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Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed this one! It is certainly long, but if you keep up a reasonably steady pace you will find yourself quite involved with all the (many, many) characters, I think.


I will be reading along, but haven't begun yet. I read Middlemarch, and War & Peace, as DGR read-alongs and loved them both. I better get moving!


I loved ASB. I remember reading it when it first came out. I'd picked it up & put it down several times & had to return it to the library but one day I was stuck at home with a cold & I just raced through it in less than a week. I don't think I'll be reading it again with Lynne but I do hope you enjoy it.


I've got this but didn't dare to start it.
Knowing myself I wouldn't want to read it over a year, to be honest, I'd rather try and read it in one go. But you at least will read it while I'm still too intimidated by its size. Good luck. I'm sure you'll enjoy it though, I've never heard of anyone who didn't like it.


Really should make a start on this myself but my daughter has been staying for the past couple of weeks and I have had very little reading time at all. As she goes back to London this weekend, I plan to immerse myself in my books to try and avoid missing her!
I will have to decide if this is going to be a home book or an office book because I can't see myself carrying it about or I will need a suitcase rather than a work bag!

Christine Harding

I have this somewhere, lurking on the floor under one of the upstairs bookshelves I think. I loved An Equal Music, which is beautifully written - elegiac would best describe it I think. But I've never got round to reading this.

Jane (Fleur in her World

I read this years ago, not long after it came out, and loved it. It's very readable and I'd be tempted to join in and read it again if only there were more reading hours in the day.


I'm reading along too and enjoying it so far. As an added bonus my daughter is in India (Delhi) right now doing doctoral research. So I'm doubly interested in Indian culture.


I've had this brick on my bookshelf for years and haven't gotten to it because it is so darn big. Maybe your reading it and talking about it will eventually inspire me to give it a whirl. Glad it's off to a good start!


I have begun it today as well, coincidentally choosing it from the library before I saw your post or dovegrey reader's plans. However, I doubt very much that I will take a year to read it; something that drawn out loses its perspective and impetus for me. Still, I hope to be able to chat with you about it. I'm not very fast, but I am, usually, consistent in my reading! :)


I brought this book home from the library a few days ago, coincidentally to your post and dovegrey reader's plans. I began it today, and while the names are a bit tricky, as in those wonderful Russian novels of some length, I do love it. I probably won't take a year to read it, as I lose perspective and impetus over that amount of time. But, I do look forward to chatting about it as we go.


I'm so glad to hear that. Reading these comments it seems as though it has gotten quite a few favorable nods! I am hoping to work it in with my regular reading, but I won't likely carry it with me to work every day. It reminds me a little of Jane Austen--I'm really looking forward to getting into the story--and am happy to see those family trees in the front of the book!


Cool! I had already read both books but I was still tempted when she talked about them, to reread them. I started this one when it first came out, but this time around hope to stick it out and finish it! It reads really easily by the way--I don't think there will be any problem reading those first 140-ish pages this month.


So far I am very much enjoying it. I also started reading it when it first came out--I had the cloth edition and suspect it got set aside as it was too much to carry about with me. Now I have the paperback and more determination! It is one that does well with daily reading I think.


If I find that I can't put it down I think I will race on ahead, but knowing me and my pile of other books I always seem to have on the go--a year long readalong sort of appeals. I often get distracted when reading really long books, so this will hopefully keep me on task! It is massive, but I read the full unabridged Count of Monte Cristo years ago--same length roughly, so am going to stay optimistic that I can manage it one way or another. And I have noticed, too, that it seems to have been warmly received.


It's hard to think of reading--or doing other things, too--when family is home. Books make a nice distraction when you are missing someone. I will likely have to carry it with me occasionally as I get in so little at home reading time--we'll see how it goes.


I have not read any of his other books-Equal Music sounds good as well. Isn't he also a poet? I had the cloth edition of the book but I don't know where I put it--so bought the paper, which will be easier to carry with me in any case!


It really isn't hard going, is it? I think the thing that seems so intimidating about it is the sheer size of the book! :) I'm glad to hear so many people have read and enjoyed it--I hope to spend more time with it this weekend. And if you find more hours in the let me in on your secret as I certainly could use a few myself.


How cool! Does she like it? I would love to travel to India someday! As I have been wanting to read some Indian Literature for some time now, this is a real treat.


That's pretty much what happened to me. Nothing like a gentle nudge to start reading a book you want to read anyway! :) I'll let you know how it goes.


I'd love to be able to read it in less than a year--but we'll see how it goes. My problem is always having several books on the go at once and often the really chunky ones get relegated to the bottom of the pile. I am hoping to at least keep a steady pace on this--and if I finish earlier than planned so much the better. Unfortunately I am not always as consistent as I would like to be!


Sorry about that--Typepad has some comment issues! So far I've not had any problem with the names but I suspect as I get further into the story I very well might. It will be fun to chat about as soon as I get a little more story under my belt!

Christine Harding

He is a poet as well - one of his books is a novel in verse. I've not read it, but I think it's the Golden Gate.


You can do it Danielle! :)
I love the idea of a chunky book to read but just can't seem to pick one up to add to my reading plans. Maybe a readalong like this is what I need!


If I can just keep up the 100 or so pages each month, I think I will be fine. I was reading it again today and the story is quite inviting! I have not done well this year with chunky books--so I hope this will change the trend.


I am a little sorry to find out that the yearlong read of this started this August! I was planning to read it next year after I finish War and Peace. I'm not sure I can fit it in while also trying to tackle that other long book. But it's also quite lonely to do it on my own starting in January! Hmmm..


Actually I think the first 'discussion' is going to be sometime in September, if that tempts you? I just started now as I know I will need a little extra time since I always have several books on the go at once. It is hard to read two really massive books (more than 1300 pages each!) like this and W&P! The pace is not too fast though--I think the first part is about 140-ish pages. I think the plan is to read about 100 a month! Or maybe you could start it a little later and try and catch up? I know what you mean by lonely--when it comes to chunky books like this I always do better in a group or with a reading partner--I am more apt to stick with it!


I wish you all the best with this hefty doorstopper of a thing. I read it several years ago and I just loved the story.
Here is my review of this gargantuan tale:


Thanks so much for the link--I've bookmarked it and will read it properly when I get a little further into the story. I see you did love it and that makes me even more excited to read the book, too. I will be moving slowly through it I suspect, but I do find I want to reach for it often. The only downside (though when a book is really good, you want it to go on and on, so maybe heftiness is in its favor) is it is so heavy to carry to work on the bus (and I think I won't be reading it on the treadmill either). It is likely to be the book I read on my weekend coffee shop visits--a perfect companion to a nice big cup of coffee I would say!

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