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Happy Happy Holidays looking forward to more of your reading adventures.


Thanks Rhonda--Happy Holidays to you, too! I hope next year is filled with lots of good books for both of us! :)


All the nest to you, Danielle.
[That squirrel is so cute it's crazy!]


Happy Holidays, Danielle.
What lovely photos.
It's great the Botanical garden does that. such a wonderful idea.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Oh, gorgeous squirrel. You couldn't post me one, could you...? ;-) I hope you Christmas Day is as wonderful as this garden, Danielle!

Joan Kyler

Merry Christmas, Danielle. Thanks for sharing your photos. I feel blessed that I've 'met' so many lovely people via their blogs. Have a wonderful day.!


Merry Christmas, Danielle! Am seriously envious of your Botanical Garden over there. ;) Love the squirrel shots (and the illustration of 'high-tailin'!) hahaha.....

Claire (The Captive Reader)

Wow, that poinsettia tree is amazing! Merry Christmas!


What wonderful pictures! Hope you had a lovely Christmas Day & all the best for the New Year.


Merry Christmas, Danielle! What a great tradition. Love poinsettias and all the pictures.


Merry Christmas!!


I hope you've had a lovely Christmas. Your squirrel photos are great


A very very happy Christmas to you dear Danielle! Love the photos - that poinsettia tree is amazing and the squirrel hilarious! Hope you've been having a really good time.


That squirrel has a look in his eye... I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Danielle, and that 2014 is full of good things for you!


Loved the squirrel picture! Happy holidays to you too!


Happy holidays to you, too, Danielle. Beautiful poinsettia display. I missed mine this year, since we didn't buy any because of the new kitten.

Hope you stay warm and cozy and have lots of time for reading this holiday season.


LOVE the squirrel photos, Danielle! We're spending a small fortune to keep our furry visitors in peanuts, the little monkeys. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and happy cosy reading time!


Happy Christmas, Danielle!


Merry Christmas, Danielle!


And best wishes to you, too, Cipriano! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I'd say that squirrel--and all his family has it pretty easy living where he does--nothing like a bagel for a holiday treat!


Hope you had a great Christmas with your friends, Caroline! The Botanical Gardens are quite photogenic! Lots of people go there to have pictures taken in front of the decorations. I love their displays and hope to go again in the spring when everything is blooming!


I would be especially happy to ship the ones that nested in my attic to you! :) I'm afraid I covered up their entrance and now they must rough it outside. But I do like the ones living in these gardens. They were scurrying up and down the tree--very amusing to watch. My Christmas was lovely--even involved a couple of books and a few gift cards. Hope yours was nice, too!


Happy Holidays Joan! Many thanks for your many comments--always nice chatting with you! I also am very happy to have met so many nice and 'like minded' people via my blog and other blogs! Very best wishes in 2014 (and a year filled with lots of good books...and needlework time, too!).


It's always a treat to go to these gardens--I hope to visit again in the spring when everything will be turning green again. The squirrel was very accommodating! I was surprised I lucked out and caught the 'tail shot'! Happy Holidays Michelle--and very best wishes in the New Year!


Isn't it gorgeous?! And I find it challenging to keep one poinsettia plant alive and thriving--imagine 720++! Happy Holidays to you!


Thanks--they are quite festive, aren't they?! I hope you had a great time with your sisters! Best Wishes to you, too!


Happy Holidays, Iliana! Hope you had a really great day and best wishes in 2014!


Happy Holidays, Kailana!


The squirrel was quite a character. I lucked out to find him sitting there. I had a great day--I hope you had a lovely holiday, too. Best wishes in 2014!


Happy Holidays Litlove. I had a lovely, relaxing day, and I hope you did, too, once the meal was out of the way! The days are, as expected, flying by. I wish I could slow the time down. I'm reading when I can, but you know there is never enough time for it. Still-so nice to have a break and not much thought of work has gone on--just as it should be.


Doesn't he though? I think I would not want to read his mind, but I was sort of glad to have that glass between him and me!I had a great holiday and hope yours was the same. Very best wishes in 2014!


He was quite entertaining I must say. There was much scampering about going on! :) Happy Holidays to you, Smithereens, and your family!


I was lucky as my cats never did take much interest in my poinsettia plants, but I am not so sure an energetic kitten wouldn't be tempted by one! It was beautiful today and at close to 40F practically balmy outside! What a treat! I hope you had a great Christmas and a lovely New Year's celebration lined up!


Didn't they turn out well! I felt like I should pay him--throw out a few nuts or something! The squirrels in my yard get all the leftover bread. Such beggars, aren't they?! Hope you had a great holiday, too, and Very Best Wishes in 2014! (And lots of reading time, too).


Happy Holidays Cornflower! Hope you are enjoying a festive and relaxing season!

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