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Joan Kyler

That is quite a list! And I understand that it's only your most recent additions to your wish list.

When my reading mojo leaves, I just let it go. I dawdle around with non-reading things, or short reading things (magazines, internet articles, etc.) until that overwhelming desire to leave my own life and enter into someone else's reappears. It always does, usually with renewed intensity. Then I finish several books started and left and start new ones.


i love museum gift shops! The last time we were in DC I was so disappointed that the Museum of American History wasn't open, because on the previous visit I had walked downstairs into the bookstore and just goggled. I hope now that it is remodeled they haven't changed that bookstore!


Such a fun list! I am especially interested in the one about Van Gogh & Gaugin in The Yellow House. WiIll have to get my hands on that one soon. Thanks for the heads up! :)


So many tempting titles.
Those on photography appeal a lot to me at the moment.


Gosh that is an impressive list and apart from the Simon Garfield and the Claire Clark, I haven't heard of or read any of them!
Regaining your reading mojo is a tricky one - when mine is on the wane I either re-read an old favourite (Chocolat or The Magic Appletree usually work for me) or get something that you know will be hard to put down - almost always crime novels in my case. Right now it would be a Dana Stabenow or a Ken Bruen (the Jack Taylor series) or one of John Connolly's Charlie Parker novels all of which I can read at a sitting if given the spare time. A couple of those and the reading mojo is back on track!


It's always nice to add to the wishlist. I do the same thing when traveling--jot down titles to look up later. Not that I need any more books for my wishlist, however!

I was particularly interested in, of all things, The Unrest Cure. I just love Edward Gorey's illustrations, and this book sounds quite intriguing. I'm afraid it has to go on MY wishlist now!


Oh yes, you should see my proper wishlist. I keep one on Amazon just to have it handy and online and it runs to many, many pages. I have been offline a lot lately, but now that my internet is fixed I hope to get caught up. You would think that not having the distraction of the internet would mean more good reading time, but mostly I felt at loose ends strangely. I guess I do better when I have to prioritize or something. Actually now that I am back into a normal routine that might help. I've done some shuffling about of books, too. Heaven knows I have plenty of reading material (not books that is--magazines, etc) to keep me occupied. But I have fallen back into some good books and I hope they will keep my attention and I can actually begin to focus once more! Am hoping to also finish a few lingering books....


I love them, too. I always save them for last--first galleries or whatever I am there to see and then gift shop browsing. My sister lives in VA and my mom goes every summer to visit her--they always spend a day in DC and I think my mom also said the American History Museum's gift shop was closed then, too. I've been there as well and it is really amazing! Now That is a well stocked gift shop/bookstore--quite drool-worthy actually! :)


Doesn't that sound good? It would be fun to read with a book of his art alongside! I was so hard to buy just a couple of books...but now I will be looking for this and a few of the others at my library!


Very tempting indeed! I am really into photography at the moment (looking that is, and reading about it), so they especially caught my eye. The de Young has a really good photo collection, which unfortunately was packed away as they were getting ready for a new exhibit which was about to open--of David Hockney's art. So I missed out doubly--didn't see the photographs or the Hockney art!


When I book shop, I really book shop! Actually it wasn't hard as nearly everything I seemed to pick up and read about looked so good! Chocolat is one of my favorites, too, and a comfort read I often return to. Actually I have already (before vacation) picked up another of my reliably good authors--Clare Chambers and reread one of hers that I always enjoy. Mysteries are usually good bets for me, too. I am sort of getting back into my books. I think part of the problem was all the distractions--vacation, busy at work, no internet (throwing off my normal schedule) and just a general feeling of restlessness. Since I do most of my reading while on the bus, at work (on breaks) or while walking--I wasn't doing any of that (and when I was at work it's been so busy I often don't even get my breaks--crazy!) that I just wasn't getting the opportunity to even read! Now I am trying hard to make time. I do, however, wish one book would just grab me so much that I couldn't put it down and made excuses to go off and read. While I am really enjoying most of what I am reading I haven't yet found that 'unputdownable' book or the 'point of no return' in one of the books I am reading now. Did I tell you that I bought a paper copy of the first Dana Stabenow mystery? It is sitting next to my bed!


Wishlists only get dangerous when you begin ordering books off them, right?! :) My wishlist is very, very long! But no hard done in jotting down titles to look at later! That's free anyway. I have, however, put The Unrest Cure in my virtual shopping cart at Amazon. I am hoping that I will have a gift card to buy it with....but I might cave in and just buy it now. I like Saki--what a perfect pairing really!

Liz F

The first one had me hooked very quickly so I will be interested to know what you think.


I love how varied your list is! I had to take note of the photography books as one of my best friends is very much into photography and her birthday is coming up.

And, yes it is hard to return to blogging after a break isn't it? For me it's a bit of a feeling of being overwhelmed. Like I can never catch up with posts, etc. But, eventually you get back to it :)


I hope you are starting to get your reading mojo back! I can attest that Just My Type is lots of fun. I read it not long after it came out. I will never use comic sans again because of it.


...So tempted....maybe I will take it to work with me tomorrow and give it a little try... :)


I know that overwhelmed feeling only too well. I feel like I am slowly getting back into the habit of blogging and catching up here with comments...but I have yet to go out and read blogs, which I greatly miss. I hope by the end of the week/weekend, I will have had a chance to catch up with my Feedly account. I feel cut off from other blogs, but I'll get there! The photography books have been of great interest to me lately--I hope to buy a few of them myself!


Ha--now you have made me curious! I know it was popular when it first came out and now that it is in paper I might have to indulge and buy a copy of Just My Type! I am starting to get back into my reading routine--and now just wish I had more time to spend with my back to normal I would say! ;)

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I'm salivating over that list - I think if I had to be forced to pick just one it'd be the Portland Vase book. Such an amazing work of art and so influential. Re disconnection - often I feel totally overwhelmed about how much everyone seems to be reading and posting (where does the time go?!), but I tell myself it's not meant to be a competition but a relaxing hobby. It should be *fun* not stressful. That doesn't necessarily help, of course. ;-)


I tell myself the same exact thing. I can't seem to keep up this year with writing about what I am reading--which is almost surprising since I have read less this year than last. I usually love what I am reading, but writing about books is somehow beyond me at the moment. Too much stress in other parts of my life maybe? And you are right--I don't really compare myself to other bloggers, but I am often amazed by how industrious and on top of things everyone else seems! :) My library has that Portland Vase book--I have been tempted to go in search of it, but I just haven't had a chance yet to look it up and find it---maybe this week. Even though my degree was in Art History--I don't recall studying it. I do miss reading about art, which is why I think I went wild in those museum bookstores!

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