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I picked it up on Saturday but I don't think I'll manage to join. It's very chunky. Entirely interesting though. i wouldn't mind another post.
Meanwhile I've started the diary of a poet Sarah Kirsch, which I enjoy a great deal and it's slim.


I am going to have to buy a copy of this as the only Christa Wolf books that the library has are both in German - and my knowledge of the language has definitely deteriorated in the 30-odd years since I last studied it (and to be fair it wasn't that great even then - I always found French far easier)
I do really want to read it though as it looks fascinating and like you I am very curious about life behind the Iron Curtain.


Oh, this is sounding so good! I'm going to really like your regular posts about it :)


It is chunky, but it reads fairly fast. The only drawback is not being familiar with life in the GDR at that period--she talks a lot about local politics and writers/artists. I do wish there had been some sort of introduction to help get oriented. Still--another case of just adding to my knowledge--I figure it all keeps building. I have your post about the Kirsch book marked and am looking forward to reading it! There is much to be said about shorter books!


At one time I could get around a little in German, too, but those days have long since passed. My library has a small German lit collection--but a fair number of books are in German and not translated. I'll be curious to hear what you make of the Wolf book--I like best the parts about her family and personal life--also there is a lot about authors from that period--not sure how much I will actually absorb, since I am not very knowledgeable about the time and place. Still, I am sure I will take away from the book more than I think as I read...


It will be fun reading this and writing about it in lieu of my normal short stories--something different! I hope I don't bore people, but there is lots in the book that will be fun to share.


Christa Wolf is a great writer - though it's years and years since I last read anything by her. This sounds amazing - I am constantly in awe of your ability to put your hands on so many great books, Danielle!


This is one I must have bought when it first came out and then it has sat around for so long that it appears to now be out of print. You should see my book collection--mess though it is--you might be a little shocked (though judging by your many lovely shelves...maybe not! :) ). I am so glad to hear you like Christa Wolf--I have The Quest for Christa T. on hand and I hope to give it a go this month.

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