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I need to get my hands on the book - sounds like it has wonderful material especially for the R.I.P. challenge! Hope you have a fun Halloween and maybe get in a couple of more spooky reads :)

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Wow - so much going on there just in the governess-employer power play, let alone with a big spooky element introduced too - this sounds amazing.


I've checked out this collection before and wouldn't mind owning a copy myself! I've had fun with my RIP reads--and even managed to read the four I set out to read! Have a great Halloween, too, Iliana!


Elizabeth Taylor is always good! There is lots there--the ghostly bits aside the tension between governess, her charge, and the parents is interesting. The supernatural element is just icing on the cake! :) It's a reminder how much I like ET and really need to pick up another of her books very soon!


I hadn't realised that this story is in the Oxford Book of 20th Century Ghost Stories which shows that I still haven't got very far with it! I thought I was going to have to get my copy of Elizabeth Taylor's Collected Short Stories to read it which I was hesitating to do because while I do know where it is, I will have to move a large number of other books to get to it and that always ends up taking far more time than I anticipate.

I am going to have to continue with my spooky reading for another week or so as I still have the Icelandic book to finish and have just picked up both Bellman & Black and Stephen King's Dr Sleep from the library so I know what I will be taking to work for lunchtime reading for a while!


This sounds like a great story to conclude RIP with! You did so well with the ghost stories this year!


Bonus! It's nice when things work out like that! I have that collection of ET's short stories, too. I know where mine is--had to have it as soon as it came out but then have not yet read anything from it (except this story, but read it in another book!). As I am done with my ghost stories for the year I need to think about which collection to read next. I probably won't pick up another one until December or maybe even January--I was thinking the Taylor collection would be another good (long) project, but I have a few other authors in mind, too. I have a stack of library books--some really interesting-sounding one, too, but I seem to be ignoring them of late. It's hard when I have so many good books started and then more come in from the library--it's always an 'agonizing' choice which to pick up first!


Ghost stories have become a staple in my RIP reading every year--there are so many good ones to choose from. I could easily continue on with them, but I have a long list of other short story writers to try. Maybe I'll look for a ghost story or two for Christmas to read!

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