. The title of this sounds familiar. Not sure why. I don't think I have ever come across this book before.

Christine Harding

I haven't read the Margaret Bonham yet, but I seem to have built up a list of 'other work' that I want to explore and am delighted to have discovered more Katherine Mansfield short stories in an old Penguin edition of The Garden Party. I was in two minds about buying this, because I did not like The Black Cap at all, but I'm glad I got it, because these tales are so different, and so beautifully written.


I love the bio! Sounds like you are in for a treat with this book. I'm glad you were successful in getting it and do let us know how it goes!


Although I didn't know anything about it at the time, I think I mentioned the title of this book when I wrote about the short story that is included in the Persephone Collection, so maybe that's why it sounds familiar? Or maybe it's just one of those titles that is sort of common and seems familiar. I could hardly believe so much time had passed from my last lost in the stacks post and this one. They are fun to do, so I'm looking forward to getting back to them.


I think this is an excellent collection though I suspect that there will be stories that just do not quite click or seem less appealing or well done than others. I keep adding to my list of authors/books to look for, too!


My last feww ILL requests totally fizzled so I am happy this one came through. I am reading a book by Laren Davis right now that is an ILL book, which I am really enjoying--must step it up, though, as I think I will have to return it soon and then there is this one to start next!

Belle Read

I love this feature. It is so rewarding to discover books from the past. There are so many great works that have older publication dates.
Like you, this time of year gets me thinking fall reads. While some people read more in the summer, I am in full reading mode once it is back to school time.


Oh my, the likes and dislikes in the author bio sound a bit like a personals ad. The story, however, sounds like a good one. And how so very cruel of the cataloger to cut off the description just at that point! There is indeed nothing for it but to read the book. Enjoy!


I'm looking forward to exploring the library stacks once again. I always think surely I have found all the interesting looking books, but them am amazed by what new books I find. I am not sure I read more in the summer or not--maybe even less really since there is always yard work to do or something outside. Even though this summer (happily) has not been all that miserable, I am still ready for fall!


Isn't that a funny biographical sketch? I guess the cataloger put just enough so the reader would be tempted to pick up the story and continue on? Well, it is working with me anyway!

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