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Thanks for a lovely tour. San Francisco is a walker's dream, I agree.
Who painted that beautiful painting? It's stunning. I really like it.

Margaret Powling

Wonderful pix!

Liz F

What lovely atmospheric photos. Quite understand your liking for the murals and your favourite painting in the museum - you can almost touch the sunshine in it!
I'm guessing it is a French Impressionist - possibly Renoir or Manet?
Glad the internet is back up and running: we now have a warm house as our boiler has been fixed for which I am definitely grateful as the temperatures start to drop.


Great pictures - so evocative! They make me jealous: although I was actually born in Berkeley, I've only ever been to San Francisco once as a conscious creature, and it was for an interview, so I was very stressed out and hardly enjoyed myself. Maybe some day I'll go back.


Your photos make me want to go back! I loved the murals in Coit Tower, too. I also loved walking the path near Chrissy Field--did you go there? We saw loads of dogs playing on the beach, some pretty birds, and the bridge wrapped in fog. It was cold and windy the day we were there, but still a wonderful walk.

Did you buy sourdough bread at Boudin? That was our favorite.

What a lovely trip--seems like you packed quite a bit into your few days.


I've never been to San Francisco but you make me want to go! Looks like you had a lovely trip. I can't wait to hear about the books you brought home.


It was so good to see the very first picture and read you have walked the beach. I'm happy for you:)and the pictures are great.


Awesome. You've made me really miss that city. I would have loved to see the Artful Animals exhibit, too. Did you climb down the steps behind Coit Tower, that go through backyard gardens on the hillside, into a local neighborhood? It's so pretty. Did you see any of the cherry-headed conures? Wild parrots that live in the city (once domesticated, the flock grew from some escaped pets- or so people surmise).


Oh Danielle, what a wonderful time you had! Don't you just love all that fog? Glad your internet is working again :)


I was so hoping you'd post your pictures! What a gorgeous city and I love those murals too. I want one in my house!!


I love that second photo and the WPA wall art. Glad you had a good time. J


I enjoyed your walk about in San Francisco, Danielle. Perfect in every way.

Aren't those murals fabulous? Several post offices hereabouts have them. I love to go and just look. Waiting in line is no problem when they are there to look, admire, and, perhaps, think of all the possibilities . . . I'm always amazed at the people who know nothing about these works of art and the WPA.


If you get the urge to respond to me, please don't! Conserve your energy for your inspiring posts. As you know, I hang on every word.

You've just got to plan a time and collect the funds to go back to this city that's so special to you.

Ken has visited many times on business during his career, and I always noticed it was the one city that he didn't hurry home from! I've never been but maybe someday.

Warmest wishes to you!


Thank you for the lovely photos. I haven't been in SF since 1978.

If you ever get the urge to visit another walkable city, you must go to Boston! Everything is in walking distance (the Freedom Trail is only five miles long), and what feet won't reach, the T does.


What lovely pics! Thanks for taking us along for the stroll in SF! GLad you had a great time there. :)


I took so many pictures while I was there--mostly just for me when I am in need of a little different scenery--I'll open up my album on the computer and remember my visit. It is a total walker's city--such a nice change of pace from Omaha! And this is awful--but I need to find out who the artist is--I bought a few postcards of it, but I must have mailed them all as now I can't find them. I tried Googling but I am not finding the right one! Oops.


Thanks! They will have to tide me over until my next visit! :)


Had I actually written down the name of the painting or kept one of the postcards of it, I could tell you--now I don't remember who the painter was. I think it might have been a painter from that period, though I don't think it was Manet (I could be wrong of course). It certainly has that feel to it. I have lots and lots of catching up now that the internet is back--hate to think how much I rely on it and feel disoriented not being able to log in! It has gotten cold here, too, and I had to turn the furnace on the day I got back! It's been such a weird year--it's not really much colder than normal, but when I left SF it was sunny and warm and I came home to rainy and cold!!


Thanks! How cool you were born in California! Were you raised in Canada and then stayed or were your parents here only temporarily when you were born? You have to go back and visit San Francisco someday--it's such a terrific, cosmopolitan city, but it has a feel all its own! It is definitely unique compared to most places in the US I have visited.


