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Fabulous review, Danielle! I want to read this but I'm kind of scared. Dystopian fiction can certainly give you chills.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I am so reminded that I am a helpless and squeamish city dweller reading this - I'm not sure I would even know how to prepare something that someone else had killed. Eek. I think this book would make me very uncomfortable (as a good book should do, of course!).


I know exactly what you mean. It is an excellent book and there really are no graphic details, but the subject is heavy. It's a book I think I would have liked to pick up on a sunny day--as the weather here has turned so cold and bleak, it did make for hard going at times. But it is very much worthwhile.


Yes, it has made me uncomfortable, too. She focuses very much on the interrelationships between humans and animals. I am not sure I could have survived in the same circumstances--I am sure I would have from the first just broken down and cried. She's a strong character, though not perfect. I forgot to mention that this was made into a movie recently though I am not sure I can handle watching it--it is chilling to think about!


Oh wow this sounds fantastic! And it seems she beat Stephen King to the "Under the Dome" idea! Adding this one to my list!


I read this when I was maybe 20 and I couldn't shake it off. I came to it unprepared, had never heard of the author, nevre read a review and it really hit me hard. It's disturbing but at the same time beautiful. I think it's a truly great novel. I can recommend the movie as well.


Why did I press post already! Sorry, wasn't finished.
I'm really glad you liked it as well. It's been called a feminist novel and I suppose once you've finished and have seen who destroys the peace, it makes sense.
But I guess you are right to mention the Cold War. There's a feel of that too.


The complexity of this book makes it sound like a really worthwhile reading experience albeit a difficult one. I am already feeling a little apprehensive yet have checked if my library has a copy and it has. It will be january I think before starting.


I read this book in 1994, and I have never forgotten it. My reading experience was everything that you noted in your post. I'm so glad that your blog is introducing this novel to other readers.


It really is very good--it would be a perfect book to read in a group and discuss as there is so much to it. It is heavy and a little bleak at moments, but I think the end does have a sense of hopefulness--not an unrealistic sort either. I think you would like it!


This is a story that will stay with me for a long time I think. It is one I think I could reread and get more out of it as the first go was somewhat tense. She dropped those hints so I was always preparing myself for what was to come, if you know what I mean. I am contemplating watching the movie, but is it as chilling as the previews seem? I meant to mention it in my post and link to your trailer that you show. Is the movie fairly close to the book then?


I can see the feminist reading of it, but it almost seems more of an ecological sort of book--very ahead of its time I think. That last section was really devastating and I wonder how I would ever manage in the same situation. She (rightly so considering what happened) seemed to prefer living with the animals only--which makes quite a statement on its own. Anyway--thanks for bringing it to my attention--I think I would not have found it otherwise!


It is in a way a simple sort of story, but also can be read on a deeper level which shows all the complexities. It has left me with so much to think about and I think I could easily read it now a second time on that deeper level and get even more out of it. I do hope your library has it as I think it is very much a book you would 'like' and will appreciate! If you do get it, and when you read it, please let me know as I would love to hear your thoughts on it!


Hi Juliana--thanks so much for leaving a comment. I think this is a story I, too, will carry with me. It has made me look at the world (the natural world and our place as humans amongst the animals) in a very different way. I don't know why it is not better known--I hope that others might also pick it up now--word of mouth is such a good way to connect other readers with good books!


Beautiful review, Danielle! So glad to know that you liked 'The Wall' so much. I too discovered it through Caroline's post and it is one of my alltime favourite books. I am hoping to read it again next year. It was interesting to read in your post how you skimmed pages in between to reach the ending because it might soften the blow when you read all the pages properly. I normally don't do that, but I have noticed my mom doing that. Thanks for this wonderful review. In case you are interested in reading my review, you can find it here.


Sorry I couldn't post the link to my review. Trying again. Here it is.


Hi Vishy--The Wall is a book that continues to stay with me weeks later! It was such a powerful story. I don't normally flip to the back of the book, but I have found myself on a few occasions of late--doing just that! I can't seem to handle the tension it would seem! :) Have you see the movie adaptation? I am very tempted by it, but I wonder if it would not be too unsettling.


Thanks so much for the link--I will check out your thoughts on it too!

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