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I started reading Mad Puppetstown right before Christmas, but I'm only about 30 pages in. If you start it now, we could read it together!

Re: Cheerful Weather, I rarely watch movies, but I'd loved the book so, that I definitely set aside some time to watch it several months back. And Larry sat down to watch it with me, got about three-quarters of the way through it, and asked me, Is anything at all going to happen in this movie?

What do you mean? A whole lot's happened! I said.

He stuck it out, then went around telling everyone afterwards that the only thing that happened in the whole movie was that a turtle was put in a box at the very end.


I started Mad Puppetstown right before Christmas but I'm only about 30 pages in. If you're in the mood to start now, we could read it together!

Re: Cheerful Weather: I don't watch many movies, but since I'd loved the book, I made sure I set aside the time to watch it. And Larry sat down to watch it with me, got about three-quarters of the way through it, and asked me, Is there anything at all that's going to happen in this movie?

What do you mean? There's a lot that's happened! I said.

He made it to the end, then went around telling people afterwards that the only thing that happened in the movie was that they put a turtle in a box at the very end.


Yep. I haven't read any of these... I need to branch out in my reading more. Good luck with your reading in 2014!


Enjoyed reading your review of a successful reading year. It's funny but several of the books/authors you mention are on my TBR shelf to be read this year, including At Wakes and Weddings and something by May Sarton (The Small Room).

I've been hearing good things about Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, so I might try to get a copy of that myself for 2014.

Happy New Year--may you find wonderful new books and authors in 2014!


You had a terrific reading year! Isn't it funny how long a year can feel when we come to the end of it and look back to the beginning? I am inspired to seek out May Sarton's Journal of Solitude. It has been on the margins for so many years for me, I thank you for bringing it front and centre. Love Molly Keane and Ann Morrow Lindbergh, and you've made me want to get my hands on the Mary Norton too. Looking forward to hearing your plans for 2014. Happy New Year!


Yay, Total Chaos made both of our lists! :)
I read Journal of a Solitude years ago and I think that is one book I wouldn't mind re-reading one day. I felt like I could have easily highlighted pages! So much of what she wrote really resonated with me. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it so much. Here's to great reads in the New Year!


Excellent & very varied list Dani. Happy New Year & good luck to us both with those reading plans!


Oh, I so love both Journal of a Solitude and Gift from the Sea! Happy to see you do too.

There are others on your list that I would really enjoy, I know -- onto the tbr they go, for some future delectation.


I'm so glad to see some books I already have on your list and know I should finally read them. Journal of a Solitude, A Summons to Memphis, Gift From the Sea, At Weddings and Wakes.
I love Paula Fox and thta's one I haven't read yet.
Wonderful titles.


I'm so glad you've enjoyed the Sarton. Are you going to go on and read her other journals now. I think there are another three or four, but would have to wander upstairs to check:-)


Hi Susan--I had gotten up to about page 76 of Mad Puppetstown, but then it had been so long since I picked it up that I think I need to go back to the beginning and start again--or at least skim over those pages, which I still hope to do today. Read slow and I'll try and catch up! :) I will be taking it to work tomorrow and it is going to be my 'gym' book, which means a good hour of devoted reading time (unless I take two books--one for the treadmill and another for the elliptical and then each will get half an hour--so greedy am I!!). Hah--isn't it funny what some people take away from films? I thought the movie quite a good adaptation, though probably it didn't seem like much happened at all. I think I will have to reread it sometime (or look and see if she has written other books).


Too many choices when it comes to reading! I always think the same exact thing when looking at other people's reading lists--and then I wonder whatever have "I" been reading that I missed all these other books!! :) Happy reading to you, too!


Alice McDermott is great and I am looking forward to reading more of her books. I think I must have owned At Weddings and Wakes since it first came out in paper! It is definitely a worthy read. I also read The Small Room and loved it, too. Journal of Solitude was especially good for me--just the right book at the right time! I think Cheerful Weather for the Wedding made the rounds last year--I really liked it, and it is a slim book and fast reading! I am looking forward to this new reading year--hope you find many wonderful reads, too!


