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Agatha Christie actually wrote a few romantic mysteries such as the Tommy and Tuppence series and "Why Didn't They Ask Evans". I find them pretty enjoyable, especially the camaraderie between the romantic couples in these books. The romance in this one sounds rather different though. Obviously she left romance out of the Poirot and Marple books.


I was probably too harsh in my characterization--obviously the romance is very chaste, but there were a few lines that I was a little surprised by--I guess I have just gotten used to the Miss Marple mysteries which I have been slowly reading in order where any romance is between the more 'secondary' characters--though it seems mostly that Miss Marple only makes an appearance later in most stories. I have yet to read any Tommy and Tuppence books which I plan on getting to eventually. I know she wrote romances, too, under a different name but when I checked they actually came after this book. I think it was simply the period she was writing--the attitudes would have been very typical really. I actually don't mind a bit of romance in cozy mysteries. This is one you haven't read? I am curious now what others think about it.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I like this one - the travel, the poor but determined heroine, the play with one's sympathies over the villain. I didn't go for the caveman bit at all, but I'm prepared to overlook that. I think I like The Secret of Chimneys slightly better for this sort of mystery/romance/flapper mix.


I always preferred her standalone novels, so I might actually enjoy this. On the other hand, now that I'm older (I read all the Agatha Christies I've read at 16) I might like Miss Marple.


FYI, I believe this book was made into a movie with Stephanie Zimbalist as the heroine. I haven't read this one since I was a teenager--and I think I've only read it once, so chances are good I've forgotten who the murderer was. Might be a good choice for my Vintage Mystery Bingo card!


Sounds like a fun story. Do you enjoy reading her early work and seeing how she developed?


I still have a lot of Agatha Christie books to discover too! You are right, can't go wrong with one of her books. I've actually been surprised at how some of her novels are not as cozy as I expected them to be you know.


I have added The Secret Chimneys to my wishlist--I wasn't familiar with that one! I like all the elements of this story,too, and always like a train/plan/boat sort of story--travel to exotic places is always fun in a crime or mystery story! I'm a pretty forgiving reader, too, when the story has some other good, strong elements, and you have to love Agatha Christie for the mixture of mystery and adventure. I liked the villain, too--I was going to add one more quote about him but then got lazy! I'm sure it won't be long before I pick up another of her books!


I only recently started reading Agatha Christie--I seem to have missed her when I was younger, but I am enjoying them now. I've liked all the books by her I've read--some more then others of course, but she is a reliable comfort read. I like her standalone novels a lot, too. I've read a handful of them, though I hope to squeeze in a Miss Marple or two this year.


Ooh, thanks for letting me know! None of my local libraries have it, but I am going to try and get it via ILL! How fun to see an adaptation of it! I hate to say I tend to forget plot points quickly after I finish a book! I am working on my second 'square' now--the Tey is really good so far. I might actually be able to fill even more of my bingo card than planned! :)


It is fun comparing--she wrote so much that I have not even begun to make my way through her work! It was a fun story and now I hope to see the movie of it. I wonder now what her romances (she wrote them under another name) are like.


There are some dark things in her books sometimes--I agree. I almost surprised sometimes, but cozy mysteries aren't always all that cozy really. I want to read a Miss Marple soon and I would love to get to the Tommy and Tuppence stories this year as well.


I had started to read all Christie's novels in chronological order, but this fell by the wayside last year. I must start it up again though, because I do love her. I've got Laura Thompson's biography of her to read too, before it has to go back to the library.


I have thought about reading her books in order, but then settled on reading the Miss Marples in order and the others randomly. She was so prolific--I have loads to choose from and won't run out of books for a long time to come I think. I have a bio of her as well, but now I don't remember who wrote it.


I read this back when I was a teenager and had no discrimination whatsoever! So I'm sure I loved it. Some of those early ones were a bit ropey, prior to The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, where she really took off. That being said, the ones involving spies were always a teeny bit silly because she knew nothing about espionage whatsoever - they could still be fun reads, but you couldn't mistake them for le Carre, lol!


No, you sure wouldn't mix the two authors up when it comes to spy stories! :) Each are good in their own way. This was pure mindless fun even with some of the rather antiquated thoughts on relationships. I can keep it all in context, so it was still quite enjoyable. I think I will get back to the Miss Marples or maybe it is time finally for Murder on the Orient Express, which I have been holding in reserve. Must read her bio, too.

Bev@My Reader's Block

I am making a dedicated effort to go back and take a peek at everyone's reviews for the Vintage Challenge. Sorry it's taken me so long to get here.

I read this one a few years ago for challenges...Like you, I thought it good but not one of Christie's best.


It can be dangerous to go looking at all the reviews I think! I have gotten away from my vintage mysteries and need to pick up something new and get back on track. I always enjoy Agatha Christie, and while this is not my favorite by her, she is always good for a solid story that often has me stumped! Thanks for visiting--I need to make the rounds, too! :)

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