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Well, any Wimsey or Campion will qualify for amateur detective...wait, can one book do double duty, because either of them will be for England. :-) Hammett for a man in the title. One Wimsey will do academic. Published under more than one title? Several Christies fit the bill. And in the golden category you will find adult mysteries other than murders; notice how all mysteries are murder mysteries today? No finding the pearls, etc. The only mysteries today without murders are in children's mysteries.


What an original idea. Have fun!


I can probably pick just about any book for the English setting so will likely start there. I think we're technically not supposed to double up, but that's okay--I'm greedy and happy to read more. It will be fun to pick books to match categories. I was thinking more than a few Agatha Christie's have multiple titles. And it is sort of sad that the only mysteries these days involve murder and rarely other sorts of crime. I don't mind gritty crime novels but I sometimes like a gentle sort of mystery read, too. Now just to decide where to start.... :)


Isn't it a great idea? I think this is a challenge that I might actually be able to accomplish!


This is such a great challenge! I have been thinking of which reading challenges to join next year as the last couple of years I've been sitting out quite a bit. Anyway, this is one I'll probably do. Love mysteries and I haven't read many from the Golden Age so this would be the perfect excuse to discover some classics. Have fun, Danielle!


I'm contemplating which book to start with! I think next year is going to be a big (more so than this year) mystery reading year for me. At least I am very much in the mood for mysteries right now. I will be getting back to The Lewis Man (have you read the Peter May trilogy?) and then choosing a new crime novel and pulling out possibilities for my Vintage reading--I hope you join--it should be fun. I have several reading projects of my own in mind so will try and not be too tempted by challenges--but it is difficult, isn't it?

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

This is a lovely one - I'm seriously tempted, esp. given how much I love that era.


This is such a fun idea.
I'm tempted to do it as well, only I'd go for Silver.
The categories are really neat.


I will definitely be joining you in the Gold Bingo challenge. I love vintage mysteries, and enjoyed this year's challenge very much. I need to go sign up, and write a wrap-up post for this year's challenge!


Good luck! I'm doing this one next year as well. I'm just going to read haphazardly and see what I come up with line-wise. I suspect it's going to be a fun challenge.


What a fun idea! And a perfect challenge for you. Have fun!


Oh it is so much fun! I would have joined but for the baby. Although I will probably enjoy a fair share of easy mysteries in 2014, but my time will be limited. Have fun!


I'll remind you of Elizabeth Daly who you introduced me to - I love her books! This is such a clever idea - how do people think of these things? I have a dreadful feeling I will end up trying to get hold of a whole host of Golden Age crime when you get stuck into the challenge!


What a great challenge! I've been on an Agatha Christie kick myself lately. I just finished reading Three Blind Mice and A Murder is Announced, and can't wait to begin her Seven Dials Mystery. Have fun reading all your Gold Card Mysteries!


Do! I would love to see what you come up with for reading choices! Besides, it will be fun!


Isn't it a great idea? I toyed with the idea of doing the Silver mysteries, but I am in the mood (at the moment) for the vintage stuff--am contemplating now which book I will read first. I am leaning towards a Margery Allingham novel, but that may change...


It does sound like fun and I am looking forward to it. I look forward to hearing about your choices from this year. I know you have been reading vintage mysteries as you have mentioned this challenge before (and I think you have done it previously, too?). I might have to make sure I squeeze in a Miss Silver mystery, too! :)


I got the idea from you as a matter of fact! :) I am going to read at whim as well, though I might see which category looks like fun and then find a book to fit it. I like the themes--such a fun idea!


It is right up my alley--so I couldn't resist. I don't want to go overboard with challenges and readalongs and plans (though I am sure I will in the end), but as long as I choose the ones that fit in with my normal reading, it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to join in.


Are you referring to your son, or did I miss a big event in your life?? You could always read along unofficially and see where you end up at the end of the year. I was already hoping to read more mysteries next year so this seemed a good idea. Have you read any of the Cleo Coyle coffeehouse mysteries? I have started the first one--very easy, mindless and entertaining so far.


I was thinking about her after I wrote this post and will duly add her to the list as I would love to read more of her work! This is a clever idea--how do people come up with these things? And I am such a sucker for finding excuses to read more books.... ! :) I will be more than happy to (and hopefully will be much better next year about writing about all the books I'm reading/finish--it has been spotty this year)share my finds--and give you a few more books to add to your reading pile.


I've been trying to read a few Agatha Christie books every year--didn't do quite so well this year, as I think I only managed Evil Under the Sun (which I liked very much), so hopefully next year will be better. As a matter of fact, A Murder is Announced is next on my list!

Bev Hankins


I don't think my first attempt to post worked (if it did and it shows up--then my apologies for double-posting)

Welcome to the Vintage Bingo Challenge! I'm so glad you'll be joining us in 2014--the more the merrier! I hope you have a good time working on your Bingo.


Hi Bev, thanks for your comment and for hosting this--it sounds like great fun. I followed another blogger last year who joined in and was so tempted--am happy to join in now from the start. I am sure I am going to discover lots of new (or old!) books I will want to read. (Sorry--Typepad must have eaten the first comment--I checked but didn't see anything in the spam filter).

Bev Hankins

I don't mind that Typepad ate the comment (at least it didn't show up twice :-) ). I look forward to seeing what you read!


Typepad likes to drop legitimate comments into the spam folder, so if a comment disappears it is often there--I check every night by the way. And I am excited about my reading--I am going to start a book as soon as my break from work begins (just two more days to go!).

Christine Harding

Hmmm... As I've said before, I'm not the greatest fan of detective fiction, but I love the sound of the Vintage Mystery Bingo and the way it's presented. Read one book with a colour in the title and so on. I could do that... I think! It would have to be pre-1960 though (not as gory as post 1960). I guess I could manage six books, and it would be something different.


I think it will be fun and there are so many great books out there that are not traditional detective fiction, I am sure you could easily find six! I like the categories, too. I am starting with an Agatha Christie book--The Man in the Brown Suit, which she published in 1924. So far it is quite light and entertaining--very different really than Miss Marple (who I had been reading).

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