Yes, it was a long reading year and looking back is always interesting to see where I started and where I ended up. Now here we are at another beginning--so the cycle continues! :) May Sarton's Journal was excellent--I have two more of her journals sitting on my TBR pile quite near the top! Molly Keane is going to be a priority for me, and I really want to read AML's diaries--didn't do too well with them last year--just not enough reading time it would seem (there never is enough, is there?). I really wish Mary Norton had written more and I will dig around and see what else I might find by her but I don't see anything except her YA titles on Amazon. Best wishes to you in 2014!


I have the next two Izzo books sitting in my crime pile! Just waiting for the right moment--I hope to read more crime/mystery novels this year. Journal of Solitude is a book I most definitely will reread--it was just the right book for the right moment for me. And like you, I found much I could relate to. Happy reading in 2014 Iliana!


Even though I was initially disappointed in how much I read, looking back makes me think it was not such a bad reading year at all. Lots of new great discoveries, so I am very pleased. Happy New Year, Lyn. I hope you read many wonderful books this year!


I think those two books will be classics for me. They are such lovely books. I am so looking forward to reading more of May Sarton's books--I have two more of her journals (both she mentions in this one) to read this year. Happy reading in 2014, Melwyk!


I know you have mentioned Paula Fox to me before-I have a few more of her novels waiting--and one you recommended. I hope to pick up something by her again this year. The others you mention were really special reads for me--I want to read more books by all of those authors--will see what happens--already other books/authors seem to be crowding them out! :)


I am so happy to see that others have read and loved May Sarton. How is it that it has taken me so long to read her? (Isn't that always the case?). I have Plant Dreaming Deep and House by the Sea already pulled from my bookshelves. She mentions both books in Journal of Solitude which makes me eager to read both. I shall be collecting her other books--will watch for them at my favorite used bookstore! I admire writers who keep such interesting journals!


My list is here:
This year it actually has some fiction on it! Last year's was all nonfic.
I may have asked this before, Dani: Have you ever read any Gladys Taber? May Sarton sounds as if she's a bit like her, perhaps more introspective.


Thanks for the link, Linda! I think it's cool that you read so much NF. I have loads of it and love reading it, only I am such a slow NF reader--it's a sensory overload for me as I always feel like I need to be better at remembering detail and there is always so much of it! I really do need to read Gladys Tabor--I have a few of her books, which I have owned for years now. I will have to pull them from my shelves as I love reading about that part of the US. Anything similar to May Sarton would be of interest to me!


Somehow I have the idea that Mary Norton wrote under more than one name. Or was that E. Nesbit? Or maybe I just imagined it all!


Testing the Current made it onto my year's favorite list too! It really is a remarkable book and I never would have read it if it hadn't been for the NYRB subscription. I am sort of sad I didn't renew it but maybe I will pick it up again when I am caught up with all the books from 2013.


It's entirely possible she wrote under a different name--I will have to investigate--I would love to find some other books by her (for adults). I have never read E Nesbit--other than a couple of short stories--I really need to give her a try sometime, too!


I really loved that McPherson--I don't imagine I would have ever picked it up (maybe not even heard of it) except for the NYRB subscription. It was a lucky find for me. Oh well--as for not keeping the subscription--if you see something that is especially appealing you can always look for a library copy or splurge and buy it on its own, right?


We agree so often on books that I can't help but copy this list onto a document somewhere that ought to be marked: Danger! Money About To Be Spent! But if you loved them, I know I will too. You have several of my favourites on there already - Clare Chambers, A Gift from the Sea, May Sarton, Alice McDermott, Barbara Pym... And I already have A Summons to Memphis, which I'm looking forward to reading hugely!


I swear I am going to read a new Clare Chamber book this year. I have three or four sitting here unread (while I keep picking up the same two to read over and over again)! I still wish she would write a new book, however. We usually have a lot of overlap with books, don't we! I hope you enjoy A Summons to Memphis--I really liked it and want to read more of his work--maybe this year, too.


I've been wanting to read Sarton's journals, but my library doesn't have them. Perhaps I'll add one to my next used book order. The Lindbergh sounds like one for me to look into as well.

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