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Rebecca H.

This sounds like fun! I really love The Metamorphosis and have been meaning to read Christa Wolf for a long time now. Writing about one day a year sounds like a fascinating way to chronicle one's life.


I'm looking forward to finally reading Kafka--I seem to have been 'collecting' his books for ages now! And I like the idea of writing about one day a year, too. It fascinated me when I first saw the book. I'm excited to finally read it, too, and have already read the first few entries. I'm very interested in reading about East Germany (before and after the fall of the Wall).


Somehow Kafka has the same effect on me as James Joyce - utter fear and intimidation! I could be wrong of course as I have to admit to not knowing a great deal about his work but I suspect that it might be a bit ambitious for me as I'm not feeling particularly intelligent at the moment!

I like the sound of the Christa Wolf diaries though and the Stefan Zweig short stories too and Snow White Must Die definitely sounds much more my kind of thing (there's a surprise!)

I love that you bring so many fascinating books to my attention that I might otherwise not have tried or even heard of even if they are potentially doing untold damage to my bank account.


I hadn't thought about taking part in this but I'm having one of those spells when everywhere I turn the idea of metamorphosis raises it head. I've just read Jane Alison's 'The Love Artist' which is about Ovid and I'm in the middle of Jeffrey Eugenides 'Middlesex' which also frequently references mythological characters that find themselves morphing from one existence to another. Perhaps I should take that as a hint and try the Kafka at the very least.


Great selection! I think you will really like the Kafka, he's not really that hard at all so don't be intimidated!


This is a great line up and I'm really looking forward to hearing how you like them.
I've got the Christa Wolf as well. What a great idea to read one entry a day. maybe I'll be able to join you. I think it's such an interesting project and that she stuck with it for so long is admirable.
Thanks a lot for joining us. I'm sure it will be a month full of new discoveries.


Oh Danielle I'm already looking forward to hearing more about the Christa Wolf diary, wish I could join you.


It's been fascinating listening to an audio book about Kafka--I do hope when I get to the story that it is not as challenging as I have it built up in my mind! At least The Metamorphosis is a shorter work--I'll let you know how it goes! :) As for Joyce--I don't think I'll be reading his longer books anytime soon, but I wouldn't mind giving a few of his short stories a try. I think he is one of the authors who intimidates me the most! The Wolf book is interesting--I plan on reading more this weekend, and will report back on that one on Sunday. I really like Stefan Zweig and if you've not read him I think you might like him as well. I had to add a crime novel to my pile, of course! :) I usually read one or two when this readalong rolls around. I'm always happy to oblige, by the way, when it comes to sharing books--usually recommendations I get from others is one of the main ways I find books these days. And you have certainly given me a fair few amount of books to try as well! I think most book lovers tend to be enablers...


You should definitely join in! :) I have wanted to read Ovid for a while now, but it's such a hefty book that I tend to just pull it from the shelf, flip through it and put it back. I hadn't thought of reading it in tandem with something else--the Kafka would be perfect. And Kafka's Metamorphosis is very short--I hadn't even realized how short it is, so I am not quite so intimidated now. As I loaded the Audible book onto my MP3 player I think I'll listen first and then read the story. I love it when books cross paths like the books you are reading now...see, you are fated to read Kafka, I think! :)


I do like my selection and have already begun reading! Okay, so I will not worry about Kafka--how hard can it be, right? And it is reasonably short too! I'm actually sort of excited about starting it now...maybe I will this weekend even.


I've been looking forward to this--and had a really hard time whittling down my pile into something somewhat reasonable. I think I will try and read one of the Zweig books after all--maybe just one short story a week. I have long wanted to read the Christa Wolf book--it's so interesting that she returned to this every year and I am looking forward to seeing how things change from year to year. It would be fun if you read along, too. I am hoping I can keep up --some entries are quite short and others much, much longer. I have a couple of Wolf's other books which I might dig out just to look at... One is a Virago and the other a book about WWII I think. Actually now that it is in my mind I might really look for them this weekend, since all of a sudden I am very curious about them. I think there will be lots of new discoveries and temptations!


Is there any way you think you could? It would be fun to read something else in tandem. If not this then maybe some other diary maybe? I like the idea of reading individual entries like the Wolf--and of course it was fun when we read the Lindbergh book--one of my favorite reads this past year as a matter of fact!


I was so seriously tempted that I looked if my library had a copy, but it hasn't and neither ILL brings me to one, so I'll have to wait for your impressions now.
I'll keep reading a diary together in mind.


Danielle thank you again for mentioning this! I probably shouldn't do another challenge or readalong but I think this will be fun! I can try anyway right? I'll be looking through my shelves this weekend because I know I've got several German works there. Enjoy and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on your books.


Sorry you were not able to find a copy. I am liking what I've read so far and think it's going to be a good book--you'll have to keep an eye out for it. It would be perfect as part of your European reading project. It would be fun to read a diary together--maybe we can plan something for next year?


Wonderful! I have joined in for the last two years and enjoyed myself immensely. I am in the midst of reading Christa Wolf and listening to Kafka on audio--as well as listening to a book about Kafka. I am very much in the mood for German lit--it must be the timing or something as it is all clicking for me. I hope you find some good books to read--I am looking forward to hearing about your choices. Since you have spent so much time in Germany this should be right up your alley!

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