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I love the atmospheric ghost stories of M.R. James, but I've never come across R.H. Malden. I'll have to read his stories some time in October!


I had not heard of him either until I came across this story. I will have to see if my library has that collection mentioned in the book. I liked the story--on the tame side, but that's okay. One that would be just fine to read with all the lights, save one lamp, off!


I just love scary stories where a haunted house is sort of central to the story. I hope I can read some scary short stories for the R.I.P Challenge.


Haunted house stories Are great. I read one last year--a YA novel which actually was pretty disturbing. I am falling behind in my RIP reading--must get back to my books this week. I have been reading a novella but still haven't settled on another novel yet. And now it is nearly Oct!


Just finished a book called This House is Haunted by John Boyne which I think that you would like and would certainly fit in with RIP reading.
It's written in a Victorian style, referencing Dickens and is creepily enjoyable!

Christine Harding

Oh dear, you make it sound very interesting, but on the whole I cannot cope with creepy hauntings,spooky ghosts and things that go bump in the night! I do feel as if I should expand my horizons and try a new genre, but I read for pleasure, and I'm not very adventurous, so I tend to stick with re-reads of books I know I like, or 'new reads' of books I think I will like.


Another fun one!


I am on the waiting list for this one at the library! It doesn't come out here until November, so it will be a post-RIP read, but then a good ghost story at Christmastime is always welcome, too. Boy--Christmas, what a scary thought, though! Reading Wilkie Collins actually sort of puts me in the mood for some Dickens--that Boyne will work just as well, though, I suspect.


As long as the story is more on the atmospheric side than gory or outright scary, I am okay. It's nice to read outside your comfort zone--sometimes you can find something really unexpected and something good--but it's also a good thing to know your tastes and read books you know you are going to enjoy. With so many books to choose from, why waste your time with something you know you are not going to enjoy?


I've had a good run of ghost stories--I do want to read the Elizabeth Taylor story someone told me about, though. I have the book sitting close by even as I type!

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