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How lovely. I wish I could look at all those handmade books closer, especially the one that says Decomposition and the Natural Causes one- I'm so curious! Were they college students, or high school? it looks quite impressive.


Aren't they beautiful? I like the two you mention as well--there are an abundance of books that are folded like that. I wouldn't mind being able to slip through them myself--some look especially tactile. The artists are university students from all over the US and Canada. I agree that they are indeed quite impressive!


What a wonderful exhibit. Are these made by art students?


They all look so interesting and beautiful, wish I could spend a day among them.


What a fantastic exhibit! I wish I could walk around it for real. Your library space looks gorgeous, too.


I love that my library has a proper exhibit space--it is very cool to go and see what is on offer when I have a break from work. I am not sure whether the students are art majors, but I have a feeling they must be--the books are really exceptional!


They do look beautiful and some are quite tactile, too. I think they are meant to be handled and opened and shifted around. I wish I could leaf through them! I have dropped in a couple of times now to look at them closer!


The library has been renovated in the last few years and it is really quite nice now. It needed updating as it was built in the 1970s and had the most awful orange carpeting! We are getting ready for another round of renovations actually and even the staff area has just undergone some changes--lots of upheaval, but the public space is quite impressive these days.


Wonderful exhibit. I would want to pick them all up and page through them...which is, of course, why they are in glass cases! They seem to be displayed very well, though, so you can really get a good idea of what's inside.

One of my goals is to make my own art journal one day, filled with different types of paper for different media and with spaces to write also.


You do have a fantastic exhibition space! Lucky you! The books are great, so much creativity.


Oh how wonderful! I would totally love to see this in person. When I lived in Dallas one of the local libraries also had really nice space and the calligraphy & bookbinding group I was a part of got a chance to exhibit. It was so cool to see all the wonderful art.


I love the idea of that sort of journal. I have toyed with the idea, but I have never actually tried it--I have a feeling I would not keep up with it over the long term, but I would love to try sometime! And I would like to be able to pick up the books and flip through them, too! There are so many to look at and displayed quite nicely. I think at least one of them is meant to be interactive--which makes sense with a book--they are meant to be handled!


It is cool that they decided to include gallery space in the renovation. We have had some really cool exhibits and I should share more of them more often. We always show the students work at the end of the semester--very fun.


How cool--you got to exhibit your own work then? I didn't realize that gallery space in libraries was a big trend, but it makes sense. It's nice, too, for the community engagement aspect!


These are amazing. I liked the "Meditations" best. But they are all great.

Omaha Public Library

This exhibit makes our hearts sing! Thank you for sharing photos.




Isn't that a wonderful little book--so creative with the frame? I would never have thought of doing something like that. Seeing these books is quite inspiring!


Aren't these wonderful? I envy the artists their creativity!! I am happy to share--I really must do so more often.


Aren't they! I wish I could be so creative! :)


Lovely exhibits!! Wish my local library showed such exhibits.


When my library was renovated they put in this gallery space, which is really cool. Right now there is student work on display--their thesis projects. I need to go walk through next week and look at everything new.

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