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I cannot tell you how much I loved these books as a child. I never owned them then, but borrowed them from the library many times. I may, however have skipped Farmer Boy a few of the times through the series. A book about a boy just wasn't as good as the ones about Laura. This was true even though he lived not too many miles from where I was growing up (about 200 miles). As an adult, however I loved this book! All those meals, and the lovely farm! My daughter never did catch on to liking the Little House books-too much moving around for her. She preferred Caddie Woodlawn, which I had not read as a child. My son did read an easy reader version of Farmer Boy and liked it pretty well, I think.


I kind of want to reread these now. I am reading Anne (and other Montgomery books) though. Maybe next year I will concentrate on Wilder...


I skipped this one as a child, too. Aghast I am sure when presented with a story about a boy! I very much enjoyed this--Almanzo is such a likable little boy and the story is completely charming. I love these books and am trying to pace myself and intersperse them with my other reading. I don't think I ever read Caddie Woodlawn but I want to now. Did you ever read any of the other books written by her daughter? I know the story continues on, but I am not sure I will read beyond the nine books that came in my boxed set. Did you ever get to visit where he grew up? I wonder if his home still stands?


I'm so glad I bought the boxed set. They are such great stories. I was thinking, too, how I should do the same with the Anne books, but I never did read them as a child. One series at a time, however. I'll finish these first--and they read pretty quickly.


You really tempt me with these reviews. I'm sure I'd have devoured them as a child but I've read other authors. Do you remember which was your favourite book as a child?


What fun! So glad you are enjoying the books. I remember Almanzo's milk-fed prize winning pumpkin!


As you may know, I'm a great fan of the Little House books, and love "Farmer Boy". It's a shame that "Farmer Boy" isn't encouraged a bit more as a first, or at early, read for boys; they don't often become absorbed with the series and I think they might if this was their introduction.

That stack of pancakes serves Almanzo well in "The Long Winter", which I am usually found nose-deep in come a big snowstorm.

I enjoyed your review, Danielle, and will continue to be interested in your insights into the other books of the series. Some of the events you will encounter in reading these books are mentioned in Bess Aldrich's books (like the grasshoppers and the hard winter).


This was always one of my favorites from the series. I liked the description of farm life, and how Alonzo pined to train his own horses.


I only have very vague recollections of the later books--the one that has most stood out and seems most familiar is the first book I read. I still have vivid memories of those scenes where Laura makes the candy out of snow and maple syrup--I always wanted to try that. These are lovely books if you ever do get an inkling to read them--quick reads, too.


I was thinking of you when he was talking about growing his prize winning pumpkin. Have you ever tried the milk trick? These are lots of fun to read. I think I will start the next one tomorrow!


It is a shame I never read this one as a child. I was pretty much left alone to make my own reading choices when I was little--good in many ways, but I had no guidance and thus missed out on a lot of really excellent stories. That's okay--can read them now! I am already looking forward to when Almanzo and Laura meet! More pancakes? Yummy. :) I will have to try and get to The Long Winter before spring arrives--not that there is going to be any sign of it anytime soon! Do you have a favorite Bess Streeter Aldrich book?


I really enjoyed this one, too. There is such an obvious fondness of the farm by Almanzo--it's a nice picture of it. My favorite scene is when his parents go away--in a way I was a little shocked, but maybe Royal and Eliza Jane were older than I imagined them to be, as they seemed so young to be left alone with all those chores.


No, I never tried the milk trick. My parents wouldn't go for it and when I finally got my own garden I was vegan at that point and more interested in growing pumpkins to eat :)


I love Farmer Boy--one of my favorites of the seasons, and the "keeping house" chapter is sterling. Reading your review makes me want to read it again!


I'd rather go for pumpkin butter than a huge pumpkin to take to the State Fair, too! I wonder if they would go for soymilk? :)


I really enjoyed it. I think I almost liked it better than Little House in the Big Woods, but they are both lovely reads. I have just started Little House on the Prairie now. I think these are books I could easily reread each year or so. I have ordered a book LIW published about a trip to San Francisco she made--I think it is in diary format--which I am looking forward to reading, too. I think this is going to become a nice little reading project for me this year. If you do reread, let me know we'll have to chat about them more! :)


I'm pretty sure I never read this one. Sounds like I definitely missed out! How fun that you are re-visiting these classics. My favorite is next - loved Little House!


I've just started it today--they are in their covered wagon and are on their journey west! They are such great stories--I am so glad I decided to pick them up and am trying to space them out a bit--I think it would be easy to 'gulp' them down!

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