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Lovely bookstore finds! There's no place that can match a good used bookstore, is there? I haven't been to mine for a while (though I go to my library's bookstore every time I go to the library--almost once a week). I have such a towering stack of unread books that I'm trying mightily to restrain my book buying.

Hope you get your project finished in good time and end up with a little extra time for reading!


I was looking for two specific books neither of which I found, but I obviously didn't do too badly...and I didn't even look through the shelves--these were on their new books table...dangerous! My library branch only has a small table with library discards that they sell, but I never find anything I want...just as well. Now library books I take home with me, that is another story entirely. As for any progress on anything tonight--nothing! I have a new internet box as my internet keeps dropping, but I think the problem lies elsewhere as after switching out the box I couldn't get it to connect at all, and now have the old one hooked up. Such a waste of time, nothing solved and now I don't have time to finish my project. So, will try again tomorrow!


Great haul you've got there, Danielle! I'm especially envious of the Elizabeth David & PLF. There aren't any good used bookstores around that I can pop into, but the 'virtual' ones that I do get myself into are equally dangerous!

John Edwards

I hope you get the time to do some stitchery as well.
I'm usually lucky in my library. Although it only has one table of discarded books there is usually something that catches my eye. What I have never understood is why did the same book not catch my eye when it was out on the open shelves?
Sadly, second hand bookstores are no longer to be found in our area though there are charity shops which sell books. And in just one month's time I'm off to Hay-on-Wye - second-hand bookstore capital of the country. Whoopee.(Or I should I say 'pre-loved bookstore' since one is not allowed to advertise anything as 'second-hand' any more or the Thought Police will get one.

Liz F

That is a very impressive and enticing haul - probably a good job you didn't look on the shelves as well!

I don't dare look around the charity shops in town at the moment - not until I have made some impact on my own shelves and shelves of unread books!

Joan Kyler

That must be a great second-hand bookstore. Yesterday, my husband helped me take four bags of books to The Book Trader. There! Aren't you proud of me?!

Les Blatt, over at Classic Mysteries, has just reviewed Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives, if you're interested.


Ah, I know this feeling as I am in it myself right now. No time. Life flying by. Soon, winter will be here and things will settle down - and then, I think I would really enjoy that delicious book of short stories. I hope you will tell us more about it one day.


Oh what fun! I've been hearing good things about the Twisted Daughters book. Quite the haul from the used bookstore! It is so much fun to find things you weren't even looking for. Enjoy! I hope project completion goes well.


Look at all of those fabulous finds! I dread buying crafty magazines because then I want to try everything and of course buy all the products too :)

We were in B&N over the weekend but didn't stay long enough to really look. This weekend I'm planning a good, long bookstore browse!


I am lucky to have such a great used bookstore and not far from where I live. I don't drop by too often (as you can see the damage I inevitably do!), but whenever I do they have a really amazing selection! And I am equally as bad when it comes to virtual shopping--though it is a matter less of browsing than having something specific I know I want to buy.


Actually it is stitchery that I have been working on--a small project that I am giving to a friend and had hoped to have finished before now! I am just now done with the stitching so have a little finishing to do--maybe can do it tomorrow...or by the weekend in any case. You can't say second-hand? Is that frowned upon?! Wild. I don't mind 'used' books at all. Hay-on-Wye sounds really cool--I hope you find lots of great bargains (or are they more along the lines of collectibles there?). I totally understand the library thing--in my case it is always too many choices and not enough time to read them all! :)


Isn't it though? So much damage in something like less than fifteen minutes as I was not long in the store. Impressive, but scary. I really hadn't planned on browsing--just checking the shelves for the two titles I wanted, but that 'new' books table totally caught me up. I really should not have--so close to my vacation, but well...they were too good to pass up. How was *your* vacation? That went by far too quickly I think!


It is a wonderful bookstore. They have just expanded, too--not that long ago anyway. I have a few boxes of books I culled ages ago that I have been hoping to sell to the same used bookstore--just haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for the link to Les's blog--I do read him, though I have been so behind (again) in reading Feedly...but I will definitely check it out!


I love collections of short stories, too! I may have to jump into this one now I think! I will certainly let you know how it goes. Life is crazy and work even more so--I feel a little like I am flailing, but maybe I can catch up on the weekend....


That's good to know! I wonder how I missed it before? When I spotted it on the new mysteries shelf I nabbed it right away. I thought I would get away from the used bookstore relatively unscathed...silly me. And I am nearly finished with the project--I wish I had more time for my stitchery and didn't have to squeeze it in like this.


I was pretty good and put back most of the magazines I had in hand at the bookstore, but yes, even just a couple like this and I want to kit up a number of projects and start them (never mind how many unfinished projects are staring me in the face!). I miss going to the bookstore--I barely even made a dent in browsing, but maybe it's just as well considering how many new books I seem to have accumulated anyway.


Guy just reviewed Troubled Daughters . . . it sounded very good indeed.
I've got the first Cornell Woolrich on your pile (also after Guy's review). I keep on forgetting it.
There's No Home is not at all what I had expected but I like it very much. You can sense he lived there for quite a while.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

So much there to inspire, but I'll just say that the Lee Miller biography is really good - what an extraordinary woman.


Did Guy like the Woolrich? I have only read some of his stories and like him very much indeed, so was happy to get my hands on this pile. I wasn't sure what to expect from There's No Home--interesting title in light of the contents--but I like it, too. I'm glad it is more of a domestic story than outright war story with battlefield scenes.


Oh, I SO want to start that Lee Miller bio, but I am afraid I have too much going on right now and would end up being distracted and not get far into it before my vacation. I'm so glad you liked it--she does seem really amazing. When I saw her photos last summer I knew I wanted to read more about her and see more of her work--so was very pleased to find this book. I often wish my own life was so adventurous!

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