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It's quite a lovely book for a book about war, isn't it? I'm almost finished and it was such a quick read. At times I forgot it was written by a British author, it felt so Italian.
I've got his From the City, from the Plough as well and that's more of a war - as in battle - story, I think. I'm in the mood to read that soon as well.


From you excerpts I can see why you are enjoying it!


Looks as though I might have to buy this one as the library has none of his books and I definitely want to read it.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

That sounds like a really attractive read - I was feeling a bit 'over' war stories (as you say, they can be anguishing, especially cumulatively). And I do love Italy. One for me!


I'm at the halfway mark and hope I will finish by Monday--if not I will soon after. I am also really enjoying it--quite a different tone than so many of the other books we've read. Isn't it interesting seeing that photo of the Italian woman in the front cover (not sure if your edition is the same one I have?). He must have written from experience. I've not yet read much about him. My library has From the City, From the Plough, too. I want to go take a look at it, but haven't had a chance yet.


It's well written and the story is very engaging. I love reading about Italy during the war, too. I've read so little from that perspective, so am always happy to find another book--though this one isn't written by an Italian.


I was thinking of you actually as I started this and hoped you would see my post (though I was going to mention it to you in any case--even if you hadn't). I know you also like books set in Italy and I think you will like this one!


I go in phases, too. I have been sort of wanting to read something more contemporary and keep thinking about books I might start, but I am very much enjoying this one. It definitely has a different slant from your normal war story. I like that it shows the 'mundane' even in times of war and what people did to get by and try and find some happiness during terrible times. And I, too, love Italy! :)

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