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This sounds like an author well worth discovering. Thanks for bringing her to my attention. I'm in terested in The Radiant City.


The Stubborn Season is a wonderful book! I picked it up because I live in Toronto and love books about my city; have recommended it to many and all liked it a lot.


A very impressive sounding first novel. Does Irene get to have a happy ending? I sure hope so, it would be too dreadful is she didn't end at least on a positive note.


Oh this sounds really good. I'm with Stefanie, is the ending at least hopeful? Good luck with your Canadian reading challenge!


She is really very good. Both books are so different from each other, but I like the stories and the way she tells them. I think you would like The Radiant City with its Paris setting! It is a different side of Paris, too, one of North African immigrants. I am looking forward to getting back to it once I clear off a few other books I am trying to finish.


I wholeheartedly agree with you. I wish I had bought my own copy as I read a library book, but I do own The Radiant City and Our Daily Bread. I really want to travel to Canada someday--(PEI!, Montreal, Toronto--lots of places that sound very attractive!). You'll have to let me know if you have any other good Canadian author/setting recommendations!


She does get a happy ending actually. I should have made mention of that. I hope I didn't make the story sound too awfully bleak, as it was all a little heavy, it was also a hopeful sort of story, too.


One book down and in the middle of two others. So far, so good! Yes, it did end on a very hopeful note. It was an excellent story and set in a period I love reading about. I have a feeling I didn't do the story justice here!

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