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vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I'm desperate to read this now, Danielle -- I love Italy almost as much as France. And who can resist governesses?


I loved it too. It will be in my top 10 this year.


What a lovely review, Danielle. I'm so sure I will like this as well. dangerous to read it though, it will make me want to go to Florence again.
I haven't read anything by this author yet.


This looks wonderful! And I cannot recommend 'The New House' enough - it has been republished by Persephone. It all takes place on one day, and it revolves around a widow leaving the family home and the lives of her grown-up children. Until I read your review I didn't know any of her other novels were available.


This sounds delightful - sort of sharper, slightly darker Enchanted April! I thought I recognised the name - I have a Persephone novel by Lettice Cooper: The New House. I'll have to look out for other books by her too, now!


I haven't read any of Lettice Cooper's novels, in fact, I didn't really know much about her at all. But this sounds like a must read -- governesses, Italy and all. I also thought of Enchanted April with your first lines of this review!


Why are governesses (and spinsters?) so appealing to read about? :) I love Italy, too. I am tempted to reach for a crime novel set in Italy, though so far I have resisted. Just as I am getting my reading piles under control I am ready to go a little crazy and start a whole new stack of books!


Thanks Lyn--since it was you who brought the book to my attention. When you first mentioned it I had to request it via ILL! I think it may well end up on my list, too. I am in the middle of deciding favorites! And I need to catch up on blog reading....I'm looking forward to all the end of year posts!


This is my first book by her I've read and now I think I need to pick up The New House, which I have on hand as well (I somehow ended up with both the Virago and Persephone editions--one I bought and the other someone gave to me!). I will try and find some of her other books now, too. I see a few have been made available as ebooks. I am thinking of picking up a crime novel set in Italy now...(though I keep thinking that I want something set in Ireland, too....). See how my mind works--always ready to start reading a new book! I think you will like this one, too!


I have the Persephone edition as a matter of fact! I am going to have to grab my copy as I am eager to read more of her work. I like the sound of the story--I am very much in a Persephone/Virago mood right now! I think most of her work is out of print, though I do see several titles are for sale as ebooks on Kindle or Nook! Anyway--I'm so glad to hear good things about The New House!


How could I have forgotten to add The Enchanted April to my list?! I love that book and I think it is time for a reread of it this winter. Talk about Italy and transformations! Yes, you are spot on in your characterization of the Cooper! I think you would like her!


I knew in the back of my mind there were other Italy books but for some reason that one escaped me--it is the perfect example! If you liked it, I think this would be a good follow up. I really didn't know anything about Lettice Cooper either, though I have had a copy of The New House far too long. I hope I can pick it up soon--my list of 2014 reads seems to keep growing... :)


A new-to-me book and author, except for your brief mention before. I will definitely seek it out. I find that as I grow older (!!), I look for books with more substance to them, and a more realistic vision of life, as long as disturbing and terrible things don't play too large a role. This sounds like just such a book.


What a wonderful find! The book sounds great. I think Danielle you need to go to Italy someday :)


This is a safe choice--she does write about the war and internment camps, but much of that happens off stage--nothing that would be overly unsettling. I think you would like this. I was suitably impressed and hope to read The New House next year--I have it already on my shelves. I hope to read more Viragos in general--I seem to generally have good luck with them!


I think so, too. I have wanted to learn Italian for a long time now, but sadly the university doesn't teach it, nor does the local community college. I would be happy to go there to learn.... :)

Thomas at My Porch

Even if I hadn't read and loved Cooper's The New House I would have been taken in by your review. Sounds wonderful. And I love those line from the book (and film!) about Lucy being transformed by Italy. Have you also read Forster's Where Angels Fear to Tread? That also has an Italian setting that transforms characters and readers.


I have not yet read that particular Forster novel, but I love all the others I have read. Howards End along with A Room with a View are two of my favorite books of all time and I have read them both more than once. I need to read more of Forster's books, but I seem to keep returning to the same two! There really is something magical about Italy! I think I will have to go pull my copy of The New House off my shelves--it seems to have gotten much praise. I even have both the VMC edition and the Persephone edition. How is that for greed?!

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