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In terms of creating space, couldn't you do your subscription books of one year in two years? You have so many books on the go together and here I am with my one book:) Started this afternoon Karel Capek, An Ordinary Life. So too soon to tell. Happy reading this weekend to you.

Amanda R.

I need to check out that NYRB subscription. I have far too many things to read at the moment, but I cannot help myself.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I've just finished reading (of all things!) Pollyanna (a re-read) and Pollyanna Grows Up (a new read). I'm feeling a bit cosy/nostalgic at the moment, and should probably shake things up with something contemporary, or before I know it I will be re-reading the Anne books, the Katy books, and so on!


I think I will have to spread out my subscriptions books now--I think I have gotten too far behind to catch up--this year anyway! You know how I like things all neat and tidy, but sometimes you just have to let things go, and that's okay, too. Better to pick and choose what I feel in the mood for rather than trying to push them all through at the end of the year. I have discovered many wonderful new authors, though, and think I will continue my subscriptions next year as well. I have too many books on the go and admire your taking your time with just one at a time. I do try and do that sometimes, but I am so impatient and always need something new and different. I have heard of Karen Capek--but have not read anything by him, so I will look up the book you are reading! Have a great weekend, too, Cath. I owe you a letter--very much enjoyed the one you just sent! :)


Me, too, but that never stops me! I have enjoyed all the books I've read so far and have several more waiting for me (as I have fallen behind--it's one book a month I get). I plan on subscribing again next year! Definitely worth checking out.


Sometimes you need stories like that! I was just thinking how much I would enjoy a Georgette Heyer about now, but I had best not give in since I sort of feel back on track with my regular reading--even though I didn't accomplish what I wanted to this month (do I ever, though??). I have never read Pollyanna-must read the Anne books, and am unfamiliar with the Katy books--who wrote those?


You are entirely courageous to tackle these chunkesters anyway.
I find them just to daunting, so my big books pile grows . . .
Gross man was good, very good but not easiy. I'm looking foward to the review.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Ah, Jennifer Donnelly. I've still only read one of her books, and I know I'll enjoy more of them. I'm finishing up Valerie Martin's new book this weekend -- many good things in it, and I just have to get a review of it written.


Maybe this is why I should not have a subscription to the NYRB books - they would keep coming and I'd be falling behind! :)

I do like the idea of big books but gosh I just can't seem to get into dense books lately. Hope you are having a great weekend!


....And I'm looking forward to writing about the Grossman. It was not easy, but it was really interesting. I think a lot of it went over my head to be honest, but I am so glad I read it (all the books this year have been great--I'm only sorry I missed two of them...and would still like to read them). Some of these chunky books are easier than others. It is sometimes just a matter of having the time--they are not hard reading but a pain to heft around with me, so I don't spend enough time reading them and making steady progress. Now I will be concentrating on Christa Wolf's book!


I have read a couple of her books and enjoyed both of them. I am enjoying this one, too, but you know how it goes when you know bad things are going to happen and so I just have not felt inclined to spend lots of time with the book (though I enjoy it when I do). I will have to look up Valerie Marton's newest--I read something by her ages ago. Writing about books is always challenging for me--I often love what I am reading but then when I try and put it all into words....well, I've had a hard time of it this year.


I kept up at first, but then you know how it goes--so easy to get distracted and caught up in other books. I think December will be my catch up month--including for my subscription books. I do like long books and starting them is always's the finishing part that can be so challenging.


I feel a bit the same way about A Suitable Boy as you do about The Quincunx - enjoy it while I am reading it but when I am looking for something to read it is never the first book that comes to mind (or hand!)As a result I am horribly behind but I am determined that I will continue -even if it is several months behind everyone else!
Sadly I have given up on Marjorie Morningstar. I really loved The Winds of War and War and Remembrance by Herman Wouk so I was sure that this would grab me but it didn't and I have too many other books that I really want to read to justify persisting with one I'm not enjoying.

I have a couple of Jennifer Donnelly's books on my shelves, including The Winter Rose, but haven't read one yet. I have a nasty habit of doing that - getting tempted into buying chunky family sagas and then not reading them for years. Occasionally the gap between purchase and reading is so big that my tastes have changed and I find myself wondering what the heck possessed me to think I would like it in the first place!
I know just what you mean about avoiding books when you know that something bad is going to happen but you aren't in the mood to read about it - I justify it by thinking that there are so many bad things that happen in real life that you can't always avoid that there is nothing wrong with putting off fictional ones until a better time!
Currently flitting between several books - Stephen King's Doctor Sleep which is creepy but excellent, Lyndsey Faye's Seven for a Secret set in 19th century New York (if you haven't read her first in the series The Gods of Gotham do look it out as I think you would like it) and Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth which is about three women in three different times and places all loosely linked by the tale of Rapunzel and thoroughly enjoyable.
I am also making my way slowly through Fascist Voices which is taken from letters and diaries of people who lived in Mussolini's Italy and is a fascinating picture of life in that period which has intrigued me for a long time.
I have the first of Gillian Galbraith's Edinburgh-set crime novels too and although I am only a chapter or so in, I am really enjoying it so far.

The Katy novels are by Susan Coolidge (real name Sarah Chauncy Woolsey apparently) and I absolutely adored them when I was growing up. I inherited my mum's copy of What Katy Did and Little Women and have lost count of the number of times that I read and re-read them although I could never persuade either of my daughters to try them. Maybe I will try them on my granddaughter Amelia when she is a bit older as she is showing promising signs of developing a serious reading habit.


How did you get yourself into so many fat books? They do look quite impressive all piled up like that. Glad to hear the Grossman was so good. I do want to read more of him I liked Armenian Sketchbook so much.


To be honest all my long reads are on the back burner at the moment with the exception of the Wolf book. I need to organize myself and try and finish a few of those books before I get too overwhelmed. Jennifer Donelly is great--I really do want to get back to that book, though I feel like I need to put more attention right now towards other reads--you know how that goes! I brought home from the library The Gods of Gotham--along with a pile of others, but I think that is all wishful thinking! I am book juggling, too. More books than I can handle as is usual. And I have read a couple of Gillian Galbraith's mysteries--a good reminder to me that I need to get back to them.


Oh, good question! :) One I ask myself quite often, and never come up with a good answer than your basic greed! If only I had more reading time... I might have fewer books on my reading pile in any case. Hopefully those bookmarks will start moving towards the backs of the books.

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