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Simon T

Lovely to have an update on your ACOB, and I like that you're allowing it to be an incidental challenge, which fills up as you go about your reading as normal. I think you'd be justified in hunting out one or two books, or just letting your attention wander to the 1910s... ;)


I like the randomness of this year's 'choices' but I think next year (and maybe even the rest of this year, too) I will give my book selections just a little more thought in order to fill in some of the larger gaps! Besides, it's fun to choose books for something like this! :) I have already got a list of books I might read before the end of the year--for the 1900-1909/1910-1919 decades--maybe something by Edith Wharton, Willa Cather or H.G. Wells...and I'll see what else I can come up with. I seem to remember there was a year or two early in the century you had a hard time finding the right book for?

Melissa Bookmark Dragon

This is the coolest idea. I'd love to try something like it, though I might end up just reading four decades worth of Agatha Christie novels, which might be cheating a little. Still, I love the concept. Rock on.


It would certainly be fun to see how Agatha's style changes and develops! :) I have a few mysteries in my own list. And I loved the idea, too, and it will be fun being more selective in my book choices next year (yikes--next year--so strange to be thinking about that already....).


It's interesting to see all those books with the years of publication. I tend to add them to my blog titles but many people omit the year and I always like to know when a book came out.
So you do add genre novels to the project as well, right?

Liz F

It has crossed my mind to do something like this for my own amusement but I don't think I am organised enough!
I'm sure you could probably do most of the century with Virago titles -it is tempting to go through my VMC shelf and find out original dates of publication but I just know that I would run out of time and end up with either a huge pile of books on the floor or re-shelving them in even worse order than they are in at the moment (by VMC number)


Like you I started filling in the slots more or less as I read, your post makes me rethink it too, it has become sort of a mishmash of genres, maybe I do a little çlean up before proceeding.


I meant this 'c' of course :)

Christine Harding

I admire anyone who is organised enough to read a Century of Books. I know my limitations, and I'd get much too distracted by other books (I can't even stick to my monthly Book Plans, or simple Book Challenges. But I must admit, I'm curious to see where the books I've read this year would slot in to that 100-year time span!

Pam J.

I like this a lot! I've got a written record of every book I've read since 1984 -- wonder how many of the 100 years I've got covered? I suspect that I'll also be weak in the first half of the century. Will be fun to find out. Thanks for the idea.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Danielle, are you asking our permission to go and find *more* books?! ;-) I think you know we are tremendously soft-hearted about things like that.


That is such a neat project. I would imagine that between Viragos and Persephone books you'd be set! :)

Keep us posted on how this is going!


I should really put copyright dates in my posts, too, as it is interesting to note when something was written. I do write it down in my 'what I've read' list. I am adding mysteries to the list--it's all sort of haphazard really--just not counting really short novels (those Melville House novellas) and nonfiction, but maybe as I go and want to fill in the years, I'll start 'cheating'.


I was organized at first, but then I had to go back over my reading list of what I had finished and fill in blanks! I also have been very lackadaisical about writing about all the books I've read this year. I can't seem to find the energy sometimes so there are a number of books I've read and enjoyed but not shared here. Maybe I'll do so before the year is out.... I wish I had shelf space for all my VMCs--they are sitting in piles in no order at all. They would look so nice all together by number. Does the numbering actually match up--there are so many different jacket designs I wondered if they all matched numerically. And I am very much in the mood to get back to my Viragos--maybe at the end of the year!


It's really fun to see where the books land, so to speak. I guess I read more about the early decades of the 20th century rather than books written then. Now I may start thinking about picking books to fill the slots.




So far it is working since I've just been plugging in books where they fit and not giving it much thought in terms of actual selection of books to fill years, but I will likely do that next year, so we'll see how I manage! I know my limitations, too, but I tend to ignore them sometimes! :) It's interesting to see which decades I tend to read more of--that's part of the fun of this for me.


I started keeping a notebook of books read and have been doing so, too, for maybe ten or so years. I have gone from just a notebook with title, author and date finished to a more elaborate Excel spreadsheet. If you are looking back over the years I bet you will be able to fill in quite a lot of the century! Have fun with it. :)


I know, as if I needed more books to read.... I am always looking for excuses to pick up a book--isn't that sort of crazy. I know I should concentrate on what I have in hand and in progres....but other books do tempt me so....they call out my name. Do they do that to you too?


I was thinking the same thing--which means I need to pick up more Viragos and Persephones! I think I've only read a very few this year so far. Must look over my piles and add one to the night stand.... :)

Andrew Blackman

What a great idea! Never thought of that before. It will take a while to fill them all in, but it's a great way of looking at it. Quite a few new names for me there, so I've been enjoying going through the list and looking them up!


Looking over the list, it is quite a hodge podge of authors and styles as well as genres. I liked the idea, too, and had to borrow it from a few other bloggers who started the project a few years ago. I am sure it will take me several years to fill in the gaps, but it's meant to be easy and fun. I like that now I can start thinking about choosing particular books to fill in the years--it's sort of a fun way to make reading choices.


You are moving right along. I bet you have a complete list sooner than 2 years, especially if you start making deliberate choices.


That's an interesting list you've got! I started keeping track of all my reading by publication date (short fiction, novels, non-fiction...everything) and it's been interesting to see the trends in my reading. Much bigger gaps in the early decades of the 1900s and much higher percentage non-fiction in the most recent decade which, I suppose, does make perfect sense. At this point it's just a record of my reading and not a challenge or even in any way intentional. It'll be fun to see which books you use to fill in those early slots!


It would certainly give my reading some direction, wouldn't it? I have actually started a list of authors to draw from for the first two decades of the 20th century. I think I might add another Willa Cather to my reading this year (along with the novella that is just waiting to be read...I should by finished with Casanova by the end of the weekend and ready for the Cather next week, by the way).


I like seeing the trends in my reading, too. I started out with just a nice little blank book where I noted titles read, authors and the date I finished, but it has morphed over the years into an Excel spreadsheet that is much more detailed. I also now note the year a book was published--I tend to read more from the latter half of the twentieth century too--at least lately. I am browsing around for potential reads for those first two decades. I am going to try and at least think more about my choices now to start filling in year.

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