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Alex in Leeds

A great selection of books, I especially like the sound of the Coit Tower book. I missed the architectural bookstore when I was there but if I ever go back I'd like to seek it out. :)


Lovely pile of books. I'm glad you had such a good time - & of course, now you have a reason to go back with a bigger suitcase!


Thanks for the recommendations on the stores. I want to go to San Francisco too and no trip is ever complete without hitting a few bookstores- now I will know where to go!


These look very interesting. the only one I have is the book by Fadiman. She writes in a very engaging way.


Sounds like bookish bliss and what an interesting mixture of books you have brought back to remind you!
I adore postcard books but have serious difficulty in actually parting with any of the cards unless it is as a bookmark for myself!
I also bought a little book of bookmarks featuring American birds when I was at a nature reserve in Cape Cod back in October 2006 and in the past seven years I have only torn one out to actually use which rather defeats the object!


It's a great little store--chock full of really great books. I lucked out and just happened upon it when I was walking down from seeing the murals. At first I was going to just walk by as I was on my way to meet my sister, but I am so glad I stopped and walked in. I am going to enjoy reading about the murals. Definitely look for it next time you are there!


I did pack lightly--not with the intention really of buying things--just knowing I was only going to be there for a very few days. In the end the suitcase was stuffed! I did have a good time and think I need to make it a yearly event!


If you like to travel you have to go to San Francisco! It is really a magical city. I know there are even more bookstores than the three I visited--I should have investigated it more before I went, but I like the serendipity, too, of coming across places that are new to me purely by chance. You do get a taste of what a city if like by the bookstores you find there!


Isn't she good? I've read a couple of her books and had not come across that one. I know I could easily have ordered it when I came home, but it was cheap and I just wanted to buy a few books to remember my visit! Did you buy any books in Venice? If I remember your post I think you said you just looked--that bookstore looked quite overwhelming to even visit (so much to take in!).


I have the same problem with postcard books. I knew when I bought them that they would likely be more for me than to send as I am sure I won't easily be able to part with most of them. I will want to keep the nicest ones for myself.... I did end up with a hodgepodge of books, didn't I? There was no rhyme or reason--just whatever struck my fancy, but then that is vacation shopping in my eyes!


What lovely finds! So many to help you remember your trip. I had no idea Muriel Spark wrote any ghost stories. I look forward to hearing more about them!


I do the same thing - make lists of books I see on my travels :)

You found some great books and how nice that you'll have some great memories attached to them.


Now every time I pick up one of these books there will be fond memories attached to them! I think I read one of her ghost stories a few years back. She doesn't seem the type really to write ghost stories, does she? I'm sometimes amazed by how many writers have written them!


That was part of the reason I wanted to buy books at certain places--to have a souvenir of sorts. I am so glad I carried a little notebook with me--as you can see it came in quite handy!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

There's those feelings of nostalgia and longing and wistfulness and happy memories about reading books about a city one loves that is far away but which one knows one will revisit some day. One just *knows*. (It's Paris for me.)


There is something special now about reading a book set in San Francisco--though I have only seen a few places there--I know enough now to be able to really visualize places and know the 'feel'--it is so different there than here and I could happily live there. Way too expensive, though, so I will content myself with planning another trip, hopefully sometime soon. I wouldn't mind seeing Paris again either! :)

Omaha Public Library

Photos would have been wonderful! We may be a Library, but we love bookstores. You brought quite the fabulous haul back to Omaha.

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