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I sort of skimmed your review of this one because I'm supposed to read it for book group. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I haven't read King in ages and am looking forward to it. I love the look of the Hard Case Crime books - I haven't read any of them but plan to check them out one of these days!


I haven't read Stephen King is a very long, long time. This one sounds like one I would like to return to him with. I love what I've read of Bradbury, particularly Dandelion Wine. Your review hints at what I would like in this.


You've been reading some great books for your book club! I really liked this a lot and had forgotten just how good a storyteller SK is! I really would like to go back and pick up some of his other books now. And I have a small stack of those Hard Crime cases and look forward to reading more in that series as well!


I haven't read Dandelion Wine, but I was thinking that it would make a great pairing with this book! I listened to a radio dramatization of This Way Something Wicked Comes (which was excellent by the way) and this reminded me so much of that story--not so much the actual story but the tone and setting. I have only read a smattering of Bradbury, too, and wouldn't mind reading more of his work as well. Now I am contemplating adding more of SK's books to my pile!

Liz F

Like other commenters (commentees?) I haven't read a Stephen King book in ages although I do have Dr Sleep to pick up from the library.
I used to love the way his stories would seem so normal and everyday and then suddenly tip over into something quite different which was very effective and quite unnerving!
Must look out for Joyland and some Ray Bradbury too - I don't think I have read anything by him since my teens!


I completely agree: "Joyland is a perfect RIP/autumn/Halloween read." I enjoyed it immensely, and really do hope there will be a movie version. There is so much more to this story than just the crime/mystery, and the atmosphere is wonderful.

Great review!


I'm so glad I've already got this as your wonderful review put me in the mood to read it right away.
Stand by Me is a King novella, right? But under another name if I'm not wrong. I think I have the collection Different Seasons in which it's featured.


I just looked it up and it's called "The Body". He's a much more versatile author than one would think.
I've got to finish Grossman and a YA novel I've got from RandonHouse or I would have started this right now. i hope I can squeeze it in before German Literature Month.


James read this and liked it but he didn't tell me anything about it so I just assumed I wouldn't be interested. But you made it sound so good I think I am going to have to read it sometime!


I did "read" This Way Something Wicked Comes on audiobooks, Danielle, which was very good. I would enjoy a radio dramatization, I'm certain. I will give Joyland a read someday soon.


Yes, I liked it too. It does feel a lot like Bradbury. I found the retrospective voice very convincing.


I love audio books for certain types of books. After a long hiatus I have just 'bought' several audio books from Audible with my tokens. I love radio dramatizations--they are fun. In the spring I listened to a few--Perry Mason and The Saint. I think there was an Agatha Christie dramatization, too, of And Then There Were None. If you get a chance--do look for the Bradbury--I think that is one I 'checked out' from the public library.


I didn't realize until just recently that Dr Sleep is a sequel to The Shining, which I read and then saw the movie--and it is one book that did scare me--the movie, too. Jack Nicholson does crazy really well. You describe his stories perfectly. There is something so ordinary about them--which I think is what makes them all the scarier really. Joyland was really good--if you can find it at the library grab it! I wouldn't mind reading some Ray Bradbury as well--adding him to my list....


I can't remember now where I saw that the film rights had been sold--or maybe I am just imagining it? It would make a great movie--such strong visuals! This was a great October read. I've had good luck with my RIP choices this year, but then I do like a good ghost/atmospheric story.


I think you will like this--he really is a very good writer. I have not tried any of his short stories, or shorter work--I wonder if my library has anything--though now I am not sure I could fit in another short story this month.


Yes, now that you say it--I think that is indeed the story that the movie was based on--and I would like to read it as I saw the movie long enough now ago that I might not be comparing the two too strongly. I am about a third of the way through the Grossman and it is actually reading a little quicker than I thought--I would make faster progress if I wasn't juggling several books....and I couldn't resist and have started one of my books for German Lit Month--one you wrote about last year and recommended--The Wall--so good.


I think you might like this one. I know mysteries really aren't your thing, but wasn't sure about the horror genre (is that where King fits?). You'll have to grap James's copy--or keep it in mind for next year. Do you guys talk about the books you are reading--or are your tastes fairly different and so you just read independently of each other?


It was well done--it felt quite natural to me, too. I never did catch on whether Dev did become a writer--I know there was something about him in later life, but I guess I was too focused on the earlier story he was telling. But King captures that youthful exuberance and disapointment well, and too the realization that life doesn't quite turn out the way you expect it--sort of melancholy or bittersweet without being overly sad. He's really a very good writer--I don't read the genre much and not all writers are on par with him, so I guess I never have very high expectations on the rare occasions I pick up a book like that.


Most of the time we don't talk about our books but when we are reading something the other is also interested in or has read we do.


It would be nice to have someone in the house to chat about books--I wonder if I would always want to press a book I love into someone else's hands and probably drive them crazy! :) It's cool that you both love reading yet have different likes.

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I loved this book. A great mystery. I was very pleasantly surprised because of the traditional style Stephen King writes in. I love his horror books and this was very different, but still as captivating.

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