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This sounds like a lovely and sensitively written story. I wonder how close to autobiographical it is?

Debbie Rodgers @Exurbanis

I wanted to read this as part of the read-along but couldn't find a copy in the Nova Scotia library system. I'm on a book-buying ban for a year so . . . :-(


I wonder that myself. I think he must have experienced many of the things he wrote about. Also I am intrigued by the idea of the photo of the young woman which appears on the inside cover. I think the photos was simply found amongst this things. I always find this sort of thing fascinating!


Good for you for not buying books and only borrowing them. I would never be able to manage it! Definitely add this one to your wishlist at least. Maybe you will come across it later--I thought it really well done and hope to read some of his other books eventually.


Thanks for joining and the lovely review.
I think it's very autobiographical. Not the story as such but the details. I'd like to read another one soon. It's not justified that he's forgotten. Sure it's not a "big" story but it's well told and appealing.


I'm surprised too that he has fallen out of popularity. I think the reasoning was that he was not one to promote himself--which sounds a lot like Elizabeth Taylor! He just needs someone famous to champion him again--it sounded as though he sold a lot of books in his day. It was a great choice. Out of curiosity--have you been working on next year's list? I still do want to read the two that I didn't finish earlier this year....


Yes, I have and it's almost finished.
It's inspired by someone's comment on my movie blog. I had totally forgitten what 2014 means. I'll be focussing heavily - at least 10 books - on WWI and want a nice mix. I found the diary of a nurse, which I think you'd like as well and some diaries of the trenches. To make it more bearable (some of it will be dark) I'll add a few historical novels in the vein of Tha last Summer and Pat Barker's latest Toby's Room. Poems might be included as well. Not sure yet but I can see where it's going. It will be heavily English though. I guess 8 books or more might be British. Size is still a major concern or I would have added Parade's End. Have you read that? Or seen it?


Love hearing these details and I can't wait to see what the final list is like. Next year will be the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of the war--I bet there are loads of new books out about it. Do you know I have never read any Pat Barker? So I am looking forward to any of her books. Poetry would be cool. I have not read Parade's End, but I would be willing to give it a go--it is a long book, but maybe if it was a summer read? Maybe it's one I should check out in any case...

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