The Coit Tower is one of my very favorite places in SF. I have not been to Chrissy Field--I will have to look for it next time. We went back to a few places we had visited before and then added a few new places to our agenda. There are so many places you can walk there--it's great. And lots of green spaces, which I love. I swear SF is a dog-lover's city. I saw so many people walking their dogs. Last year I actually saw someone on their bike with the dog propped on it, too. Wild! I think it must have been sourdough bread I bought--it was just a little loaf, but I ate the whole thing on my own! :) O wanted the chocolate raisin bread, but I was afraid I'd eat that on my own, too, and it was too big to chance it (I ate lots of good things there!). We did manage to do a lot in the four days we were there!


Yes, if you ever get the chance--you have to visit San Francisco. It is such a wonderful place--it has such a unique 'personality'. I am ready to go back already!


Yay--finally I have gotten back to the ocean. It is so magical. I could have spent hours on the beach, though it was quite chilly. It is amazing how loud those waves are! Hopefully it is firmly imprinted on my mind for a good long while--to tide me over until next time!


I didn't see the parrots (but they would so fit in there really), but I did walk through the gardens and into the neighborhood around the tower. I sort of got lost as I was too buy looking at the beautiful homes. The houses are so unique it seems and some of them are really gorgeous. What a view they have there on Telegraph Hill! Enviable. I can see how you would miss the city--I have only spent a little time there twice now, and I miss it too! :)


It really is cool--to see the Golden Gate Bridge wrapped in fog is really something. I had a great time--did lots and ate lots and loved it all!


I took SO many pictures, but tried to just pick out a few to capture the spirit of the place (nothing worse than having to look through stacks of someone else's vacation pictures!). Those murals are so cool--next time I am there I want to spend more time with them-as weird as that sounds. I think there are actually quite a few in California--I am going to look for more books about them. I could be happy with one or two in my house, too!


Aren't those murals amazing? I had a feeling that Diego Rivera had something to do with them, and indeed he also worked on them. I had a great time, thanks!


The WPA work is so amazing--and I am sure there must be hidden gems from that period all over the US. I hope to find some books about the WPA--both in California and just in general. I knew about the WPA project, but I think I didn't quite realize how extensive it all was. Seeing the murals was one of the highlights for me!


Judith--you are too kind with your comment! Unfortunately all my urges to spend time online have been mostly ruined as my internet was down until just the last few days. Now I am hurriedly trying to catch up, but it will take a few days I'm afraid. I hope to go back again next year some time and will have to start a little vacation fund and watch for cheap airfare. I think I could easily go alone now as I feel like I can get around the city pretty easily. Fingers crossed. Until then I have plenty to keep me busy and lots of happy reminders of my visit! Best wishes to you, too!


Originally I had wanted to go to a new city--some place I had not been before--Boston or NYC, but my sister has been to those places so I was outvoted. I don't regret going back to SF, however. It is an amazing place and I will happily go back again. I DO want to go to Boston and NYC still, however! :)


I'm so happy to share! I had a great time--only (and I know you know this is always the case...) it went by far too quickly!


I just had an idea. I went to the museum's shop and look what I found


Oh Danielle the pictures are wonderful. It looks like such a great place to visit! One day I hope to make it to San Francisco! So glad to hear your vacation was a great time.


I very highly recommend San Francisco as an excellent travel destination! I am already (mentally anyway) planning my next trip there! :)

Erin @ Omaha Public Library

A walker's dream indeed! My husband and I visited San Francisco as a last stop on our honeymoon tour (after Tahoe and Napa), and it couldn't have been better. We left our car at our little boutique hotel the entire weekend. Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Coit Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, and some of the best meals at less-touristy sites. The memories!

You took some amazing photos, and it seems that you kept very busy. So glad to read that the weather held up for you!


What a fun place to visit for a honeymoon! I suspect you have some very happy memories of it, too! It is gorgeous there and I th8ink I've seen all the same places, too--we went to Napa last year, but no Tahoe unfortunately. We didn't rent a car, and luckily it is a city where you can easily get around without one. The weather was really great--and it is a city that is very 'photogenic' don't you think? :) I want to go back again, of course!

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