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I wish you a lovely trip and hope to hear all about it once you are back. Such a beautuful city.


Safe travel and enjoy your time - and save room in your suitcase for books you may just need to buy.


Sounds like perfect weather--happy and safe travelling, and enjoy your vacation reading!


Have fun!


Enjoy your trip. I live in the SF Bay Area and this is one of the best times of years to visit! SF will be beautiful this weekend!


Have a great time, Danielle!


Excellent reading choices! Have a great time.

Pam J.

Marjorie Morningstar! Brings back memories, of both the book and the movie. I recently read Aurora Dawn, Herman Wouk's first novel and enjoyed it a lot. Very much of its time, which was 1947. Enjoy the always beautiful SF!

Margaret Powling

I know you love books by Rosamunde Pilcher and books with Very English settings, so I thought you might like to know that Marcia Willett's latest novel, Postcards from the Past, has just been published and is sitting next to me as I write this. This, as with many of her books, is set in Cornwall, and although Marcia always sets her stories among a certain milieu (not sink estates, rough areas) where people buy hyacinths and silver picture frames for presents, and have odd names for themselves, never mind their pets (such as Mugwump for a dog in one book),and even when disasters strike the protagonists always come up smelling of roses, I can't help but enjoy the stories! They are very much feel-good-factor stories, best read curled up on the sofa with a glass of sherry and a shortbread biscuit.

Joan Kyler

Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear all about it.


Hope you will have your beachwalk. Have a very nice time.

John Edwards

Wish you a super time.


Danielle I hope you have a fantastic time! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.


Many thanks all!! Just checking in since we are having a lazy Sunday morning. The weather has been great and it is all just as terrific as I remember it. Do I have to go back home to reality? Suppose so... Will be back on Tuesday with lots of pics and stories, and oh, have I been bad and been buying books..... :)

Margaret Powling

Hope you have had a wonderful break, Danielle! Look forward to your updates and reviews. I've just finished Marcia Willett's latest, Postcards from the Past. Enjoyable in a typical-Marcia-book sort of way, with lots of well-healed people, kitchens with Agas and cyclamens on the windowsill, hearty meals off Spode and Clarice Cliff china, and large dogs which socialize as much as the humans! Anyone planning on reading this would do well to read The Christmas Angel by Marcia first as some of the characters in that make a return appearance but it could be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel, too.


You are SO lucky to live so close. It is beautiful there and indeed the weather was perfect! :)


I'm really enjoying Marjorie Morningstar--will have to check out his other books! I love reading about that period, too!


I have duly added the title to my wishlist. I do indeed also love this sort of story and will buy this as soon as it becomes available here on Amazon! I realize that this sort of book might not bear much resemblance to reality (well, not my own reality anyway), but they are such great escapist sorts of reads, which I am always up for! I have The Silent Tide by Rachel Hore sitting by my bedside by the way! Just waiting for the right time to clip it into my reading pile! As always thanks so much for the reading suggestion!


Perhaps I'll try and get hold of The Christmas Angel while I'm waiting for the other to be published here. It sounds like a nice holiday read, too!

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