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I love the fun of picking which book to take on vacation .now that i have a kindle i can take them all &one real book for takeoff & &landing .so much more fun then packing clothes .have a great time

Margaret Powling

I didn't get on with the first Simone St James, but quite enjoyed the second of her novels. I have Mary Stewart's Madam Will You Talk? on the shelves but still not read it. My mother used to read Belva Plain, but so far I've not read any of hers. Maybe one day.


I find Belva Plain to be a great comfort read. I always spend more time deciding on which books to take on a trip than on clothes etc. Sometimes I will throw one in at the last minute and that is the one I enjoy the most. I always take my e-reader, but also one or two 'real' books for those 'no-machine' times on the airplane.

Jan S.

Someone, by Alice McDermott, was a wonderful book. I read the library's copy, but loved it so much that I plan to buy it for myself. So many thought provoking passages. Maybe a better weekend book, than for traveling? It deserves full attention, and I prefer a lighter read for planes, trains, and hotel rooms.
Isn't it so much fun choosing books for trips?


Not book related, but SF related. Saw it linked on Facebook and thought of you.{%2210200695067683635%22%3A10150209156817427}&action_type_map={%2210200695067683635%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]

Do they still let you drive down Lombard Street, I wonder?


I have a Nook and have thought of taking it with me, but I haven't quite converted and still like dragging around with me my paper books! :) I've been thinking more about my reading material than practical matters like clothes and other things I need to take with me. It's coming up quickly now so I had better pay a little attention to details! Thanks for the wishes.


I'm glad to hear you liked the second book! I am having a hard time deciding on books to read--of course I want to read them all but know I can't and must whittle the choices down. Am also waiting on a couple of books to come in the mail. I have had several of Belva Plain's books for many, many years. They look like good stories to get caught up in. Am still reading Rosamund Pilcher, too!


I was hoping someone would mention her--she does look very good and I have so many times looked at those books by her. I have a feeling I won't be able to decide until the very last moment. And I am not going to let myself take more than three books (though might have to drop in a magazine or two). I have a Nook and have contemplated taking it, but a paperback seems just as portable to me. Such decisions to make! :)


I'm glad you have mentioned this about the McDermott--I was wondering about it--she is wonderful, but you are right--a very thoughtful writer. I loved At Weddings and Wakes when I read it earlier in the year. Besides it is a hardcover. I do want something sort of easy and engrossing for the plane. I love choosing vacation reads (any reads actually--but vacations are perfect excuses to pull out lots of potential books!).


Thanks for the link--that's great! We already have our tickets to Alcatraz, though not much else really planned out. This year we are going to take it a little slower. I am sure we'll still have more to do than we have time for. I can't wait to see the ocean again and we hope to walk along the coast. Last year I did walk up Lombard Street and they do allow cars to drive down it--it was a little crazy--no doubt all tourists! They had police directing traffic--I just walked up the sidewalk. I can't wait to go--I am in need of a change of scenery!


It is re-assuring to see that someone else also gives serious thought to what they take on vacation with them. I am currently on a two-week vacation [with ocean-view] and will be coming back just around the time you are leaving for yours. You're right, it's the time to indulge.
The only one of those in your stack that I have already read is the McEwan one and it was quite good, I must say. Quite the twist to it, at the end.
For my own journey I chose to go with a memoir-style book about this Canadian guy that ends up LIVING at the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore in Paris. It's called Time Was Soft There and it's terrific.
But yep... I have another book tucked away in the suitcase for when this one is done.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Only two weeks to go - you'll make it! That 'no e-things' time on the plane always means I have to bring something 'real' too. I can't even go those 15 minutes of so without SOMETHING. I've wanted to read both of your sort-of-spy-novels - they both sound really interesting. And I vote for Madam Will You Talk.


I didn't realise you had another two weeks to go before your vacation, thought only one. Well, count down has begun anyway:). What's the temperature like in SF in october? Apart from the Mary Stewart I haven't read any of your first 'try out', so I'm curious what you will chose eventually.


Ah the exquisite pleasure of choosing books for a trip! What about that one, a mystery I think, that had the Golden Gate Bridge on the cover?

Buried In Print

I haven't read her, but I have my grandmother's copy of this one in particular, and some day I do want to give it a try.

Somehow I always think "pocketbooks" for vacation reading, even if it's not exactly a travel-friendly one, like this one being so chunky 'n' all. But I get the appeal.

Happy choosing!


I really need to read Belva Plain. I have all the paperbacks that are sequels to this book. They have survived many a culling of my mass market collection and are in pristine condition (since I have not yet read them...). I am still tempted to take one along (won't be able to finish it but can make a good start) and they are the perfect size for traveling. I think I have my 'three' books, though in the end it may turn out to be an overly optimistic four!


