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Still reading the Oxford Book of 20th Century Ghost Stories at the office and I have just started what promises to be a really creepy book by Icelandic writer Yrsa Sigurdardottir called 'I Remember You' about a group of friends renovating an old house on an island and finding more than they bargained for. I think that that will be coming to the office with me too as given the cats' ability to appear out of nowhere and leap onto my knee or the arm of the chair, I will probably scare myself witless if I try and read it at home!
E. Nesbit's books for children are wonderful usually featuring quite large families which I loved reading about as a little girl probably because I was an only child and they were a different world altogether.
Her ghost stories are also very effective as you have found. I haven't read the one you mentioned, but I do recall that her stories were all that really appealed in a couple of otherwise disappointing anthologies that I read a year or so ago and In the Dark is the first story in the 20th Century Ghost Stories.


I've only read the first book by Yrsa S. and have always meant to go back and read more--I have (unsurprisingly) bought a few more by her. Am tempted to go pull one out, but I had best finish The Lewis Man, which I am quite enjoying too. After my little mystery binge earlier this summer I've not read many mysteries since (sadly my reading has been a bit off lately...). I am enjoying my ghost stories, though. I read mine in the morning usually on Saturdays when I am walking on the treadmill. Now the days are getting shorter and it's colder and just the right setting for a little scare! I think I tried to look for one of E. Nesbit's books for children but I didn't have any luck--I know she is very well known in the UK--maybe not so much over here? Of course I could either be mixing her up or just missed her when I was young (I seem to have missed loads of authors!).


I don't think I'l be able to read any ghost stories this month. Too bad. I read a few RIP books but no ghost stories. Yeah well, they still fit in December after GLM month. I'd love to read The Shadow of Shade.

Liz F

I was a very bookish child and an only one so I probably read more than a lot of kids when I was growing up!
I also had older parents, both of whom had been readers so I was introduced to E. Nesbit's books like Five Children and It (It being a grumpy magical creature called the Psammead), The Phoenix and the Carpet and The Railway Children, because they had read them (or at least my mum had)
To be fair I didn't read many classic American childrens' books apart from Little Women, What Katy Did and Charlotte's Web (oh and My Friend Flicka when I was a bit older!)
I think we read Tom Sawyer at school but that was about it really.
Incidentally I have just looked up E Nesbit and she had quite a life - must look out for a biography of her!


What a fun collection this has turned out to be! And did Gorey do art for the stories too or did he only choose the stories?


I read loads when I was little, too, but I didn't have any guidance--just made my own choices and read at whim. There is lots to be said for that but I still missed out on lots of classics and famous children's books that the rest of the world seems to have read long ago! I will keep my eye open for Nesbit's children's books as well for more of her ghost stories, too!


There's just not enough time for it all, is there? I only am managing this book as I started it right at the beginning. The last three stories--two of them will be rereads, so they should be easy going. I thought the Shadow of Shade was really good, but this whole collection has been enjoyable. I would still like to find that Elizabeth Taylor story someone mentioned, but it may have to wait until Christmas now! And I need to think now about my German books...I started a list, but then got distracted with vacation. I am very slowly getting back into the reading groove--I've felt so cut off but I hope by the end of the weekend to be caught up again!


This has been a great collection. I've had good luck with my RIP ghost stories! Gorey did the illustrations as well as selected the stories. I wish he had written an intro--that would have been interesting to read!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

This sounds like such a good collection - I'm pretty close to cracking and getting hold of it for those moments when I want to let a little spookiness in. Re Edith Nesbit, I am reading The Enchanted Castle at the moment, but am finding it a bit twee. I should have started with the famous Railway Children, I suspect.


Maybe someday I'll try some of her children's lit--I like ghost stories so much, though, I would normally pick up that first. It seems I went looking for something by her and had little luck finding any of her books. Here we have a famous story--a series of books called The Boxcar Children and I wonder if the author was inspired by Nesbit. I recall my teacher in first or second grade reading the Boxcar stories to my class.

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