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Buried In Print

Lovely finds! And Virginia Wolf was on my list of favourite reads for 2012: it's wonderful. I think it's a keeper.


I am pleased with my current library stack(s). Normally I only have the regular sorts of novels but this week I have a nice variety and I think I am going to make a point of looking for more juvenile (older and younger) books as well--so if you have suggestions (as you can see what I like here...) do share. I actually found Virginia Wolf while looking for something else (isn't that often the case?) and snapped it up! If I had several picture books I could get warm and comfy with a thick fleecy blanket, a cup of tea and some lovely picture books! And I didn't realize until I came home and looked up the author that she is a Torontan, too!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I read Hollywood Babylon many years ago - great fun and also pretty horrifying in places. There's a place for lowbrow in everyone's lives, definitely!


Isn't there though? I rather like a little lowbrow now and again (actually I read more than I think, come to think of it). You know how it goes--read a little Balzac with its intricate descriptions and social commentary but then need a little something, umm, lighter. If only I were sitting on a nice beach somewhere with it!


It definitely makes a good story! I am not much for poetry either. I try. One day it will click!


What an unbelievable story! You really need to read his poetry.
I've written a story, which is to some extent inspired by Kenneth Anger's book and even mentions it. What do you say to that?
I've bought that when I was very young, 17 or younger and it made an impression. It's a bit depressing.


I love it when things like that happen. Definitely a sign that you should read at least some of it! I like reading poetry, but don't do it as often as I would like--like reading classics, it sometimes seems to take more effort than I have in me. But just like finding delightful classics that are easy for me to read, I have come across poetry like that, too. A poem or two at bedtime is doable.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a book I didn't know existed while looking for another book, and even though I decided to read fewer self-help-y books this year, I checked it out anyway--Joan Anderson's A Weekend to Change Your Life. She wrote A Year By the Sea, which I read and enjoyed a few years ago. I LOVE the idea of stepping out of regular life for a time of renewal and refocusing.


I don't think it is indulgent to borrow books from the library where you work and even more from the public library. I do it too! I hope you enjoy Billy Collins, what luck finding his misshelved location like you did! I've heard of the Virginia Wolf book, it looks like such a treat!

Jen K

I remember reading when of his poems in high school (over ten years ago now), and I still remember it. I actually was just looking it up the other day, and found this video of him reading it:


Oh Danielle, I really hope you enjoy Billy Collins. I've been fortunate enough to see him at an event a couple of years ago and I just love his poetry. It's just so easy to relate to. I think you'll be in for a treat.

The Woolf(Wolf) book looks great! Enjoy your finds :)


I like the idea of poetry but I just don't ever pick up a book of poems, so this is a step in the right direction. I am just never sure exactly how to approach poetry, if that makes sense. I guess I just need to dive right in!


I think I will just read randomly in the Billy Collins book of poems. Maybe I can try and read one every other day or so. We'll see how it goes! I had somehow totally missed the Anger book--I guess I had heard of the title but never looked at it, but it looks really sort of interesting--I am more interested in that earlier era of Hollywood than anything going on today. Was your story inspired by something Anger wrote about? Now I am very curious! :)


I swear I have a copy of A Year by the Sea somewhere and should probably dig it out as I am sure it would make a good follow up to May Sarton--though the problem is always where it is exactly! I will definitely read some of the Billy Collins book--maybe I'll read all the poems--we'll see. I shall keep it by my bedside with my "best of" books. Lots to dip into! And you should totally read self-help books if you feel like it--though I always tell myself less of this and more of that, too--but really we should just follow our instincts and read those books that give the more pleasure.


In any case it is a good thing to get those books circulating--especially older ones that have been sitting for a while and may risk being weeded at some point! I'm looking forward to Billy Collins and that children's book--will likely report back, too!


That's so great--thanks for sharing it--my very first taste of Billy Collins! How cool to be able to hear the poet read his own work. Now I am really looking forward to dipping into this collection!


I just watched him reading one of his poems on YouTube and I think you are right--I am looking forward to reading some of his poetry! The Woolf/Wolf book is too cute!


I do believe that books have a mind of their own, popping out at us when they are good and ready. How remarkable that you found this Billy Collins as you did. Yea!

I enjoy Billy Collins. Actually, I happened upon an audio of him reading his own poems at the library on Thursday, and snatched it up asap. Wonderful to hear his poems in his own voice. Poetry takes time to brew, it my opinion; one day, a poem doesn't work, the next it does. I find that poems need to be read aloud, so, usually find a place to sit, open the book, and do just that.

Enjoy. Great finds you have.


I think there is something to it to listen to a poet read his own work. I like it anyway--much better than just reading it to myself. Maybe that's what I need to do--read them aloud--(when no one else is around! ;) ). And I imagine letting poems percolate is a good thing, too. It's nice to have so much access to visuals on the internet--will have to look for more by him now. I only have listened to one that was quite humorous as he read it.

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