Yay for you--good choice with that oceanview, too! I have been thinking about my reading list for my vacation for quite a while--which just goes to show you how much I need this vacation! :) I absolutely want to read the McEwan and have heard many good things about it, but am dithering over the fact it is a hardcover (noting to myself that it is now out in paper and WHY didn't I read it sooner??). I love books with good endings like that. And I know the book about Shakespeare & Co you are reading--I have looked at it many a time so will be curious to hear what you think of it when you finish!


I bet you are so excited about your upcoming vacation! I know I probably spend more time deciding which books to take to read than clothes! haha... Thank goodness for having a Kindle although it is good to take a couple of books just in case :)


And now even less...just a bit over a full week away. I need to do some planning now--figuring out again the Muni and the cost of getting to the place we're staying from the airport and so forth. I like doing things in an unplanned way sometimes, but on vacation I like to have a loose plan and I have not done anything this year in preparation--I have been too wrapped up in other stuff. I always over do it on reading material--even when I am only going to the bank and think I might have to wait in line--so needless to say being on a plane and in airports means I need to prepare for this, too. Heaven forbid I have just ONE really long book! What if I finished it--shudder to think! So I will have far too much to choose from and I think Madam Will You Talk is indeed going to be tucked into my backpack! :)


It's flying by, though. Now it will speed up--including the four days I am gone. Of course those will go the fastest! The temps in SF this week are right about 70F/21C. It should be really pleasant. The forecast shows pure sunshine nearly every day. Happy sigh! :) At the moment and this may well change I am going to take the Mary Stewart, Waiting for Sunrise and Marjorie Morningstar (not in the pile!), but there might be one more...


Hmm. I wonder which book that was now... The Laurie King book I read did have (the newer edition that is) the Golden Gate Bridge. I really should take along something to do with SF or set there....see what happens? How do I decide!


I could take my Nook and then have a whole slew of books to choose from, but then I will have to take my charger, too, since the battery on this older Nook runs down so quickly unfortunately. Either way I will have some very good reading material. And I think I spend more time thinking about my book choices than clothes. I am packing very lightly this year and am doing layers and matching shirts, pants and sweaters!


I remember reading and loving Evergreen years ago. As I recall it was one of those books I didn't want to put down until I had finished it!
I think you will like Rook. I found it to be a slow burn but once I was hooked that was it and of course I loved Madam Will You Talk - you can't go wrong with Mary Stewart!
Am about to start Marjorie Morningstar thanks to a previous mention on your blog a while ago. I loved Herman Wouk's Winds of War and War and Remembrance so I know that he is a compelling writer and I am really looking forward to reading it.

You have reminded me that I have a couple of Alice McDermott books on my shelves waiting to be read although I don't think 'Someone' is one of them.


I think I have Evergreen! I have a feeling I am going to like Belva Plain...when I get to her (you know how that goes!). I think I will not end up taking Rook on vacation, but I am still very much looking forward to reading it. Mary Stewart, however, is in. I am opting for easy reads that will be easy to fall into--books to keep me absorbed since there will be so many distractions flying. Did you start Marjorie Morningstar? I am reading it now--though am not far into it yet. It's just the sort of story I am in the mood for--and it is one of the books I think I will take with me to SF. I really like Alice McDermott--if you've not yet read her, you'll have to pull one of your books from the shelves. Someone just came out here--so maybe it is still too new. I think at least a couple of the books from this pile will end up going with me...but I am sure I'll still be undecided even as I am packing! Only one more week to go!


This time I only took one book with me and the kindle. I managed to read a novel and a non-fiction book although we were out all the time.


I was wondering if you had gotten in much reading while you were away. I have a feeling I am going to think too big when it comes to books. I should really only take one, but I can never decide. I will have lots of travel time to fill in though. Two plane rides going and coming plus time spent in the airports waiting for flights. Not sure if I will get in much reading time while I am there--too much to see and do, though maybe at night before bed. I really should think of taking my Nook, but I am having a hard enough time choosing books--plus I will have my phone and camera to worry about--in terms of recharging. As much as I like the Nook--it has a very short battery life (mine is an older version and I suspect the newer ones are better).


I thought we'd be flying a while but it took under 50 minutes! It's the first time I've come to fully appreciate the great location Switzerland is when you want to travel in Europe. :)


That is fast--and nice, too. I am not overly fond of flying anymore. For me it is 1-1/2 hours to Denver--almost two hours in the airport until the next flight and then 2-1/2 hours to San Francisco. Needless to say it will be good reading time!

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