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Hebrides is a beautiful book and a great companion to the trilogy, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed with The Chessmen when you come to read it, Danielle!


I am awaiting delivery of The Lewis Man any day now. The books by AD Scott are excellent, and best read in order; enjoy!


These sound really good! Adding them to my TBR mystery list.


I'd like this very much. I love it when setting is so well developed.
I need to look into AD Scott as well. I'm reading S.J.Bolton's DEad Scared now and like it very much. I'm going to order all of her books I haven't read yet.


I've been afraid to read The Lewis Man as I loved The Black House so much I was afraid it would not live uo to its predecessor. Your description makes the two books sound very different so I'll read TLM for my Read Scotland challenge I think.


I'm looking forward to both books coming in the mail! I would love to travel to Scotland and the Hebrides in particular. I have this idea that I would love to live on an island--would love the solitariness of it, but I do wonder if that would be true. At least closer to an ocean would be nice! :) I'm so glad to hear The Chessmen is good, too--not surprised to hear that, though! :)


I very much enjoyed The Lewis Man! He has written other books, too, which I am curious about but I am not sure my library has any of them. I'm glad to hear good things about AD Scott! Her first book is waiting for me now at the library. I prefer to read mysteries in order--sometimes it doesn't matter but I hate knowing things ahead of time that will spoil books when I go back to read read the earlier titles. I like, too, that hers are set in the 1950s! I hope to pick the book up tomorrow, but I may not get there until Monday....not that I don't already have Plenty to read....


I know you like crime books, and I think you might well like these very much. The setting is breathtaking--well, as much as a book can have a breathtaking view, if you know what I mean! :)


You will have to look for these books and add them to your reading pile. I think you'll like them! I have read nearly all of SJ Bolton's books--just waiting for her last one to come out in paper (in spring). I see that the next Lacey Flint book will be out here in the US in the summer and that now it is listed under Sharon Bolton rather than SJ, which I think is interesting (too much confusion with abbreviations?--and will the UK edition be marketed the same way?). I need to hurry and catch up I see. Otherwise I only have one of her standalones left to read--the one with snakes in it! :)


I think it was equally as good--the story is different enough not to have too much overlap yet the characters are the same and the story picks up more or less where it left off--at least in terms of their relationships with each other. I think enough time had passed for me not to make too many comparisons, too. Now I am looking forward to the third book, though I think I will let a little time pass again before diving in!


I'll be in Lewis again next September, and I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures for you!


I very much enjoyed The Blackhouse after reading your post about it, so I expect I'll like The Lewis Man also. I know what you mean about solitude--I love it myself, I think because I grew up an only child in the home of a single working mom--I spent a lot of time alone, reading (surprise). I was sometimes lonely, but I got used to having long stretches of alone time. It was hard to adjust to college life in a dorm, then life with a roommate and ultimately family life. My husband works at home too, so I rarely get any solitude and I REALLY miss it. Somehow just closing my office door doesn't do the trick. It helps, but somehow I still feel the energy from having someone else in the house. I enjoy books set in lonely places, or where the hero/heroine is on a solitary journey of some kind.


So great to hear that you've enjoyed the sequel a lot! I do wonder if it will be just a trilogy though? I know some authors have started that way but have ended up with more books - which of course I'm all for! :)

I'm eagerly awaiting the next Elly Griffiths book but I think it won't come out until 2015? I need to double-check because that is just too long of a wait! I'm looking forward to hearing what vintage mysteries you find! I joined the challenge too and am already researching books that could be potential reads.


That would be great! :) Lucky you to be able to visit there! It's always interesting to visit a place you've read about--especially a novel. I always have a picture in my mind of what a place looks like--it's always more interesting when you can put an actual memory of a place to descriptions in a book!

Liz F

The Chessmen is very good so I'm sure that you will enjoy it and if you are in the mood for Scottish mysteries then I can definitely recommend Ann Cleeves' Shetland series!
The new Elly Griffiths, called The Outcast Dead in the UK, is due out here in March, and I am very much looking forward to it as I have a tendency to read her books pretty much at a sitting given half a chance!
I have always rather fancied life in a remote place and when I am browsing the property pages for the sort of place I would buy if I won the lottery, I invariably go for something in a very out-of-the-way setting. Might have to go on my own though as my other half is not at all fond of solitude and is a dedicated townie!

I suspect my fondness for remote countryside is probably an ancestral throwback to the far southwest of County Kerry on one side and the edge of the North York Moors on the other - couldn't cope with island life as I get horribly travelsick in both boats and small planes!


Oh I remember your review of The Blackhouse! I put it on my TBR list. I didn't manage to read it, forgot all about it until now! This second book sounds really good too. I think in 2014 I am going to have to look at my TBR list more and read books that are on it instead of dashing off to gobble down whatever new and shiny thing pops up.


It's almost uncanny how much our reading is so very similar! Although I totally wimped out on Delta Wedding--I had good intentions, but....--we should try and read something else in tandem. I really like having my solitude. For a while, when I was first divorced I thought I would get too lonely, but now I almost get peeved when I don't get in as much alone time as I would like! Just closing a door really isn't the same--I wholeheartedly agree!


I wonder, too, as the characters are so interesting and there is so much going on with their personal lives. I wouldn't mind if he kept writing more Fin books. I think, though, I saw that he has a standalone coming out next year! I really need to get back to Elly Griffiths. I only have read the first and you know how that had a cliffhanger ending. The second book sits on my reading pile. I think I am so overwhelmed by choice when it comes to mysteries that I think too much about what I want to read and agonize too long over the choices! I am reading Agatha Christie for the vintage mystery challenge, but I think I want to read a crime novel alongside it.


I'm pretty easy to please as I am sure you know, so I suspect I will like The Chessmen very much. Just waiting for my copy to arrive. I am, however, always spoiled for choice, so it is a matter of squeezing it in. I need to get back to Elly Griffiths--I am only on the second book, which sits in eyesight of my computer....too many books I want to read and I can never quite decide. Will check out Ann Cleeves, too. I think I could be very happy somewhere isolated, but then I've always lived in a city, so who knows for certainly sounds good. Were you born in England or Ireland? And do you still have family there? Get to visit? Island life is very appealing, but would be less so if you get seasick! You'd never be able to leave! :)


It's so hard, though, isn't it? I say the very same thing, and then go off and request all the latest releases from the library. How many books sit on my own piles unopened that I HAD to have and was so excited about?? Peter May really is very good if the urge arises anytime soon!

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