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Welcome back! So glad you had a good time! Sorry your internet is still on the blink but hopefully you are back up and running tomorrow!


So glad to see you back and can't wait to hear about all the stuff you did. Sounds like a perfect vacation! Well, maybe while you are waiting for your internet to get fixed tomorrow you can catch up on a bit of reading!


Sorry to see things are "kerflooey" (love that word) but, it is nice to see you back and hear that you had a good time. Hope your internet troubles are solved asap.


Welcome back. I'm glad to hear you had a great time.
Too bad about the internet. I hope it will be sorted out soon.
I'm reading SJ Bolton's Now You See Me and you were right. It's gripping in a creepy way.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Welcome back - I'm on holidays from today for a week or so so am looking forward to some reading and a little side-trip interstate to catch up with friends. I'm reading The Female Detective (Andrew Forrester, 1860s) at the moment, but am going to read a werewolf book next (The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan): not necessarily out of my comfort zone, but challenging it!


Lovely to have you back and really glad that you had a good holiday - you deserved it!
The only time I have ever regretted buying books is on those occasions when I have walked into the house with my new purchase only to realise that I already had a copy of the dratted thing! Other than that I have no guilty feelings (although I might conceal new arrivals from my other half!)


Glad you're back, and hope that your connectivity issues are solved soon. I know I feel cut off from the world when we have problems like that. Funny how huge a part of my life the internet has become.

There's a time for reading, and a time to immerse yourself in experience, and I think you did the right thing to concentrate on your vacation experiences while you were in SF. I look forward to hearing about your trip, and to seeing all the new bookish goodness.

Margaret Powling

Good to have you back and glad that your vacation was so good. Don't worry about not having read as much as you'd planned; that you enjoyed yourself and relaxed is even more important, and you can always read over the coming winter.
Computers and providers are not always happy bedfellows ... let's hope all problems in this area will be solved before too long.
My current reading: Dorothy L Sayers' Gaudy Night (the only reason I can think that I never finished it when I started it years ago is that the print was tiny. I've not bought another paperback of this with larger print.)
Again, welcome back!


kerflooey!! Is that a real word/?


I am sorry to hear you are having internet issues! They are annoying!


It has taken a few days and many phone calls, but I think I am properly back online again. I hope to start catching up with everyone else now very soon!


I had a great time. I am happy to have things back to normal--and the internet working again as now I can hopefully get back to my regular routine--reading included!


Isn't that a great word--though sadly had to use it in reference to my internet. I am back up and running and hoping to dig out from under now.


Isn't the Bolton book good? I need to read her newest--I am hoping it is out in paper soon and I will just buy it. I am Finally back online and trying hard to catch up. I seem to be behind in everything, but vacation was great and I really needed that as well!


I hope you are having a good vacation! Is it a proper go away somewhere different sort of vacation or a stay-cation. There's lots to be said for the latter, too--hopefully you will get in lots of reading time. I will have to look up the Forrester and the Duncan. Sometimes it is good to read outside that comfort zone. I should probably do more of it myself.


Isn't it always a little disorienting to get back? But I think I am finally back into my regular routine--not caught up yet, but getting there. I could easily have bought more books, but I think I actually showed a fair amount of restraint! And I don't regret any of them either! Happily I have my wishlist for the other books I wanted but left behind!


I am back up and running and slowly getting caught up. It was sort of nice when I was away to not be connected online--a good break, even though I wasn't really reading either. I had a feeling I wouldn't but I can't not have books close by, just in case! There was just too much to look at!


Thanks Margaret. I had such a great time--I could have stayed longer really, but still it is nice to be back and back to a normal routine. Traveling is fun but it can be expensive and I tend to indulge quite a lot--nice for when I am away, but maybe not so good for Every Day! :) I think the internet is finally back--after many annoying phone calls. That has been my main frustration since coming home, but now it is back to work and all the regular things I need to do. I am happy, too, to be spending time with my books. I loved Gaudy Night when I read it--and I know exactly what you mean by the print in some books--impossible to read and enjoy yourself! I am working on Peter May's The Lewis Man--nicely atmospheric, a little dark but very engaging. Have you read it?


It is indeed! I actually looked it up to make sure I was right and not just making it up...sometimes I do that embarrassing!


Gosh, aren't they? Doubly so--frustrating to not be online and then to have to spend SO much time figuring out the problem!

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