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Liz F

I always love seeing your stitching projects but they always make me want to rush out and get a project or two going which is probably not a good idea at the moment.
There is a very enticing little stitching shop in town but I don't dare to go in as I know that it would end up costing me a fortune that I haven't got. Plus since whenever I sit down I usually end up with one cat or another on my knee, I am not sure that I could manage to do anything with thread or wool without furry interference!
I'll just have to look at your pictures and admire!


Like Liz, I love seeing your projects.
The love, patience and creativity that go into it are admirable.
I like the spring a lot and am so curious to see what autumn will look like.


Lovely as ever Danielle! What a pretty frame too. Can't wait to see autumn.


What can I say, the pictures of Spring and Summer are lovely, and your needlework has this amazing quality, adding to that: to be able to hold them in my own grateful hands is really precious, says a very happy recipient.


Summer is gorgeous, congratulations. I also have a large collection of Just Nan charts although her more recent ones doncdon't speak to me in the same way as the old ones

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Wonderful colours - so pretty. And nice to see the finished bunnies too: adorable.


My cat likes to play with the floss when I pull it out from the back of the linen as I am stitching--makes for challenging work sometimes. I guess it is a good thing that I am at the moment stitching at work before I begin the day--no cats in sight! I think there is a store or two here locally, but not near my end of town, so I don't go to them--I used to order quite a lot online, but I have so much stash that I am pretty good now at resisting--when I see something new I like I think about what I have that is similar in my own collection I could do and that usually satisfies me. I have lots of projects I want to start....and lots of books I want to's a vicious cycle!


I am enjoying working on my little fall designs--they are very small and will be finished together (as a little teaser)--possibly more American motifs than European, but then again, maybe not. I hope to finish them in a more timely manner since I have been working on them steadily. It is very relaxing-I only wish I had more at home time to devote to my stitching.


Thanks! :) The frame was sold in tandem with the design and I couldn't resist! She has such unique little kits like that (Just Nan, the designer that is). I hope autumn will be finished soon!


I am so pleased that you like them! I think I prefer stitching gifts for others--aside from it being a good impetus for me to work steadily--it's nice to think of my work being so far from its original home and in the hands of someone who appreciates the work. :)


I think I am the same--I have lots of her earlier designs, but most of the more recent are not quite as tempting. Or maybe I am just so 'satiated' by them--having so many already. I love the series of house samplers she did--I was thinking that I need to pull one out to be my 'big' project for the year as I tend lately to only stitch very small projects. Thanks for the kind words!


Now this is perfect for you with the coming summer! :) Thanks for the kind words--aren't the rabbits fun? They are very spring-ish!


Beautiful work, Danielle! I'm sure your friend will treasure that. And, I would love to see more of the Just Nan designs you mentioned you have. Looking forward to seeing your Autumn piece!


Thanks for the kind words. I have loads of designs by Just Nan--I am thinking of working on one of her bigger designs next year--I am in the mood to start a bigger project--something I can work on over the course of the year. Of course much like chunky books--I am good at starting and not as good as finishing! :)

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