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Liz F

I read The Monkey's Paw and Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You years ago and got very spooked by them both!
I have a couple of books I am trying to finish by the end of the month - the Icelandic story I Remember You and a book about English ghosts by Peter Ackroyd - apparently the English see more ghosts than anyone else and he has some very interesting theories as to why that is in his forward.
I am slightly hampered by the fact that my overactive imagination compels me to read them at the office, in the hours of daylight but I am determined that I will finish them at least by the weekend!


I've read The Monkey's paw and Oh Whistle but not Casting the Runes. I'd love to read another ghost story before Halloween but with GLM upcoming . . .
Lizzy has 14 reviews ready! I have only finished one small book . . .

Amanda R.

I read this collection a few years back and really enjoyed it (also checked out from the library and then added to my wishlist). I may have to start short story Sundays for myself next year. I love short stories, but I truly don't read enough of them.


I can't seem to stay awake late at night in order to read, so I guess I am safe from anything too scary! :) The Icelandic novel sounds interesting-will have to look it up. And you'll have to tell me if you like the Ackroyd--I had never heard that about the English and ghosts--maybe that's why the English have such a long standing and broad history of ghost stories! For me a good ghost story is just the sort that preys on an overactive imagination! :)


Wow--fourteen already! And I thought I was doing well with just coming up with a small stack of books and starting one of them! :) I'll be doing well to read four or maybe (being optimistic here) five in November. But then I am sure she has been planning and working on it for a while. I don't blame you for concentrating now on GLM--I am ready to move on to the next set of books I have picked out as well. Anyway--I'm looking forward to it.


It's a great collection, isn't it? And I love NYRBs, so it would not be any hardship to add another to my book collection! I love reading short stories, too, and knowing I am going to try and write something--however brief--each Sunday means I tend to stay on track with my short story reading. I am already contemplating what projects I might take on next year. Anyway, I highly recommend Short Story Sunday posts! ;)

Liz F

The Ackroyd is interesting but a bit fragmented and I'm not sure what his criteria was for selecting the stories he uses.

From the introduction I thought it would be more wide-ranging both in terms of place and the sort of story, but some are very short reports from newspapers or other books and I would have liked to have more background but maybe that is the old reporter in me talking!
I have to say that I Remember You is infinitely creepier!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Oooh, I've read the Monkey's Paw... let's just say I'm glad our laundry isn't in the basement! (I also love stories about wicked academics, so that's going onto my list.)


You'll like this one, then. A very wicked academic is the one in Casting the Runes. Any book with an academic setting is fun actually--it's almost a whole genre unto itself. I had forgotten what a good story The Monkey's Paw is--must read more by Jacobs now!


What a wonderful collection this turned out to be! It really is too bad Gorey didn't write an introduction. Maybe you can have a seance and ask him about it? ;)


Ha--wouldn't that be fun--and fitting, too! This was a great collection, but then how could it be anything else considering it is an NYRB edition!

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