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Oh, I have never read Elizabeth Wilson before but I am interested now!


Crampton Hodnet is such a fun read, I agree! I haven't read any of the other titles you've mentioned, but they sound varied and interesting each in their own ways. I like this mini-review catching up -- lots of variety here!


She's really good. One of my good finds this year I think. I have two of her other books and as this is a period I love reading about I will certainly be picking up another by her in the new year.


I had a hodge podge of books that stacked up that I just didn't seem to get to when I initially read them. It's a pity as most were so good and too much time now has passed to write about them as I would have liked. Still, they are definitely worth looking for if they appeal. I loved the Pym--she is marvelous. I really do need to read more of her work!


Maybe I should have done that as well - a mini review post but nw I'm running out of time as I'll be posting on Bao Ninh tomorrow.
These all sound like really good books. I would like to read Barbara Pym again. I've only read one of her books -The Sweet Dove Died - and liked it very much.


I read Crampton Hodnet after reading your post about it, and loved it. Thank you for introducing me to Barbara Pym! Must add her to the reading list for 2014. I'm also interested in reading Flush--I've only read a couple of things by V. Woolf, and gave up on reading a volume of her diary because I had no idea what she was talking about half the time--so many references to people and events I had never heard of. I feel she is an important writer and challenging, and that I "should" be more familiar with her.


I love Barbara Pym, too! I should read more of her in 2014 - only read one of her books in 2013.


I'm with you on Barbara Pym and Virginia Woolf. I've managed to read all of Woolf's novels, and am happily working my way through Pym's. (Though it's hardly work.) Can't wait to give Elizabeth Wilson a try. Thanks for the recommendation!


Must read more Barbara Pym! I don't think I have Crampton Hodnet on my shelves so I need to add it. Total Chaos is definitely going on my favorite reads list this year. It was a lot more than I expected.


The Wilson sounds exactly my sort of book, so thanks for the recommendation. And 2014 is going to be the year when I finally read a Barbara Pym if only because a friend has made 'Jane and Constance' her choice for our book group.


I wondered if you finished Flush! Now I see you did but just never to to writing about it. Amazing how the books pile up so fast isn't it?


It's amazing how well these little mini catch up posts work! I somehow don't feel like I have 'wrapped up' my reading until I have written about a book in some way. Several of the books I read I would have preferred writing about on their own, but oh well. I know it is something no one else pays attention to, but it hangs over my head. Hopefully next year I can stay on top of books. And I would love to read more of Pym's books--will have to go back and look at your post--she has written so much it's hard to choose a next book.


I'm so glad you liked the Pym--and I think that is not even her best book. If you are looking for another on next year I highly recommend Excellent Women--I loved it when I read it and would happily reread it. Flush is a great book to pick for another by Virginia Woolf--compared to some of her other books it is very easy reading (and I find her very challenging normally). Like you I think she is someone I really need to read, so I will pick another one next year. I set aside a diary written during WWII that seemed so promising for just the same reason--lots of name dropping and I had no idea who any of the people were. It seems silly to keep reading when I felt so lost.


She's definitely on my mental list---along with quite a few other hard to squeeze them all in, isn't it. But she is definitely one to make an effort to read!


How cool that you have read all of Virginia Woolf's novels. I am very slowly making my way through them. Eventually I'll get them all read. Pym would be a great reading project. I'm looking forward to picking up another book by her in the new year, too. Glad to pass on Elizabeth Wilson--I have two of her other books on hand to read at some point.


I think Barbara Pym must be almost universally liked! (And for good reason). I was quite impressed by the Izzo and look forward to the next book--I have the others on hand. His book of essays (though slight as it is) is good, too!


Always happy to pass on a good read! I want to read more 'spy fiction' next year. Of course I say that every year and then read about one book from the genre. Maybe next year will be different? Yay for Barbara Pym. I have Jane and Constance, too!


I kept meaning to write about it and meaning to write about it--you know how it goes. Then so much time seemed to pass that I got lazy. Then of course I regretted not doing so! Yes, they do pile up. Next year I am going to try and keep up better--but sometimes during the work week my brain power is just too low to write a proper book post! :)

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