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vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Ooo, spooky... And Australian-ish -- you've got me hooked now, Danielle!

Peggy Ann

Sounds like a winner for the month of October!


I haven't read this, so I can't help. I'be got The-Go-Between here and always mean to read it. But obviously that's a very different read.


Well if nothing else you've made me want to read it so I can figure out what happened!


In retrospect...a very good story indeed! My mind has been elsewhere and I've been easily distracted--usually a good ghost story will take me away! :) I liked the Australian spin--not sure if Hartley is from there, or why he set the story there--very intriguing.


Yes, as it turns out a good story! Sometimes a second go round is just what's needed to bring all the elements together!


I *loved* the Go-Between and highly recommend it! This is a different story for sure compared to the novel. I think I was reading too quickly and with my mind half elsewhere, but after thinking about it, it makes much sense more sense than I first thought!


I wonder if you can get to this one via Project Gutenberg? I'm thinking it is not in the public domain yet. But as it turns out it was a good one after all--I should have thought it out more before writing about it--but writing about it helped me think it out. That's part of the reason I like keeping this 'online journal'!

Liz F

Sounds impressively atmospheric and creepy.

I have a couple of Hartley's novels although the only one I have actually read is The Go Between and that was a long time ago, but I must admit I wouldn't have thought of him as a typical writer of ghost stories. Shows what I know!


I had to look him up to make sure this was the same LP Hartley, so you are not alone. I was a little surprised, too, since this seems like a departure from his work, but then I guess he wrote a few ghost stories that seem to be widely anthologized from what I read! I am enjoying my ghost stories--always look forward to this time of year.

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