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vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

He's never let me down as a reader. I'd probably pitch for The Woman in White, though I did think Armadale was excellent and I love The Moonstone too. I haven't read this one yet -- a treat to look forward to!


Isn't he great? It's almost a toss up as to my favorite--I also loved The Law and the Lady as the heroine, Valeria, is so great. He may do wicked characters (women included) really well, but he also does equally well with a strong, intelligent heroine--how can you not root for Marian in The Woman in White. I am now reading his short story The Dream Woman. All this talk puts me in mind to reread A Woman in White now....though I do still have some unread novels by him. He was quite prolific (happily so), wasn't he? By the way--did you have a good vacation, too?


What fun! I've only read Woman in White and loved it. I really must read more Collins!


You are in for a treat then! There is lots more to explore when it comes to Wilkie--give The Law and the Lady a go--Valeria is a most excellent heroine!


Like Stefanie, I've only read The Woman in White (which I really enjoyed). One of these days I'd love to read another of his books, in particular I really want to read The Moonstone. I'll have to make a note of this one for next year's R.I.P challenge! I'm getting close to finishing my challenge too. Yay.


This is one of the very few challenges that I ever seem to actually complete--I guess I especially like mysteries, ghost stories and scary stories in general! You are in for a treat when you get a chance to read The Moonestone. I could happily reread any of Wilkie Collins's books!


Thanks for the post, and I've always wanted to have the chance to stay in an actual haunted hotel at least once in my life. Because I've been doing a lot of research on it, and hopefully will have at least one haunted hotel in the area.

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